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Chapter 3


They were shocked, like mouth gaping shocked. All it took was me standing in front of this grand kitchen door and I got the most hilarious reaction ever. Well, to be honest, I didn’t blame these poor souls either. Anyone would be shocked seeing their ever so classy Queen entering the kitchen in a plain brown, barely ankle length gown. I was shocked myself. Never in a million years had I ever thought I’d step in the kitchen to cook. All three best chefs of the whole Ravendale was just a waste at the moment. Thank you very much, Grandfather dearest.

I cleared my throat, getting them out of their trance. With one wave of my hand, they fleed from the kitchen like it was on fire. When the last maid left closing the door, I let out a deep breath.

“Great! Now, let’s get this over and done with,” I muttered softly while rubbing my hands.

I was wearing my hair down. I gathered the thick curls and pulled them up in a messy bun. The kitchen was as big as a small bedroom in the castle and when I said small it meant huge for the commoners. Well, it was called a royal palace for a reason. In the kitchen, there were three big stations on the three sides of the Room. Cabinets surrounded all around those three stations. There was a door on the left that let the storage of vegetables, spices, and other necessary ingredients.

Another door parallel to that one was the cold storage for meat and fish. In the middle of the room, there was a big table where all the cutting and mixing process for the cooking went on. The stations served the same purpose. However, one of my cooks preferred a bigger space to work comfortably so that's why the arrangement. It came in handy for others as well.

I went to my left where pieces of clothes were neatly folded in one corner. I took a red one and wrapped it around my hair securely. I might have been looking look like one of the maids now. I chucked at the thought before going to the front station.

This was afternoon so I could prepare the dinner and Grandfather’s favorite evening meal in time. With a deep breath, I began. First, I flicked my fingers softly. Two women appeared in the room with a wisp of the air.

They were a copied version of myself. The one on my left was Vena. She was dressed in a revealing red dress. If I could call it even a dress to begin with.

A piece of dark red leather was wrapped around her upper part barely going down her mid-thigh. With that deep, sweetheart neckline and backless part, she was a goddess of temptation to men, I was sure. But, it was not only her upper part that was just great at doing the job. Below the leather piece, there was a transparent fabric was wrapped around her, a see-through skirt. It even had slits as well, two on the front, two on both sides of the hip, and two on the back. Pair this with a killer black heels and down curls and Vena was ready to kill men just with her looks.

One my right side, standing politely was Ara. With her turtle neck and long sleeved silky blue gown, a real gown, she was the epitome of modesty and grace. her hair was braided in a neat French braid and she wore pumps. The total opposite of Vena.

These two, ladies and gentlemen, were Ara and Vena, my handmaids, best friends and, my velhems or two pieces of my mind as I'd like to say. They were invisible to everyone except me and had oathed to serve me till death.

Back to the topic of service, they both bowed at me and quickly ran around the kitchen. Ara fetched me vegetables and meat while Vena brought knives and other necessary utensils. And, I began to work.

“It’s rare to see you here, Aravena,” Vena smirked while handing me the knife.

“Like you don’t know!” Ara snapped.

Vena chuckled. “Oh, yes! Grandfather’s order hmm.”

Ara rolled her eyes. “Stop talking and move fast.”

Vena scoffed. “This is a kitchen, not a racecourse, Ara dearest.”

“Goodness! Will you ever stop?” Ara asked with a sigh.

“Nope!” she said, popping the ‘p’ and chuckled.

Ara shook her and turned around mumbling something about not having manners while getting me the spices.

I smiled as I listened to them silently as always. They were a great companion and their constant bantering was quite enjoyable. But, sometimes that was the cause of my headache as well.

When we three were together, it was always them doing the talk. I only listened. It was not like I couldn’t speak to them. I just preferred to be silent. It was peaceful besides what was the point to speak when we knew exactly what was going on our mind. They were parts of me after all.

A permanent smile remained on my face as I cooked and listened to their endless discussions on everything and nothing. These women!

After I finished cooking just before the evening, I flicked my fingers to make Ara and Vena disappear in the air. I neatly arranged the food in a tray and left the kitchen. I knew it was strange of me to carry the tray myself but I felt: if I could cook for my grandfather, I had no problem taking food to him as well. After all, he was the only one I had left and not every day he requested something like this. My inner queen could take a break for a bit.

A soft smile played on my lips as I passed an empty hallway. His wing was just around the corner. I turned just at the end of the hall before something or someone collided with me sideways, shaking the tray. I managed to balance but I clenched the tray tight as smile vanished from my face and sneer took place.

“Watch where you are going!” I roared.

“Apologise, Miss!”

Wait! Was that sarcasm I heard? How dare...

I turned to look at him but he was already showing me his back as the dark brown hair and broad shoulders walked away carrying his over the six-foot tall figure. He was wearing an off white shirt and dark brown pants. A commoner, pathetic commoner.

I was just about to give him a piece of my mind when a frail voice pulled my gaze away from him.

“Your Majesty?” she whispered.

“What?” I snapped making her tremble.

She gulped before speaking. “L-Lord Galvin summoned-”

“I know!” I let out a frustrated sigh.

I turned around to find that daring stranger gone.

“Who is he?” I asked without looking her way.

“Oh, he’s the new recruitment candidate Merchant Gunderson brought today, your Majesty.”

New candidate! Gunderson was fast. Well, that was good for me. It’d be a pleasure to see that filthy head of his roll off the floor. A slow smirk made its way to my face.

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