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The world-famous singer Aditi Chauhan goes to school changing her identity and fall in love with one of his fan but will her past let them be happy? Aditi Chauhan was the famous singer all over the world who goes with the name 'BLOSSOM ANGLE'. After her fresh break up with her boyfriend, she decided to go to a famous school River high to have a fresh start with a new identity, where she met one of her fans Rahul Sharma and fall in love with him. Rahul Sharma is the normal school going popular student and a big fan of blossom angle. When she entered the school he didn't know her secret but when he knows her secret he can't help but fall in more love with her. They were so happy together after he found out her secret and promise her to keep it to himself. But suddenly her past, her ex-boyfriend come and interfere in their relationship. Will they have their happy ending or will her past destroy their relationship?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

(Aditi P.O.V)

“You’re insecure

Don’t know what for
You’re turning heads when you walk through the door
Don’t need make-up, to cover up

Being the way that you are is enough” My alarm started ringing. I move my hand here and there to reach for my mobile to stop it.

“Morning already?” I ask while sitting up in my bed and stretching up my hands.

“Better get up and get ready for school, not want to grab the attention on my first day,” I said to myself while getting up and walking to my walk-in closet.

Oh, let me tell you something about myself. My name is Aditi Chauhan who also known as the world best singer blossom angle. I left singing 2 years ago to start a new life. For that, I have cut my hair to my shoulder length and I had removed the lenses which I used when I was a singer.

I get ready in 15 minutes and walk to my garage. I take my baby black mustang and drive away to school.

After reaching I walk to the front office to see an old lady sitting on her chair and busy doing her work. I clear my throat to grab her attention.

“Oh, sorry how can I help you dear?” she asks me while smiling.

“I am a new student and I am here for my schedule,” I said to her smiling.

“Wait for a second please,” she said and walk to the place where all the files are kept. After some time with some papers in her hands.

“Here, your locker no is 224 and your code is 2468. Here are your schedule and school map in case you get lost. You can find me here when you need anything.” she said with a smile.

“Thank you, Mrs...” I trail off.

“Mrs. Aderson,” she said smiling.

“Yes, thank you, Mrs. Aderson, have a nice day,” I said while walking and waving my hand.

“You too dear,” She said shouting at me.

I walk to my locker while reading my schedule. I have:

1st period - English room no 102 with Mr. Andrew. 2nd period - Math room no 203 with Miss. Raychand. 3rd period - History room no 107 with Mrs.Doberiyal. 4th period - Spanish room no 309 with Miss.Ambedkar.

Lunch break

5th period - Gym. room no 104 with Mrs. Thakur. 6th period - Environment room no 202 with Mr.Chopra. 7th period - Arts room no 209 with Miss. Smith. 8th period - Free with home hall Mr.Thakkar.

I read while walking in the hall looking at for my locker and bump at something or someone. I look down to see a girl collecting the books which fell down because of me. I sit down at my knees and help her collecting her books.

“I am very sorry I was not looking forward while walking” I apologize while helping her.

“It’s okay I was also running like a crazy woman, not looking where I am going,” she said shyly while taking her book from my book.

" Anyway, my name is Ankita Soni and you,” She asks while screeching her hand in front of me to shake.

“Aditi, Aditi Chauhan,” I said while shaking her hand.

“You looks quite similar, who I can’t able to remember,” she said while looking deep in thought.

“Oh don’t worry about it. Many people say that when they meet me for the first time.” I said while laughing nervously.

“So you are new at the school?” she asks.


“Show me your schedule, maybe we have some same classes,” she said smiling and I give her my schedule.

“Oh, we have all the same classes expect history” she exclaims while jumping up and down.

“Ding ding ding” the bell rang.

“Oh god I late see you on the class Aditi,” she said giving my schedule back to me and hugging me. After that, she runs away to her first class. I walk to my looker put all the books except fisrt and second class book and walk to my first class

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