Werewolf Apocalypse

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Chapter 6

Legacy’s POV

When Raiden walked in, I could tell he was surprised. I had all the lights turned off and candles lit. I was sprawled out in the middle of the bed with my legs spread touching myself.

“Are you coming to bed daddy?” I asked seductively.

“Uhhhhmmmm” he still stood in the door way shocked.

“Daddy come to bed. I need you”

As I stared in his eyes still rubbing myself, his eyes turned a shade darker. He stepped inside the room and shut the door. He slowly took off his clothes as he circled around the bed. I closed my eyes in pleasure as I waited for his next move. Everything was quiet except the sound of my moans.

“Raiden what the hell are you doing?” my eyes popped open. He snatched my hands and pinned them above my head to tied them to the bed post.

He didn’t say anything. He lifted my legs spreading them wider and tied them to the bed post also, leaving them in the air. After I was secured, he walked into the closet. Coming back out he had his hands behind his back.

“What is that?”

“Well baby I need a shower, and since you want to be a bad girl and not wait for me then this is your punishment.”

He crawled into the bed and got in-between my legs. I couldn’t angle my head down enough to see what he was doing. He entered two fingers inside of me. I gasped as he started to pump.

“Are you my naughty little girl baby?”

I moaned out a yes.

“Yes what?” he started to pump faster.

In-between moans I managed to get out “Yes daddy”.

He removed his fingers and inserted something inside of me. Crawling off the bed he walked towards the bathroom door. “Since you want to touch what’s mine, this is your punishment.” He stopped in the door way of the bathroom and looked over his shoulder at me. Lifting his hand I could see a little black remote. He pressed a button and then entered the bathroom.

Intense vibrations started. I was moaning uncontrollably trying to call out his name to make him come back.

20 minutes. That’s how long I’ve been laying here being tortured. I was starting to lose a little feeling in my legs. But the vibrations were still going strong. I heard the click of the bathroom door opening. Raiden stepped out in nothing but a towel.

“Have you learned your lesson love?” he asked moving closer to the bed.

“Yes” I moaned out breathlessly.

“and what is that”

“don’t touch what’s yours”

“exactly. Such a good girl.” He turned the vibrator off, and I let out a sigh of relief. He untied my hands and legs. Removing his towel, he crawled into bed and laid down beside me. He maneuvered me so I was straddling his waist.

“now make it up to daddy”

I placed one hand on his chest for leverage and reached down with the other hand. Stroking him I guided him into my dripping core. As I started to slowly slide down his length, he let out a groan. Once I was fully seated on his lap I started to move, grinding back and forth.

That went on for a while with his hands on my hips and me just taking control moving back forth, up and down. Just as the knot in my stomached started to get over whelming he flipped us. I was on my back with my legs spread and he was situated between them. He pinned my hands above my head and dove back in taking back control.

I moaned out his name as his strokes started to get more forceful. I encouraged him to go faster and harder. He obliged pumping into me with all he had. Suddenly, he pulled out causing me to whimper at the loss of friction. He flipped me over on my hands and knees. He wrapped his hand in my hair pulling causing my back to arch. He forcefully shoved back into me.

“Cum for me baby. Cum for daddy” he grunted out.

Just as we started to release at the same time there were a series of knocks at the door. Cussing Raiden pulled out of me and covered me with the blanket while he got out of bed and pulled his pants on.

Opening the door, I could see it was Lilly.

“Sorry to interrupt you alpha but the boys have been trying to call you and you didn’t answer. They said it was an emergency and that I needed to come find you.” She sounded a little panicked.

“its ok Lilly, thank you. Ill call them back.” Shutting the door Raiden goes to the night stand to grab his phone.

“baby why don’t you go take a shower while I make this call”

“ok” I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Raiden’s POV

When Legacy shut the door to the bathroom, I dialed Cullum’s number.

“We have a problem. A very big problem. We need to evacuate the town.”

“What’s going on?”

“We found some of the people from the hospital. I don’t know how to explain this but its like something out of the zombie apocalypse. The people… it’s like they’re decaying. Its like they’re dead but still functioning as if they’re alive. They’ve attacked some of the soldiers and after getting bit the soldiers turned too. Its pure chaos right now. Were putting down as many as we can but there’s too many. Not everybody followed the alert we sent out. So, they’ve been attacking everybody they come across.”

“Fuck. Ok start the evacuation. Sound the sirens and send out an alert. Ill get Legacy and Lilly and meet you at the space station. Have someone notify the other realms what’s going on. Well set all the ships destinations to earth for now.”

“ok got it. See you at the station. Take care of Lilly for me.”

“Will do” hanging up I rushed into my closet to get dressed. Not even 5 minutes later the sirens started going off.

Legacy came rushing out the bathroom. “What’s going on?”

“We have to go. I’m evacuating the realm. Ill explain everything on the way. Just get dressed in something comfortable. We have to go now.” I rushed out.

I ran into the hallway to go and get Lilly. She was already stepping out her room dressed.

“We have to evacuate Lilly. Callum is going to meet us at the station.”

“ok I’m ready.”

As we walked back to my room to get Legacy, we heard glass shattering from down stairs. We stood completely still and listened. We heard multiple groans causing us to look at each other. We took off racing down the hallway towards my bedroom to get Legacy.

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