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Chapter 7

(3rd personP.O.V)

"Rahul will be here in five minutes, I want to see his reaction," Kate said and laugh evilly.

"Yeah, I'm also so excited," Kara said jumping up and down in excitement.

"Yeah, he will be really happy," Ankita said while smiling at them.

"We are here everybody," Nathan said entering the school backyard with others.

"It's was difficult to bring Rahul with us," Ares commented on Rahul.

"What's going on? What are you guys planning?" Rahul asks puzzled.

"It's time Ashlyn, " Ankita said to Ashlyn.

"Yeah," Ashlyn said jumping up and down with excitement.

*What are they planning? But I am also excited* Aditi thought, smiling with anticipation.

"Here we go," Ashlyn said giving Rahul some poster.

"Surprise, happy birthday Rahul," everybody burst out expect Aditi when Rahul open the poster. It was a poster of Aditi as an angle blossom.

*It's my poster, what if they recognize me?* Aditi thought while looking at her poster in shock.

"Her poster is really rare, I get it from my cousin, and we plan this for Rahul's birthday since Rahul likes her," Ashlyn said while smiling at him. Rahul looks at the poster with shock.

Aditi started moving back slowly so anyone didn't notice her and try to resemble her with the poster but it all goes in vail when Rahul notice her doing that.

"Aditi where are you going?" Rahul asks still looking at the poster.

*Did he recognize me,* Aditi thought and squeak saying nowhere.

"Aditi why are you looking so shocked?" Ares asks while looking at her shocked face.

"It's nothing Ares," she said smiling at him thinking it's better if she acts normally.

"Rahul where are you? I was looking for you all over the school, want to go out with me?" Kriti said popping out of blue and scaring everyone.

"poor Rahul, I will like to die before that," Ares said and started laughing at him.

"Oh come on Rahul I know that you want to go out with me but you are too shy to say it in front of others," she said while clinging on him. Rahul gets pissed and throws her away from him then walk away from there.

"Look what have you done Kriti," Ankita said while glaring at her.

"You have spoiled his mood on his birthday," Ashlyn said accusing to her while glaring at her too.

"You really are an annoying and a mood spoiler person," Brooklyn said and shake her head in disgust.

*She is a lifesaver if she is not here in time my secret may be revealed, thanks to her everybody's attention shifted from me* Aditi thought and sigh in relief.

"Oh just shut up, he loves me, he just didn't realize it yet," Kirti said in a bored tone and walk out of there. Everybody said bye to each other and walk towards there home.

"It was close, what if he has recognized me? but I think he wouldn't, would he?" Aditi asks herself while preparing her bed then shakes her head in denial.

While Rahul was laying on his stomach looking at her poster thinking about her. It can't be possible Aditi can't be blossom but she looks similar to her but she looks beautiful like Blossom he thought and blushed at the thought.

Maybe I am over thinking about all this. I better go to sleep. He said to himself, keep the poster on the table and go to sleep.

The next day Aditi put on her poster with her autograph in her bag to give it to Rahul as his late birthday gift and goes to school. She walks inside the school and meets the girls who were waiting for her and walk inside her class with them.

(In the school)

"Oh, Rahul," fangirls shouted at him when they saw him walking inside the school.

"Look he looked at me," one of the fangirls said to her friend.

"No, he looked at me," another fangirl said when they saw him looking at them.

"Man, you have to do something for them, at least smile at them," Ares said to him when he saw the girl's reaction when they enter inside the school.

"Tch...So annoying," Rahul said ignoring them.

"I wish I have a fangirl like you, I mean I am also a band member, but girls only screamed for you, Rahul," Kate said putting his arm over his shoulder.

"You really are lucky, Rahul," Nathan said smirking at him.

"You should take advantage of it when you can, I would have done it if I was you," Ares said to him.

"Yeah, whatever, ... let's go," Rahul said and they walk inside their class.

"Hey Aditi, isn't Rahul looks hot today?" Ashly asks when she saw the guys entering the class.

*He really looks hot,* Aditi thought while looks at them. Rahul looks at her, and smirk at her when he saw her looking at him, she smiles at him and looks away from him.

*Crap, did he saw me looking at him,* Aditi thought while trying to calm. The teacher enters the class and started his lecture.

*Why did I keep comparing her with the blossom, she can never be my blossom* Rahul thought while looking at her, he shook his head and get back to making notes in his book.

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