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Jordy and her supernatural crew, fights and protects the world from evil dangerous monster and their destruction to end the world, for good. ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ᗯᎥ丅ᑕᕼ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ My life was normal. I had a boyfriend who turned out to be a murderer and cheating, lair. Oh. And a warlock. I had a decent job. But. Finding out I was a witch. Wasn't easy. Especially in a world full of hateful human beings. But when tragic events happen on my 18th birthday, revealing all of the unique and dangerous creatures that have been hidden amongst the world. It's up to me and my new friends who are also similar just like me, to help the world from becoming a dangerous, killing globe. Or has it already begun? ••••••••• "Ooh. Ooh! Lo- Nawl. Loook!" "Bro what is that?!" "Nah, I'm black. I ain't staying arou-" "Come on!" "That's a freakin- that's gon' kill me!" "We have to kill that? That thing?! Where it come from? The sky?!" "We have to try." "Welp, I guess were dying today." "This is what we're suppose to do! Help the humans." "You know what, I'm finna leave. Y'all have fun getting killed." "Come on Lucas. It's our destiny." ♡ Come and join Jordy, Dave, Lucas, Justin, Ximena, Jimena, Iris, and more in a experience that will change their life forever....

Fantasy / Scifi
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յ ★彡 ᏇᎥᏖፈᏂ 彡★ յ

Before we start, I just want to say thank you for reading but also, sorry.

I am publishing this book on this website because I wanted to try it but, only thing is we can't add pictures so you can't see the actual characters and the visuals I would of but on here.

But! If you do, go to wattpad and the story will be there with all the visuals.

Enjoy 👋

Jordy White


"No! No!" I laugh as my boyfriend, James, spins me in the air.

"I love you!" I sung. "Me too." He sets me down, planting a kiss on my cheek.

"Oh, I need to run somewhere for a f
ew hours." I scrunch my face in confusion.

"But it's 10. Where do you need to go?" I asked him as I look for an answer on his face. "Don't worry about it." He waves me off.

He grabs his jacket and keys, while rushing out.

I sighed, walking upstairs in my room.

I grabbed my new dairy, that I had picked up from the store and a weird looking book, that someone randomly gave me.

I sat on my bed with a Nutella jar and a box of chocolate.

I opened my diary and grabbed a big blue pen with a feather on the very top of it.

I opened the first page of the diary and began writing.


Dear Dairy, my name is Jordy.

Clichey way of starting off right?
Anyways, my day has been going okay. It could be better.
My boyfriend, James. Has been acting a little spasticity, jumpy, and rushy. And I just don't know what it is. I've read about it on the internet. It says it's signs of him cheating. Yeah right.
We love each other, he couldn't possibly cheat on me. Right?
Anyways. Today I found this weird book called 'The Book of Light'. And every since, this random person gave me this book. I've been feeling weird. Like the book is mine for some odd reason. And it's drawing me to open it.
I turn 18 tomorrow. My mom always told me the world will soon erupt into a dangerous place, the day I turn 18. I never thought about it though.

I sighed, and ran my fingers through my long black locks.

I think it's time for me to read it now.


I closed my diary and set it aside. I then grabbed the huge book and set it on my lap. I blew the dust off the book, coughing as it fills my lungs.

After I was okay, I opened the book and read the first sentence. What I read next. Surprised me.

Jordy White. Daughter of Queen Jocelyna White–

Huh? This doesn't make sense. My name is in the book as will as my mother? No. I have a mother. Her name is Wendy White.

I sighed and continued reading. As I am reading, words appear in the book out of thin air. I know I should decompose of this book, but I cant stop myself from reading.

I know this may be a surprise for you. But you, Princess Jordy, are a witch.

Impossible! I believe in supernatural beings and such, will I watch supernatural shows because, they're awesome, but I don't come from a line of ancestry witches. That's just-


To activate your abilities and power–

I slammed the book shut, and hopped out of my bed, then walked up to my window, opening it and tossing the book outside for someone else to read its nonsense.

I watched as how it falls into pitch black darkness.

I cocked an eyebrow as I turn around and walked out of my bedroom and descending downstairs into my kitchen.

I opened the freezer, excitingly waiting to eat my Cookies N' Cookies ice cream. I snatched it from the freezer and opened the lid.

My smile dropped when I saw the amount of ice cream that is in the container.


I sighed, and threw the container away. He's always doing that. Making a mess, putting food back when its all gone. I hate having things scattered everywhere.

Then my phone started ringing. I felt around my jean pockets but felt nothing.

I looked around and saw it on the table.

I jogged towards it and picked it up.

Nick 2

Answer Decline

Huh? Nick? I don't know a Nick.

I turned around the phone around and looked at the case.

Oh. This is James's phone. He left it while rushing out.

I turned the phone back around and stared at the name, Nick.

Who's Nick though?

I took a screenshot before answering and holding the phone on my ear.

I said quiet until I heard a girlishly voice.

"Hey Babe."

No this dude just did not.

I hung up and threw his phone on the table and grabbing the hammer from the drawer.

I furiously sprinted back over to the table and hammered the 1,879 phone, I got him for Christmas.

I grabbed the leftover wrapping paper and wrapped the phone, but not before setting a big pink bow on top.

I ran upstairs and grabbed all his clothes along with a lighter and bleach.

I then sprinted downstairs and out the door.

I placed his clothes by the trashcan before, lighting one shirt on fire and throwing it with others. I watched as it spreads like wildfire.

After a few minutes, I poured bleach on the remainder of the clothes.

I wiped the tears that were falling from my face. Two years...wasted. I can't believe him, out of all people would play me.

I threw the empty container of bleach into the garbage can before, walking back inside my house but not before, grabbing the house key, so he wouldn't come back inside.

I closed my door and sighed deeply.

Im not gonna cry for him. There's plenty of fish in the sea. But are there good ones?

I turned off my lights and ran all the way back to my room not looking back.

I sighed in relief, while closing the door.

I turned around and screamed.

"What the-" I looked at the creepy book, that I threw out my window! On my bed.

"You demonizer! Get– Whoa!" I watched the book opens and turns its book pages.

I turned away and tried opening my door but it wouldn't budge. I felt something trying to pull me towards the book.

"No! Im not reading it!" I tried to kick whatever it is that is pulling me back but I felt nothing.

The force was to strong, making me let go of the door handle and fly onto my bed.

I closed my eyes, turning my head, not wanting to look or read the words.

That same force made my head flow towards the book and my eyes shut open. I heard whispers all around me and my bed began shaking.

"Fine! Ill read the book!" The force I felt vanished, the whispers stopped, my bed stopped shaking, and the book stood still.

I sighed, grabbing the book and began reading out loud.

"Hear now the words of the witches.
The secrets we hid in the night.
The oldest of gods are invoked here.
The great work of magic is sault.
In this night and in this hour.
I call upon the ancient power.
Bring your powers to I, Jordy White.
I want the powers.
Give me, the powers."

I stopped reading the weird paragraph and looked around my room for anything unparticular.

"Will I guess-" My room started shaking, my bed started wobbling, the room lights flicker, and lights appears from my room.

What have I gotten myself into?

յ ★彡 ᏇᎥᏖፈᏂ 彡★ յ

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