Between Three Worlds

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Chapter 5

"I... don't know if I can." Emma said as they stood a good hundred feet into the woodland from the road.

"Come on... it'll be good for you. You have to stop denying what you are... Not that I'm an expert or anything... but I'm willing to wager it's probably part of your problem with the other stuff." Lucas said as he pulled off his shirt.

Emma swallowed a bit and felt the flutter in her stomach as she watched him undress. He was definitely not shy of his body, though he had no reason to be. Wolves never were, being nude was natural. She glanced away and tried to keep herself composed. She hated that he aroused her, and she hated it even more that he could easily tell when he did.

Emma fidgeted uneasily and cast a brief glance around them. She couldn't believe he'd talked her into this. Somehow, despite all her insistence that she didn't want to, he had managed to drag her out to the woodland.

"I'm waiting." Lucas said with a grin as he stood there in all his nude glory. Emma frowned, unlike him, she couldn't help but feel shy of her body. She had got used to living around humans these passed six years and before that she lived as a wolf. He hadn't yet seen her naked, and by the look on his face, he was enjoying the thought of it a bit too much. Emma scowled at him.

"Turn around." She said.

"What? Why?" He pouted.

"Just do it... please?" Emma asked. With a huff, he turned around. Emma watched him for a moment to make sure he wouldn't peak before she turned around herself and started to undress.

"How long has it been since you shifted?" Lucas asked. Emma furrowed her brow at the thought, and the realization of it was somewhat startling.

"I... don't even remember the last time," Emma said.

"What?" Lucas said. His tone was incredulous. Emma bit her lip nervously and didn't glance back as she pulled off the last of her clothing. She folded everything and leaned down to set it on a rock.

The moment she straightened Emma jumped when she felt his hands slide onto her bare hips. The sensation of it sent a surge of excitement through her wolf. Emma completely froze from the shock of it. He nuzzled into her hair and planted a light kiss on the side of her neck.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that." He said with a teasing tone.

He lightly brushed his fingers back through her hair to move it out of the way as he nuzzled further down her neck. Emma finally regained herself. She turned and shoved away from him. She felt the hot flush of her skin from the contact and the slight glaze of her eyes from what he'd stirred up.

"Don't touch me." Emma snapped angrily. Lucas watched her expression for a moment.

"Sorry." He said. Emma frowned at the genuineness of his tone and instantly regretted shouting at him. His eyes trailed along her form, and Emma felt the heat of her skin burn all the more. She turned away from him.

"I'm sorry... I just.. I can't. Let's just... get this over with." She said with strained calm.

"You're perfect, every inch of you. You shouldn't feel ashamed of yourself." Lucas said. Emma took a slow breath.

"Let's just go, please?" She said. Emma heard him shift, and she finally glanced back. He was waiting for her.

It had been so long, she'd almost forgotten how. She could feel the giddiness of her inner wolf for what she was about to do. Emma closed her eyes and concentrated on the change. She felt her body start to shift, every bone... every muscle. It wasn't exactly painful, but it was far from pleasant.

Finally, she stood on four paws and felt the relieved exhilaration of the wolf inside her. The flood of endorphins was just what she needed. Emma stretched and arched her haunches. She hadn't felt this good in months. She glanced over at him, and if a wolf could grin, the look he was giving her would certainly have been one.

He turned and darted off into the forest. Emma hesitated for a moment as she swayed a bit to adjust her balance, before darting off after him.


"It's boring here," Lucas commented the moment they walked through the door. He went to the couch and slumped down on it.

Emma sighed and tossed her bag into a corner. He had been there for a week and a half now. He even drove her to work, sat around at the diner for the entire duration of her shift, then brought her home.

"You don't have to stay here... you know. Don't you have to go back to your pack?" Emma asked. Not that she wanted him to leave, but she was curious how he managed to be gone so long without any repercussions.

"Trying to get rid of me?" Lucas asked. His tone was thick with fake hurt. Emma rolled her eyes. Lucas just grinned.

"Naw... I can pretty much do what I want. One of the privileges of being the youngest." Lucas said with a grin. Emma furrowed her brow. She was clearly confused.

"Well... don't you have responsibilities? I mean... don't you have to work? Support the 'hive' so to speak." Emma asked. Lucas laughed.

"Uhh... no. That's not for the Alpha line to-" Lucas began.

"What?" Emma cut him off and stared at him in shock. He just grinned.

"You're the Alpha's son? What the hell... I... I didn't-" Emma began, her tone incredulous. She didn't sense it on him, not at all... Not that her senses were all that reliable lately. She had let herself get too separated from her wolf.

"Youngest, son. Alpha genes lay dormant in a male until they're needed, and since I have ten older brothers, mine is buried pretty damn deep." Lucas added as he sat up to grab the remote. Emma felt extremely uncomfortable now. She'd originally thought Lucas must have been just another lowly member of the pack, but an Alpha's son?

"Maybe you should go..." Emma said. She felt weird. She knew full well she shouldn't be messing around with anyone in a pack, let alone an Alpha's son. Lucas glanced over at her. His expression was serious.

"You really want me to?" He asked. Emma glanced away from him.

"No... but I really don't think-" Emma began.

"I told you. My pack is different. You want to know why my father really asked you to join? Because I asked him to. I saw you the day after you came to town, and I went to him and told him what I wanted. He knew my intentions for you from the very beginning, and after he saw you, he gave me his approval." Lucas said. Emma stared at him, a bit taken aback. It went silent for a moment.

"And you are clearly from an Alpha line too, why does it bother you so much?" Lucas continued. Emma looked away from him.

"I really hate the idea of you here all alone. There are-" Lucas began.

"I can take care of myself." Emma cut in. Lucas watched her for a moment and grinned.

"I know, it's part of why I like you," Lucas said. Emma glanced away.

"Can you stop saying things like th-" Emma began.

"Nope, I'll never stop," Lucas said, and although his words were a bit joking, his tone certainly was not.

"Lucas... I told you, nothing can happen between us. Ever." Emma said firmly.

"Welp... yunno what they say. Never say never." Lucas said with another grin. Emma stared at him for a moment. He was persistent, she'd give him that. It went silent for a time. Emma sighed and moved into the kitchen to get herself a drink.

"So... you don't work for the next few days... right?" Lucas asked. Emma glanced back at him and shook her head.

"It's a bit of a drive... but you want to have some real fun?" Lucas asked. She furrowed her brow.

"What do you mean?" Emma asked.

Lucas just grinned.


"So... are you going to tell me where we're going yet?" Emma asked as she watched the woodland pass by along the highway. They were back in Oregon, that much she knew... but where? She had no idea.

"I told you, it's a surprise," Lucas said.

"And why, exactly, do I have to wear this?" Emma asked. She found she wasn't comfortable in provocative clothes. Obviously, she'd never had any opportunity to wear them. Not that what she had on went to any kind of extreme. It was just far more revealing then she was used to wearing.

They had detoured to a clothing store when they stopped for lunch, and he insisted on buying her some things. Of course, she didn't know what she was agreeing to until she went shopping with him.

"Because you look sexy in it," Lucas said with a grin. Emma gave him an irritated look.

"Please just tell me where we're going," Emma said seriously. She was really starting to get nervous. Lucas glanced over at her from the driver's seat.

"There's a club up in Portland, owned by a family friend of ours. Let's just say it's 'friendly' to our kind." Lucas said with a grin. Emma gave him an odd look.

"So that's it... we're going to a club?" Emma said.

"We don't have to go if you don't want to," Lucas said seriously.

"We've been driving for almost six hours... of course, I'm not going to say no now," Emma said and crossed her arms. Lucas just grinned.

"Admit it... you kind of want to," Lucas added. Emma glanced back to the window and hated how he seemed to read her so easily.

"So is it just... full of wolves? Or what?" Emma asked.

"Well... mostly. No humans, if that's what you mean. At least, not tonight. He reserves it Thursdays for us. The rest of the time, it's open to the public." Lucas said. Emma frowned at him.

"What do you mean... mostly?" Emma asked. She was getting a bit worried... What the hell else was there?

"Anything non-human is allowed in pretty much, with a few exceptions of course," Lucas said. Emma frowned.

"What exceptions?" Emma asked. Lucas suddenly looked a bit uncomfortable. Emma furrowed her brow.

"You mean... others like me?" Emma asked.

"No... nothing like you. Look... It's just that... witches aren't exactly trusted in our circles, and for good reason. No vampires are allowed either." Lucas said. Emma looked away.

"I'm half-human too... will they have a problem with that as well?" Emma asked. Maybe... this wasn't such a good idea.

"No... you'll be fine. Dalton's group doesn't care at all about that... it's probably best we don't mention the other stuff though." Lucas said. Emma went quiet for a moment and refocused her attention out the window.

"Don't worry... we'll have fun tonight. Just give it a chance." Lucas said. Emma took a deep breath.

"Okay..." She said.
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