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Chapter 6

(Rahul P.O.V)

After getting rid of the fangirls I walk to the top roof of my school building to see Aditi laying in the top of the roof talking to herself. I laid down in the roof a little bit away from her and listen to her talks and trying to find the opportunity to go and tease her. I love to tease her because she looks like an angle blossom and second is she is different, unlike other fangirls she doesn’t throw herself on me.

“Yeah he is a jerk but I must say he sings nice,” she said to herself and I get up and go to her.

“Thanks for the compliment Ad-I-Ti,” I said while cornering her. And can see her face becoming pale.

“W-What?” she asks.

“And that is for calling me a jerk,” I said seductively getting closer to her ears and she moves away from me.

“Would you stop doing that?” she shouted asked me.

“Stop doing what?” I ask getting behind her.

“What the-” she said but cut off by the bell and I walk away to my class. Rest of the day in the school goes as usual and after the last period of the school is over we all leave to go home.

I get up early in the morning and get ready to go to school for a female audition. After a long time, I decided to give a chance to female to give audition for a female lead singer because we really need one. So we guys are going early to the school for taking an audition.

After getting dressed and eating breakfast, I drive away to school and meet all the guys.

“Let’s go and make preparation for the audition,” I said while walking to the practice room.

“Right,” they said and followed me.

(Third Person P.O.V)

There were lots of girls walking around the schoolyard to give audition for the female-led.

“Hey girls lets go for the Audition for the of the female singer in Rahul’s band,” Kajal said to her friends.

“I will do my best,” Ashlyn said.

“Me too,” Brockley said.

“I really want to join there band and sing with them,” Ankita said.

“All the best to you guys,” Aditi said to them.

“Back of you bitches, I’m going to sing with my Rahul,” Kriti said coming in front of them.

“Ignore her,” Ashlyn said.

“Yeah,” Brockley said.

“Let’s go,” Aditi said and they leave pushing Kriti out of their way.

After all the audition Ankita got selected and come down from the stage to the girls.

“Consultation on getting selected Ankita,” Ashlyn said.

“Yeah, you are one lucky girl,” Brockley said.

“Thank you guys but Aditi you didn’t give the audition,” Ankita said.

“Hey, Aditi why didn’t you give Audition?” Ares asks.

“You could always give it a shot,” Kate said to her.

“Yeah,” Nathan said.

“She cannot sing guys isn’t that obvious, am I right Aditi,” Rahul said to her while smirking.

“We will know Rahul when the right time comes,” Aditi said.

* Then all of your faces must be like to see,* she thought with a smirk.

“What was that suppose to mean,” Rahul asks.

“You will know,” Aditi said and the bell ring signaling that its time to start the classes those are left after the audition.

“Ankita does not be late for the practice tomorrow,” Rahul said to Ankita and walk away to his class.

Next day they all gather early in the morning in the schoolyard then they all go to the practice room to hear the band rehearsals.

*She is good but not as good as My blossom* Rahul thought while listening Ankita singing.

“Ankita you have to practice more,” Rahul said to Ankita when she finished singing.

“Yeh Rahul I will do my best,” Ankita said while smiling at him. Then the bell ring signaling to start the day and they all walk to their classes. I walk to my class to see everybody was talking about Rahul and Ankita.

Boy 1 - Hey do you know Ankita is in Rahul's band.

Boy 2 -I heard they spend more time together.

*Why did I feel hurt?* I thought and images of us start coming in my mind.

*Ummm stop that stupid images from coming in my mind* I said and shook my head to throw the images away.

"Aditi are you okay," Ares asks coming closer to me too close for my comfort.

"Whatttttttt?" Aditi squeal at him.Thinking whether he heard her or not unaware of the fact that Rahul was watching her.

"Okay class lets start today's lesson," Mr. Collins said while walking in the class.

"How boring," the whole class said while groaning at him and he avoids them as usual. The class goes as usual. After class Aditi was walking near the musical room when he heard some familiar voices and she goes and peek inside the room throw the hole. They were sitting next to each other in a bench.

"Is it right Rahul," she asked while looking him lovingly.

"Yeah," he said while looking down at the book. Aditi looks away from them and walks out from there.

"What is that feeling again," I ask my self and bumped to my friend Ashly.

"Hey Aditi, what happens to you, you looking down?" Ashly asks.

"Ahhh it's nothing, what are you doing here?" Alisha asks.

"we have a surprise for Rahul, come in a schoolyard after school everybody is coming," Ashly said looking excited about it.

"Okay," Aditi said while smiling at her and Ashly walks out of there.

*I wonder what they were thinking,* Aiditi said and walk to her next class.

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