Werewolf Apocalypse

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Chapter 2

Pulling up to the solid white brick 2 story building I was pulled out of my thoughts. There was nothing around except miles of forest and open land. Callum and I exit the car and head to the door. I go to the right side were there’s a hidden box that takes my hand print.

The doors open and we enter. We have to walk down a long dimly lit hallway to the steel doors of the elevator where I enter my hand print again. Slowly we start to descend.

Legacy POV

All morning I had been feeling anxious. So much that I couldn’t eat breakfast. I don’t know why but I just had a gut feeling, but I don’t know what about.

My training class is already in the training room waiting for me. I set them up with target practice with our new weapons before I start to make my rounds around the room. Correcting forms and yelling words of praise to those doing well and just yelling at those who still need work.

Hearing voices I look up and connect eyes with the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. Black hair and green eyes darker than a forest look back at me.

His eyes turn pitch black and he releases a feral growl.

“Mine” he said in the deepest voice I ever heard.

Well shit. Now I know why my stomach was doing flips all morning.

“Aww shit man congratulations. She’s hot!” the man next to him said.

He had brown hair and blue eyes.

“Keep your fucking eyes to yourself or ill rip them out Callum” said the one who claims I’m his.

“Calm down Raiden. She’s not my type any way” he says earning a slap to the back of the head.

Raiden. So that’s his name.

“OK class. Were taking a 30-minute break. Everyone get out” The general shouted out.

Once everyone was out of the room the general nodded in my direction and headed out behind them.

“Well I guess I’ll give you two a second then” Callum said heading out the door.

Raiden didn’t pay any attention to him. His eyes stayed focused on me.

Once everyone was out and the door was closed that’s when he started heading my way.

When he was close enough, he stopped and just stared at me.

“Uhm... Hi I’m Legacy” I said trying to break the awkward moment.

“Legacy? Such a pretty name for a beautiful woman. I’m Raiden. Alpha of the werewolf realm”

“Alpha?” Shit. He can’t be alpha. If I’m his how the hell am I suppose to rule a whole damn realm let alone a species.

“Yes. Alpha. Problem?”

“No. No problem. Just wasn’t expecting you to be an alpha. Let alone find my mate today.”

“Well I’m happy I found you. I’ve been searching for a while for you.” He said seeming sincere.

“Well I’m happy you found me” I say smiling a little.

“As alpha I have to get back to my realm. So, we leave in 24 hours. How about I come over after you finish work and help you pack that way, we can start to get to know each other. Sound good?” he said grinning.

24 hours? That’s too soon. But I knew the day was coming were I eventually meet my mate and must leave earth. So, I wasn’t going to put up a fight and be difficult.

“Ok that’s fine.” Pulling out my phone I say “Give me your number. Ill text you my address when I’m off work.”

He gave me his number and we talked for a couple more minutes before he left.

I couldn’t focus the rest of the day. I finished training class around 5 and went to talk to the general about my departure.

Arriving home at around 6:30 I sat in my living room staring at my phone nervous as hell to pick it up and call him.

After giving myself a 5-minute pep talk I finally picked up my phone and dialed his number.

He picked up on the second ring.

“I was starting to think you weren’t going to call”

Sighing I said, “Now what would make you thing that?”

“Hmm... maybe it’s the fact that’s its 7 and you got off work at 5?”

“I had to talk to my boss before I left about me leaving, and how do you know what time I got off?”

“I asked your boss before I left today. Are you going to give me your address or do I have to track you down love?”

Rolling my eyes, I said “I guess you can come over. Ill text you the address”

Chuckling he said “Ok. I’ll see you soon.”

“Ok. Bye”

Hanging up I quickly sent him the address and ran upstairs to grab a quick shower since I was sweaty from training class today.


Shit he’s here already? Its only been like 10 minutes.

Turning off the shower I hurry and throw on my silk robe to run down stairs.

When I open the door, he immediately zeros in on my body.

Smirking I say “Come in”

“Were do you want to start packing?”

Well damn he’s not waiting any time.

“We can start in the bedroom since the most ill be taking is my clothes. This house belongs to the base. Since I’m the head trainer they let me have it for the time being.” I said while walking upstairs.


Turning around I catch him staring at my ass. I bet he didn’t hear a word I just said.

We enter the room and while he’s looking around, I go to my walk in closet to grab my suitcases to begin packing.

When I get back into the room dragging a suitcase behind me his back is turned to me while he’s standing at my dresser.

As I set the suitcase down on the bed, he turns around to face me.

“I take it you like them big huh?”

“OMG why do you have that? Were you in my underwear drawer?” blushing I try to hide my face behind my hair.

“Well its not like it was hiding” he said moving closer to me while still holding my dildo.

“Uhm… are you going to put that down?”

He stops in front of me and pushes me back on the bed.

“Use it”

“Huh? What?” He can not be serious right now.

“I said use it. I want to watch you. Robe off now!” his eyes start to turn a little darker.

Gulping I slowly start to untie the front of my robe.

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