Between Three Worlds

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Chapter 10

Megan heard her name, and she looked up at a red-haired woman who was so much bigger than herself. The sight of her was instantly comforting. She couldn't help but smile.

"Megan." The woman said again with a warm and loving tone. Megan reached up for her.

"Megan." This time... the voice sounded different but still familiar. The warm glow of the room started to warble slightly, and the woman's face started to fade into darkness.

"Megan!" Someone was shouting now. Megan frowned, and she felt a strange throbbing start to pour into her head.

"MEGAN!" Lucas's voice came through clear this time. Megan snapped open her eyes and instantly regretted it. The light in the room made the throbbing in her head increase tenfold. She groaned unpleasantly and tried to push away from him.

"What the hell..." Lucas's voice sounded relieved but angry.

"What are you doing here?" Megan managed to croak out, her throat was incredibly dry, and she felt the cracking of her lips. Her increasing awareness brought with it a brief moment of panic...

"What day is it?" She asked, her voice hoarse.

"Saturday," Lucas said. Megan turned to the side, closing her eyes from the light. It was past the Blood Moon... two days past the Blood Moon. It wasn't supposed to last longer than a day... but at that moment, she didn't care.

"It's too bright." She complained. Her head was throbbing horribly. She groaned in pain and held her head, rolling further into the pillow. She heard him move over her, and she heard the dragging of the container from her nightstand. He must be examining the potion's bottle.

"What the hell did you take?" Lucas asked. Megan ignored him; she was concentrating too much on not letting her head explode. She'd never felt pain like this... never in her life. His weight left the bed, and she heard the curtains being pulled. The bed dipped again, and she felt his fingers brush her cheek. He tried to guide her face away from the pillow.

"Meg... please, look at me," Lucas begged.

"Just... leave me alone," Megan begged. Her head wouldn't stop throbbing. The bed pulled up again at the loss of his weight, and Megan pulled the sheets up over her head, letting herself drift back into the blackness.

Her head lulled back as she was lifted off the pillow, and she felt some fabric slide over her skin. Megan squinted her eyes open again and saw a blurry version of Lucas pulling her shirt off over her head.

"What..." Megan started but talking hurt too much. She couldn't even make herself care that he was undressing her. Finally, she felt the sheets on her bare skin as she was laid back down.

"I warned her she might react badly to it, but she's not one to heed my advice." Another familiar voice said, and it took her a moment to recognize it. Nadya...

"You can leave now... you've done enough," Lucas said, and she could hear rage in his tone.

"Relax lover boy. She's fine. As you can see, I've been checking on her... it just needs to work its way out of her system." Nadya said coolly. Megan's head lulled back again as she was lifted off the bed.

"Just go!" Lucas snarled. Megan didn't even try to open her eyes. She heard Nadya sigh.

"Just... get her in the water, and try to make her eat. She should be fine by tomorrow." Nadya said.

If her head didn't hurt so much... she may have cared enough to be angry about the situation. Lucas adjusted her gently against him and rested her cheek against his shoulder to cradle her head. She felt the warmth of his skin against her own, and it was soothing. Megan started to drift off again as she felt them move, and somewhere in her apartment, she heard a door close.

Hot soothing water flooded around her and Megan squinted her eyes open when she realized she was now in the tub. Lucas was kneeling at the side, and she felt his arm against her back, keeping her steady. He guided her head to rest against the side, and Megan leaned her cheek against the smooth tile, closing her eyes again. She didn't even care that she was folded in a somewhat uncomfortable position because the water felt so nice. Lucas rubbed her back gently, and she took a slow even breath.

"I'm sorry..." Megan murmured.

"Don't talk," Lucas said. There was no anger in his tone, only concern. Megan closed her eyes, and let herself drift off again.


Megan sat miserably at the table, wrapped in a warm blanket. She'd never in her life felt sick, but what she was feeling now, must be what human flu felt like. She was pale, and her head still throbbed behind her eyes.

She glanced up at Lucas. He was in the kitchen, making her something. He hadn't said a word to her, and his silence felt so much worse than if he had just started yelling at her. Megan swallowed a bit and glanced away again. She didn't feel like eating, even though she was starving.

"Here. Eat." Lucas said shortly. Megan looked back at him, hating the hollowness in his tone. He didn't meet her eyes, so she looked down to the bowl in front of her. He'd made her some kind of porridge.

"I'm... not really hungry," Megan said, her stomach felt queasy. Lucas sighed and took a seat beside her.

"Please... you haven't eaten in three days," Lucas said calmly, but she could tell he was struggling to keep the anger out of his tone. Megan licked her lips a bit, and picked up the spoon, but couldn't make herself go further than that. It was silent for a time.

"What did you take?" Lucas asked her. Megan set down the spoon, and looked over at him. She took a slow breath.

"Something she made to-" Megan began. Lucas slammed his fist onto the table, and Megan jumped, startled. It made her head ache all the worse.

"Goddammit, Meg... you can't fucking trust them. How many times do I have to say that? Listening to her chatter on about shit is one thing... but accepting things from them is an entirely diff-" Lucas growled.

"I did it for you," Megan said angrily. Lucas stared at her. Megan immediately regretted it.

"I mean... I just... I didn't want to... I thought it'd be better than..." Megan fumbled over her words. Lucas pushed off the table and stood, and Megan looked away from him as he moved back into the kitchen. She didn't have to look at him to know his stance was tense.

"I didn't mean it like it's your fault. I just...I..." Megan said, but she trailed off. It felt like nothing she could say would fix this. Lucas emitted a long sigh.

"Are you ready to talk to me now?" Lucas asked, but there was no anger in his tone. Megan finally looked over at him. He wasn't looking at her. She fidgeted with the hem of the blanket and emitted a slow breath. Her chest felt tight, and everything inside her was screaming in protest, but she knew she owed him this.

"I... I told you I stayed with a family in Browning.. almost a year I lived there. They had a son my age.." Megan said hesitantly, uncertain how much detail she should tell him. Lucas glanced over at her, and Megan looked away.

"We... got along. I... I didn't really care for him, not in that way, but I liked him enough to..." Megan trailed off and glanced back to Lucas. He suddenly looked a bit uncomfortable. Megan licked her lips a bit.

"Anyways... by my second heat, I couldn't resist it anymore... and we..." Megan trailed off again. Lucas shifted his weight a bit but didn't look at her.

"I thought if I just.. pretended none of it existed, that maybe I could be normal. That it somehow wouldn't matter. But the moment I felt the bond, I was reminded of everything I was.. and it scared me. I.. I didn't mean to.." Megan said, her voice starting to shake. She was trying hard not to cry.

"You killed him?" Lucas asked. Megan felt a few tears slip free.

"I did far worse than that," Megan said, keeping her eyes averted from him as the memory of his death replayed in her mind. It had not been quick. It went silent for a long time, but she was too afraid to look at him.

"It... it gets worse," Megan said, her voice shaking now.

"There was nothing... external, so they didn't think he was murdered. They listed his death as natural causes.. and I got out of there. I moved around for a while, trying to stay away from pack territories... I thought about going home, but I was too afraid of hurting anyone else. I ended up in Wyoming, and by the time I went into heat again... I thought I could haul up somewhere, and wait it out..." Megan said. She felt Lucas's eyes on her again, but Megan couldn't bring herself to continue.

"There was another?" Lucas asked. Megan just nodded.

"By the time I came back to my senses.. and saw what I.. I just.. I ran. I didn't even know his name." Megan said. Megan felt her tears streaming down her face now, and she leaned her head into her hands. She couldn't look at him; she didn't want to.

"Meg... you don't have to say anymo-" Lucas started.

"No... it's fine. You deserve to know." Megan said, and she took a deep breath.

"I knew I needed help... so I... I started looking. It took me five months to find Nadya... and she gave me the bracelet to block the bond... but it... it only works on someone I don't want to be with." Megan said, still avoiding eye contact. A tense quiet followed. She couldn't bear to look at him.

"And what did it cost you?" Lucas finally asked, his tone strange. Megan was silent for a moment.

"Blood... it's the only payment she ever asks for." Megan said, still not looking at him.

"Why?" Lucas asked his tone a mixture of anger and confusion.

"Does it matter?" She asked. A long silence followed, and Megan released a slow breath.

"I'll understand if you want to leave. I know I should have told you this a long time ago.. that was unfair of me." Megan said, still unable to look at him. A long suffocating silence followed. Her chest hurt, and it felt hard to breathe. She heard his footsteps, but the wave of anguish she felt was premature. His hand brushed against her back, and the strain of emotion was too much. She broke into sobs.

He sat down beside her and pulled her into his arms. Megan let him, wrapping her arms around his back and buried her face into his shirt. He pulled her close and held her tighter.

"I'm not going to leave you... we'll figure it out," Lucas said, nuzzling into her hair.

It only made her cry harder...
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