The Beast's Daughter

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Blaze could win with her magic, but she wouldn't. Her magic didn't define her. And she wouldn't let it control her- ever again. "If blaze dies, light will rise. Water, plague, mundane and wise- Of these will become the Guardians of Time. When the Reaper Prince and Death's Heiress make the final climb."

Fantasy / Adventure
K. Heart
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(Note from Author: I've taken down all chapters after Ch. 3. The Beast's Daughter is under refurbishment and should be back up after the holiday break. Please follow me to get updates! Thanks so much! Alright, enjoy:))

The night was clear, the soft breeze brought the oncoming winter’s chill.

“She’ll die like this.” complained a man holding a sleeping toddler in his arms. His counterpart shrugged,

“Better now than later.” He seemed uneasy with their task, “I just… I don’t wanna’ be the one who’s got to face her mother after, you know?”

“Her mother?” the man holding the toddler’s eyes lit up. They were a dark brown against his light skin, “I thought we were afraid of her father-,”

“Her father is mortal. All men die. Her mother…” the man trailed off, the dagger in his hands hung loosely.

“Then we give her back-,”

A shout from behind. The stench of smoke and burning flesh, “It’s too late, they found us!” The men dashed, splitting up in hopes to see each other again at the docks.

Ben, running with a toddler in his arms, ducked into a small cave covered with moss and dead leaves. She awoke with a start, the darkness jolting her into a panic. Her wrists blazed with light and power and Ben, never seeing such raw power in someone so young, hummed her a lullaby back to sleep. She didn’t choose this, and he would make sure she would make the choice when she was old enough to. Her wrists dimmed and the burning forest around him blazed on through the night.

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