Werewolf Apocalypse

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Chapter 7

Raiden’s POV

As we enter the room Legacy is coming out the closet pulling her shirt down. Turning around I hurry and shut the bedroom door and lock it.

“Get into the closet.” I yelled.

“But wont we be trapped?” Lilly asked.

“Just do it!” once were all in the closet I shut that door. Heading to the back wall I lift the little flap hiding the hand scanner. As I press my hand against it the green light shines bright in the dark scanning my hand. When it’s done a door, slides open along the back wall.

A stair case is revealed made of metal. Metal stairs and metal walls. “Let’s go”.

When we all step through the door it immediately slides shut. Dim lights lit up along the top of the ceiling. We start heading down the stairs. The stair case goes down past the basement. Once we reach the end of the stairs it opens into a narrow tunnel were, we must walk in a straight line.

Getting to the end of the tunnel there’s another scanner where I have to scan my hand again. This sliding door opens into a weapons room. When the door slides shut, I grab a Back pack and start to load up weapons and ammo. Arm yourself with whatever you can handle.

“Baby what’s going on? Why do we need to arm ourselves?” Legacy asked.

“There’s an epidemic going on. I don’t know what it is or fully understand it myself. All I know is we need to get to the station and get out of here. The people who were attacked and sent to the hospital attacked some workers. And apparently, they attacked other people and so on. All I know is people are changing once being attacked, once being bitten. Its like something out of a zombie apocalypse. So, arm yourselves. Put anyone down that comes near you. Don’t let them get too close because all we know is that people are changing from bites. We don’t know if you can change any way else.”

They stood there for a second lost in their own thoughts.

“We don’t have time for this, let’s get moving. We have to get to the station before all the ships leave.”

They seemed to snap out of it after that. Lilly decided to go with hand held guns. Legacy went for the heavy machinery, an AK. I picked up gun holsters for them. I put one around their thigh. And gave them the one that goes around they’re chest. They each had 3 held hand guns strapped to them. Going into the locker on the other side of the room I got them each a leather jacket to put on. Once they were ready and each had a back pack with extra ammo and knifes inside, we were ready to go. I had the same gun holsters on and was carrying an AK like legacy. Grabbing my backpack, we headed to the opposite wall of where we came in.

I scanned my hand for the door it open. It leads to a mini garage. I grabbed a set of keys and we headed towards the truck in the back. It’s a G wagon but completely blacked out. Black tented windows. Black rails along the from of the car and 3 black lights on the roof of the car. Instead of regular tires it had the overly big ones that look like they belong on a monster truck.

We all jumped in. I started the car and headed for the back wall. I hit the button on the little remote connected to the visor. The wall lifted revealing a metal ramp. Driving up the ramp I hit a second button on the little remote that lifted the ceiling once we got to the top. Driving out we entered a dirt road. The dirt road was behind the house in the middle of the woods. Driving down the dirt path you can see things moving within the trees. Once we got to the break in the trees it turned into a regular pavement road and I turned right. We headed up the road away from the mansion.

I decided to keep my head lights off so I wouldn’t attract any attention. I made a left and started heading up the hill to the freeway.

“Raiden look out!” legacy screamed out. I almost didn’t see it, someone came walking into the road from the brush to the right.

I slammed on my breaks. I turned on my head lights to try and see who it was. It was Williams, one of my soldiers.

“William wtf?!! Get your ass in the car!”

Hopping in he was winded and trying to talk but couldn’t catch his breath long enough too.

“Spit it out”

“Alpha, I lost the rest of my team. We were attacked. There were too many of them.”

As he started to speak, I took off merging onto the freeway.

“Its bad alpha. Worst then what we thought. The people, or zombies, or whatever the fuck they are, they look dead. They’re eyes are black and it’s like there flesh is rotting. They don’t talk they only growl.”

“Yeah we already figured out that part. Its hard to believe but that’s why we think they’re zombies.”

“No Alpha there’s more. If you get infected in your wolf form, then you stay in your wolf form.”

The whole car got quiet.

“So, were dealing with werewolf zombies too? Like actual wolf zombies?” asked Lilly.

“Yes. And unlike the people who were bitten in human form they still have all their super natural strength.” Williams answered.

“What the actual fuck! How the fuck does shit like this even happen?” legacy butted in.

“I don’t know. But I’m surely going to figure it out!” Raiden growled out.

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