Werewolf Apocalypse

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Chapter 5

Raiden’s POV

The streets were quiet as we drove to the hospital. It wasn’t that unusual considering what time it was. But you would have thought we would have at least seen a car or at least one person out and about. Considering the sirens were still going on they probably decided to stay in. all we saw were guards here and there on alert looking for signs of any danger.

When we pulled up to the hospital everything was still. No one was in sight. Williams, Callum, and I exited the vehicle on high alert. We drew our weapons as we slowly approached the building.

“Where’s Michael?” asked Callum.

“I don’t know. He said we needed to get here, and it was an emergency.” Answered Williams.

When we approached the doors, they slid open. We stepped in under a blinking light in the lobby that looked like it was ready to give out at any moment. No one was around, not even the secretary. As we approached the front desk, we could see a trail of blood behind it leading through a door.

“What the fuck is that?” I whispered.

Hearing a door open we all spun around with our guns trained on the stairwell door. Michael came running out.

“What the hell took you guys so long. Hurry follow me up to the top floor.”

“Where is everybody? What’s going on? And why is there blood behind the front desk?”

“I’m not really sure honestly. But I think the patients who were attacked had something to do with it. That’s what I need to show you on the top floor.” Michael explained almost out of breath.

“Ok. Lead the way” I said

We followed him up the 12 flights of stairs until we arrived at the top floor. When we stepped through the door I was in utter shock. The walls and floors were painted in red. You can smell nothing but metallic from all the blood. As we walked in further there were gurneys, wheel chairs, and even the little iv stands turned over.

“What the fuck happened?” I breathed out.

“I’m still not sure. Its like they were attacked. It’s like what happened with the 2 people the other day who went crazy. But I haven’t seen anybody since I got here.” Explained Michael.

“Did you check the security cameras? We need to know what happen and where everyone is.” Callum said.

“no, I haven’t checked yet. We can probably check from the security station on this floor.”

“let’s go see if we can view the tapes then. Williams send a message out to the soldiers and see if they’ve seen anything strange tonight. Alert them that we are on full lock down and nobody leaves their homes for any reason.”

“Got it.”

As we headed towards the security room Williams started typing away on the phone. The further we moved down the hall the creepier it got. Like something was going to jump out at any minute to get us.

When we got to the security room Callum sat down at the computers to find the footage we were looking for. After rewinding the tapes to earlier in the night he began to play it for floor twelve in the bay were the patients were. After a couple of minutes, that’s when we saw it.

As the nurses was checking the patients, one of them flat lined. As the nurses surrounded him to try and get him to breath again. As one of the nurses leaned over him to put her ear to his chest to see if she can hear his breathing, we seen his eyes pop open. Since all the nurses was in chaos around him trying to get his pulse back. As he started to raise his head that’s when one of the nurses by the foot of the bed finally noticed him. He stood frozen staring in shock, because while his head lifted his machine was still beeping indicating his flatline. One he was far enough he opened his mouth wide and latched on to the nurse’s neck. We can see her struggling as all the other nurses stood there in shock. When his head separated from her neck, he had a big chunk of flesh hanging from his mouth and the nurse dropped to the floor looking as if she was seizing. The nurses still stood there in shock and didn’t notice the other patients had flat lined. They didn’t notice them rise from the bed. They realized what was happening too late as they were attacked from behind.

“Put out another alert. No one is to leave their homes at all. Make that clear. I want all soldiers out looking for everybody that was in this hospital. If you see them take them down on sight. No one is allowed outside until everybody is found. Get the patients list and the employees list to make sure everybody is found. I want a team here to check the whole hospital. Inform me of anything found. I’m going home to check on the girls and ill be back in the morning to help with the search. Make sure everyone searches in teams. No one is to wonder alone for any reason.”

“Yes Alpha” everyone said in unison.

I got back in the car and headed home. I can feel the biggest headache ever coming on.

Pulling up to the house all the lights were off. I figured the girls were sleep so I headed straight to my bedroom. I didn’t expect the sight that awaited me.

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