Werewolf Apocalypse

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Chapter 3

I opened the robe slowly. Raiden’s eyes never left mine. Once the robe was opened fully that’s when his eyes trailed down soaking up everything his eyes touched.

“Spread them”

I slowly opened myself to him.

He handed me my dildo.

“Show me what you like Legacy”

I stared into his eyes as I turned on the vibrations. As I teased him and dragged it down my stomach to my forbidden parts his eyes followed.

As I rubbed it against my folds, I moaned out his name.

His head snapped back up to meet my eyes before they went back to watching me.

“Is this what you wanted Raiden?”

As I started to push it in a bunch of loud knocks interrupted us.

“Don’t stop!” he said in a growl.

“But one of us has to go see who it is”

“Ugh fine but this isn’t over. Don’t move”

He left the room and headed down to get the door. I heard a muffled conversation, so I decided to go ahead and get dressed.

As I was putting on my shirt he came back into the room.

“Change of plans. Were catching a flight back to our realm tonight.” He urgently said.

“Is there something wrong?”

“That was Callum at the door. There are reports of 2 people apparently going crazy and attacking people. As alpha I have to get back and handle it.”

“Oh My. That’s horrible. Does something like this usually happen?” I asked concerned.

“No nothing like this has ever happened. We all live in peace.”

“ok well I guess we better actually pack then”

As I start to walk to the closet and start grabbing my things, he grabs me by the arm. Leaning down he whispered in my ear

“I meant what I said. This isn’t over. Well finish this once were home”

Pulling me closer he kissed me taking my breath away. When he released me, it took me a second to remember where I was and what I was doing.

Smacking me on my ass he said “Go pack. We have to go.”

I quickly rushed off to pack.

Raiden, Callum, and I boarded the space ship around 10pm. It was going to be a 10-hour flight. So, taking our seats we all got comfortable for the ride.

Raiden and Callum discussed business while I put in my headphones and went to sleep.

“Legacy wake up were here.”

Shaking me awake I opened my eyes groggy and opted to roll over and ignore him.

“if you don’t get up ill finish what we started earlier right here in front of everyone.” He darkly whispered in my ear.

Jumping up I sent a death glare towards Callum who was already walking away laughing.

As we entered the space station the boys grabbed my bags and led me to their car.

I hopped in the back seat while they took the front after loading the bags.

Raiden had told me it took about 2 hours to reach his house.

30 minutes into the trip we passed a small shopping mall. We also passed a hospital and a middle school. Once we passed the mini town the rest of the ride was filled with trees as far as the eye could see.

We finally turned down a dirt road. After 2 miles of driving Raiden reached up and pressed a button on the mirror. It looked like one of those garage remotes people keep in the car.

I was confused because there was a garage in sight. All of a sudden, the road in front of us lifted up revealing a tunnel that went underground.

“Wooaaahhh. That was so cool.” I excitedly said sticking my head in between the two front seats.

“I know right. He’s so extra.” Callum said while grinning.

Raiden chuckled but kept driving.

The tunnel was made of metal on all 4 walls. It had lights over head that lit the tunnel the whole way. Once we got to the end it opened into a huge parking garage. With all types of different cars.

Raiden pulled in front of the elevators and we got out. The elevator doors opened, and 2 male maids rushed out to grab our bags from the trunk.

We all entered the elevator and one of the maids pressed a button.

When the elevator doors opened, we were in a game room.

There was a whole bunch of games. Play stations, Xboxes, arcade games, hockey table, pool table, a 65-inch flat screen tv sat against the wall.

The boys led me to the hallway outside of the room and to the kitchen.

“Legacy this is Lilly. Callums mate.” Raiden said.

Before she could answer Callum was attacking her. Specifically, with his lips.

Lilly was a little shorter than me with blonde hair and brown eyes. Once she finally pried Callum off her she made her way to me.

“Hello Legacy, its very nice to meet you. I’m glad Raiden finally found his mate”

“Hi. Its nice to meet you too. It takes a brave woman to put up with Callum.”

“hay. What does that mean?” Callum said.

Me and Lilly just chuckled.

“I’m going to leave you with Lilly. Shell give you a tour and show you to our room. I have to head to the jail house and take care of the problem that’s going on. Ill see you at dinner time” Raiden said.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him bye.

Once the boys was gone Lily showed me around. This place was like a freaking castle. Maybe even bigger. They had an indoor pool and a outside pool. They had over 25 bedrooms. Each with its own full bathroom. They had at least 5 living rooms. On different floors. Did I mention this place had 7 floors? No wonder they needed an elevator. After the tour I was beat, so I headed to my room to take a shower and quick nap before dinner.

I woke up to something tickling my neck. Rolling over Raiden was in bed leaning over me.

Groggily I asked “When did you get back? Did I miss dinner?”

“No, we have another hour before dinner. But I thought now was the perfect time to finish what we started.”

Before I could reply he captured my lips with his. Our tongues fighting for dominance. Of course, he won.

After my shower I didn’t bother with clothes I just got into bed.

As his kisses trailed from my lips to my jaw and down my neck, he pulled the cover off me. He continued his kisses down my chest until he was between my breast.

He crawled in between my legs and started to kiss all over them. Taking his time and giving each nipple equal attention as he sucked them into his mouth

I moaned out breathlessly saying his name.

He moved on kissing down my stomach. Stopping to spread my legs further. He scooted down and settled in between my thighs. Kissing each one until he reached me in the middle.

He gave one long lick up my center making me shutter.

“Raiden please” I moaned out.

“Please what baby? What do you want? Tell daddy what you want and ill give it to you.”

“I can’t”

“You can’t or you won’t?”

I shook my head side to side wiggling in discomfort. The teasing being done to me was just too much.

“Please make me come Raiden”

He immediately dived in. sucking and nibbling.

Moaning out his name I asked for more. I needed more.

He stuck one finger in me, and then two. Filling me up he started to thrust his fingers in and out while sucking on my nub.

I felt the tightening in my core.

“Mm I’m going to cum. I’m almost there.” I moaned out.

“Cum for me Legacy. Cum for daddy.” He growled out.

Closing my eyes, I let go. Screaming his name out I began to shake in the aftermath. He continued to suck and lick me until my orgasm receded.

He went to the bathroom and got a towel and gently cleaned me up.

“Get dressed baby. Were late for dinner”

Getting up I went into the closet to get dressed. He was waiting for me at the door when I came out.

“What happened with the problem you had to take care of?” I asked as we started to walk.

“I’ll tell you about it at dinner.”

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