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Chapter 2

(Rahul P.O.V)

“Rahul wakes up,” my brother said while shaking me.

“What’s your problem man let me sleep for some more time, ” I said while snuggling closer to my cover.

“It’s 9 am if you don’t wake up then I will have no choice,” he said shaking me harder. Varun my brother throw an ice cold water at me while I was sleeping.

And I jerk awake from ice cold water.“Are you crazy or what, you are lucky that I was late or I would kiss your ass to China,” I said pissed.

“Next time for sure little brother,” he said laughing and I rush to get ready for school.

I reach school in 15 minutes to see my friends standing around and talking.

At the school

“Hey, guys have you heard about the new girl?, I bet she will be one of the Rahul fangirls,” Kate asked.

“yeah all the girl are Rahul fangirls,” Nathan said.

“Don’t be so sure about it Nathan,” Ares said.

“Talking about him, where is he anyway,” Adam asked. And as if on cue Rahul walk towards them.

“Hey, guys what’s up? Anything new?” Rahul asks while walking to them.

“Hey, dude have you heard about a new girl I wonder how she looks,” Ares said while giving me a bro hug.

“I am not interested dude lets go before we get late,” Rahul said giving fake yawn.

“Hey don’t act so cool,” he said getting annoyed.

“Whatever,” He said and they walk inside at school and his all fangirl all started screaming when they see me.

Fangirl 1: Oh Rahul you look so handsome today.

Fangirl 2: He is so cool.

Fangirl 3: Oh Rahul please come and sit with me.

Fangirl 4: No Please sit with me.

“So Annoying,” I mutter and take a seat next to Ares.

“Hey shut up he is mine tell them, Rahul,” Kriti the school slut said while walking towards me.

“Rahul, tell them,” she said while running her finger up and down seductively on his arms.

“Shut up Kriti and leave me alone,” Rahul said while jerking her hands away from him.

“You love me, Rahul, you are just shy to admit it,” she said while clinging on his arms. Mr.Andrew come to the class and tell us to take our seat.

“We have a new student who is joining us, please come inside Miss. Chauhan” Mr. Andrew said and a girl entered. She walks to the stage and introduces herself.

“Hello everyone my name is Aditi Chauhan,” she said and everyone started whispering.

Boy 1: she is cute.

Boy 2: she is hot.

Boy 3 ask to boy 2 didn’t she look familiar.

Boy 2 said yes but I don’t remember to whom.

Kate: Man she is hot I,m gonna ask her out for a date. Ares come closer to her and introduced himself. She just hummed at him.

“Okay, Ares sit down, Aditi go and sit next to Ashlyn,” Mr. Andrew said to them.

“Ashlyn raise your hand,” Mr. Andrew ask and she did.

Aditi goes and takes a seat next to her.

“Hey, Aditi, my name is Ashlyn nice to meet you,” Ashlyn said.

*She resembles blossom angle but she can’t be* Rahul think while looking at her.

“Okay, class let’s start so where were we...” Mr. Andrew said and began the class.

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