Werewolf Apocalypse

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Chapter 9

Legacy’s POV

It was cold in the room when I woke up. I felt around the other side of the bed searching for Raiden, but he wasn’t there. I set up in bed rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I guess its time to get moving. No use avoiding it. I got out of bed and put my boots back on. I walked out into the main room where everyone already was.

They were sitting around the table where a tablet lay in the middle. It projected a hologram of some kind in the air. Walking up to stand beside Raiden I asked him what it was.

“It’s a hologram of where the tunnels lead. There are 2 other spaceships that show they have not been launched. One in the laboratory and one in the prisons. We need to get to the one in the laboratory. Its safer than the prisons where the rouges are.”

He started to explain to everyone how we can get there. I felt a little bit of hope bubble up in me. We may just make it out of here after all.

He instructed everyone to eat breakfast so we can all have our energy.

After we were done eating, we packed some of the canned food and water bottles in our bags just in case.

Going to the back of the bunker we all waited for further instruction.

“Ok ill lead. William, I want you behind me giving out directions. Whoever comes in last make sure to keep an eye out behind us. Everyone stays as quiet as possible. We don’t know what’s down there and don’t want to draw attention to ourselves. Everyone understand?” Raiden directed.

A course of yeah’s rung out. He turned around and opened the hatch on the ground. The space was pitch black. He turned on his light and turned around so he can climb down the latter. I followed behind him and William after me. Once everyone was in and had their flash lights on we closed the hatch so nothing can follow us. The tunnel was wide and tall giving us enough room to walk comfortably. The floor was damp, however. You can hear our boots splashing as we walked echoing around us.

We made a couple of turns. It felt like we had been walking forever. Because I’m human I’m already tired while the rest is still energized.

“Baby can we please stop for a second” I whispered.

Raiden turned to me and whispered “We need to keep moving baby. We don’t know what’s down here.” He looked at his watch. “We’ve been walking for 3 hours. Here just get on my back.” He turned back around and bent his knees so I can climb on. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he grabbed me under my thighs holding me there. He made me hold the tablet in front of him so he can still navigate and hold me at the same time.

An hour later as we were making another turn a growl echoed through the tunnel. We all stopped. Everyone stayed still and quiet listening. After 2 minutes another growl rang out. This time it sounded like the sound came from behind us. We set off again but this time running. We made another sharp turn. But at the end of the tunnel were bars blocking the rest of the path.

“Fuck, it’s supposed to be right here. Everybody looks for the door that leads out of here.” Raiden screamed out.

I slid down off Raidens back to help. Everyone was feeling along the walls and shining the light along the ceiling looking for a way out. The growling was getting closer. William cocked his gun and stood guard aiming at the end of the tunnel where we had just come from.

“uhhmm, guys I think I’m going to need a little help over here” William screamed out and started to shoot.

Since I was the closest, I looked over and person after person were just coming from around the corner spilling into the tunnel. They were all in human form. There were so many that it was hard to get a good head shot with them bumping into each other and the wall. Taking out my gun I stood beside him and started shooting. The more we took down the harder it was for them to get to us, due to all the bodies building up on the floor.

Backing up slowly we kept a steady hand trying to get only head shots. Taking turns reloading.

“Over here I found it. Let’s go.” Michael screamed out.

We backed up until we were close enough to the door. I turned and ran through first with William right behind me. As soon as we cleared the door, Raiden and Michael pushed the brick wall that served as a door shut.

The room immediately through the door was a decontamination room. All white with a ceiling covered in sprayers. Raiden pressed the button on the wall, and we were all sprayed. Once done the door beeped open. Walking into the hallway everything seemed fine. We went right and walked to the end of the hall to get to the stair case through the door. We headed up the stairs to the main floor. Opening the door things still seemed fine. Nothing was out of place.

“Everyone spread out but stay close. We need to find were the launch pad is so we can get out of here. Baby girl come with me.” Raiden said.

We all went different ways looking for the launch pad. Raiden and I checked the main desk to see if anything there told us were it was. I guess I was staring off into space a little too long. Raiden came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“Are you okay baby?”

“Yes, sorry I was just thinking”

“About what?”

“Nothing I’m fine.” Turning around in his arms I kissed him. He kissed me back before he pulled back and just rested his forehead against mine. Closing my eyes, I took a second to enjoy the moment of peace.

“I found it!” Callum yelled out from up the hallway.

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