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Chapter 3

(Aditi P.O.V)

“Please come inside Miss. Chauhan” Mr. Andrew called for me and I enter inside the room.

“Please introduce yourself to everyone,” he whispered to me.

“Hello everyone my name is Aditi Chauhan,” I said and everyone started whispering.

Boy 1: she is cute.

Boy 2: she is hot.

Boy 3 ask to boy 2 didn’t she look familiar.

Boy 2 said yes but I don’t remember to whom.

“Man she is hot I,m gonna ask her out for a date.” I heard a boy whispered to someone. A boy comes to me and introduces himself to me.

“Hey, Aditi I’m Ares,” he said coming to close for my comfort.

*He is weird,* I thought.

“Okay, Ares sit down, Aditi goes and sit next to Ashlyn,” Mr. Andrew said to us.

“Ashlyn raise your hand,” Mr. Andrew ask and she did.

I go and takes a seat next to her.

“Hey, Aditi, my name is Ashlyn nice to meet you,” she said.

“Same here,” I said to her and she smiled at me.

“Okay, class let’s start so where were we...” Mr. Andrew said and began the class. In the whole class, I find a raven hair boy keep staring at me. At one time I catch him looking at me and raised an eyebrow at him in question and he just shook his head at me and look at the board. The whole school goes the same way until lunch.

The bell signaling the last period before lunch rang, I pack my stuff and walk out of the door to have some lunch. As soon as I kept my step out of the door Ares pick me up in his back in piggyback style.

" Aditi Lets go and eat lunch with us,” he said while picking me up in his back for the piggyback ride.

" Put me down Ares I can walk, ” I said but he ignored me and keep walking to their table. We arrived at their table to see them all talking with each other.

“Hey, guys we are here,” he said laughing and putting me down. As soon as he put me down I punched him in his face.

“You idiot I have told you I can walk,” I said and punched him in the face.

“I am sorry Aditi,” he said and murmured something under his breath but I just ignored him.

“You deserve it, Ares,” a boy with blonde hair said to him while laughing at him.

“Hey, I’m Kate and these are Karan, and Arjun,” the blonde said introducing himself and others.

“Hi there,” Karan and Arjun said in unison. Then the suddenly a group of girls comes towards them shouting Rahul come and sit with me. I look at them confused.

“Huh? Why are they screaming and who is Rahul?” I ask no one in particular.

“He is the most famous handsome guy in the school and as well as the singer in the school in our school band,” Ashlyn said in a dreamy voice pointing at the raven hair guy who kept staring at me in my first period.

“Hi,” I said to him.

“Hmmm,” he said to me. *What is his problem?* I thought.

“Hey you ugly girl stay away from my Rahul or you will pay for it,” a red hair girl says behind me.

*Huh? Did she just called me ugly?* I ask myself and punched her so hard in the face that she flies away.

“I dare you to talk to me again and let me make it clear to you I am not interested in your Rahul,” I shout at her in my warning voice.

“She deserves it Aditi, good job girl,” Ashlyn said smirking at the redhead.

“Yeah you did a great job,” Brokely said smiling at me.

“Nicely done Aditi,” Ankita said while smirking.

“She is nobody to talk to me like that and I don’t give a damn about that jerk Rahul,” she said scowling and everybody look at me in shock. And he started to chocked at his drink then smirked at me but I just ignored at him.

After some time the bell rang signaling that the lunch is over and we all walked to our classes talking. Rest of the school goes the same way as before introducing myself and taking the notes. I also had some classes with that jerk and I sometimes found him staring at me with a smirk.

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