Werewolf Apocalypse

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Chapter 4

Arriving at the dining hall there were already people at the table. The food was already set out. Raiden sat at the head of the table and I sat to his right.

Callum and his mate were seated at the table. I was introduced to William and Michael who were apparently soldiers.

Towards the end of dinner when conversation was wearing down, that’s when Raiden decided to discuss what was going on.

“The two wolfs that supposedly went crazy and attacked people are being held in the prisons.”

“Do you know why they would do that?” I asked.

“No. its still unclear why. They haven’t even spoke. They just sit in the corner of their cells ignoring everyone. If anyone tries to go near them, they start growling and acting like they’re going to attack again.”

“Yea. That’s not the worst part. The people they attacked are sick.” Said Michael.

“All injuries they received were only minor. Literally just scratches and some a bite because people were able to intervene in time and hold them until the soldiers came.” Williams added.

“How many people were injured? And what do you mean by sick?” asked Lilly.

“They injured 7 people total. And by sick, I mean they have fevers and the shakes. It’s like they’re in pain. But the injuries weren’t that bad, and they should have healed by now, but they haven’t. The doctors are running test on them to see what’s wrong.” Raiden answered.

“Well that’s good. It’s weird they haven’t healed yet. Hopefully they’ll be feeling better tomorrow. Maybe they just need a little more time.” Lilly said.

Everyone agreed with her.

After the conversation was over everyone went their separate ways to get ready for bed.

Raiden and I headed back to our room. I made a bee line straight for the bathroom so I can have a shower.

I got undressed throwing my clothes in the hamper. Getting under the hot water was like heaven. All my muscles automatically relaxed.

Feeling hands on my hips I gasp and spin around. Only to find Raiden grinning down at me.

I couldn’t help myself. My eyes strayed down his chest and let me just say I misspoke earlier. Staring at this mans chest had to be heaven.

My eyes kept going until I found my self trailing the path that led between his legs. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I wasn’t a virgin but still it had me wondering how the hell that thing was going to fit.

I didn’t realize I was still staring until Raiden cleared his throat. My eyes snapped up to meet his. Blushing I quickly turned away.

Wrapping his arms around me from behind he whispered in my ear “Does my little mate like what she sees?”

Trailing his hand down my thigh and back up he paused right before he got to the place, I was craving him to touch.

“I asked you a question mate. Do you?”

“yes” I whispered.

Pushing his hand between my legs he slowly starts to pet me. I spread my legs to give him better access.

Growling in my ear he said “I can’t wait to be inside of you. I want to bend you over and take you from behind baby.”

Moaning I pushed back into him and started grinding against his hand. He growled pulling me back tighter against him. With his dick nestled between my cheeks he started jerking his hips back and forth building friction.

Pushing 2 fingers into me he started pumping them in and out. Moaning I threw my head back on his shoulder. He reached his other hand up squeezing my breast and flicking the nipple. The tightening in my stomach build up until he flicked his thumb across my numb. My whole body tightened, and black and white dots flashed behind my eye lids. With a long moan I released all over his fingers.

He turned me around on shaky legs and made me watch him lick my juices off his fingers. “Mmmm you taste so good baby”

His eyes turned a shade darker as he stared at me.

I sunk to my knees on the shower floor and looked up at him through my lashes.

“I’m sorry baby” I said seductively.

“For what?” he whispered.

“For neglecting you”

Before he could respond I hurried and grabbed him by the base of his dick and pushed him into my mouth.

“Fuuuccckkkk” he growled out.

I slowly pulled him out my mouth until just the tip remained and gently sucked him. Going back down I fit as much as I could into my mouth and hollowed out my cheeks and begin to suck.

He reached down and grabbed a fist full of my hair. Throwing his head back he started grunting and fucking my mouth.

“Fuck baby. Take all of it.”

With every stroked he pushed a little deeper until he was hitting the back of my throat. Gagging I tried to breathe through my nose the best I could. I reached up and grabbed his balls messaging them. He let out another growl and started thrusting faster.

Moaning I reached my hand down between my legs to play with myself while he fucked my mouth.

Feeling his dick jerk in my mouth I knew he was close.

Knock knock knock

“Alpha Raiden there’s an emergency at the hospital. They said you need to come quick.” Williams screamed through the bedroom door.

“Fuck” Raiden growled and pulled out my mouth.

Pulling me up to my feet he quickly shut the water off. We got out and I wrapped a towel around myself and went and set on the edge of the bed. I watched him run into the closet to throw some clothes on.

He emerged with jeans and a t-shirt on and quickly ran over to give me a kiss. “I’m sorry baby. Ill be back as soon as I can. Its probably the patients who were attacked.”

“It’s ok I understand. Ill be waiting here for you.”

He turned and went to the door. William was waiting outside for him. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know. Michael went to check on the patients like you asked, and he called me saying we need to get down there immediately.”

Before Raiden could respond to him, we heard sirens start to go off. First one, then two. And within seconds it sounded like a million were going off at the same time. Feeling a little scared I got up and moved closer to Raiden.

“Baby what’s going on?” I shouted over the loud sirens.

“Somethings wrong. Those sirens don’t go off unless there’s danger.” Said Williams.

Raiden pulled out his phone doing only god knows what at a time like this.

“It shows the alarm was pulled from the hospital.” Raiden said looking up at Williams.

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