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Chapter 8

(3rd Person P.O.V)

After class, Aditi was walking in the corridor with the books in her hand deep in her thoughts and didn't see someone coming towards her and she bumped into it and fall down on Rahul.

"What the?" Aditi said after opening her eyes to see Rahul under her.

*He is so close, I can feel his minty breath at my face* Aditi thought while staring at him.

*She looks just like her, and she is so close to me* Rahul thought while staring at her. Suddenly Aditi realizes that she is at the top of him and stands up quickly.

"I am sorry, Rahul," Aditi said to him while helping him to stand up on his feet with a red hoo on her face in embarrassment.

"Nevermind," Rahul said blushing and looking away from her.

"What's going on here, I see Aditi over you," Ares asks walking towards them.

"Ah, its nothing I just slipped over him," Aditi said to him while picking her books and Rahul hummed at it while helping her.

"Thank god, I thought you and Rahul," Ares said hugging her tightly, it pissed her off and she pushes him away harshly.

"How many times did I have to tell you don't come so close to me," Aditi shouted at him.

"I am sorry, Aditi," Ares said to her and she just hummed at him.

"Let's go, Rahul its time for our practice session," Ares said to him.

"Hmm, let's go," Rahul said while looking at her one last time and walk away with him.

*Why did I feel my heart, ache while looking at them together* Aditi thought to look down on the floor.

"Hey, Aditi what are you doing here, come on let's go to the Rehearsal room and saw them practicing with each other," Ashly said walking towards her.

"Yeah let's go," Aditi faked a smile and walk to the rehearsal room with her friend. The get inside the rehearsal room to see them practicing with each other and others praising them, she feels herself getting angry and walk away from there.

"Hey, Aditi where are you going?" Ashly asks seeing her walking away from there but she was gone by then. Rahul notices her walking away from there, and decided to follow her. After finishing his song and excused them saying that he wants to go to the washroom and walk away from there.

"Why she has to be so close to him? And I don't understand why it was bothering me?" she asks herself while climbing the rooftop of the school.

"I have to get him out of my mind somehow, otherwise I will go insane," she said and take her guitar out and started singing her favorite song 'Perfect two'. She was too busy with singing and playing guitar that she does not notice Rahul coming to the terrace.

When Rahul come on the terrace, he was shocked to see her singing and playing guitar but he decides not to disturb her and heard her sing, so he stands in a corner of the terrace and hears her singing one of fav song. After sometime Aditi realizes what she is doing and stops playing and singing.

"Am I crazy what is someone sees and heard me and recognizes me," she said then pack her guitar and jumped down back in the terrace and started walking towards the door. But before she can get to the door, Rahul appears behind her and stopped her.

"Nice singing, Aditi, or should I say blossom," Rahul said while holding her from behind.

"R..Ra...Rahul," Aditi shutter out with a gulp, shocked to know that he recognized her.

"Why Aditi? Why did you hide it from us?" Rahul asks while cornering her to the wall.

"I don't understand what are you talking about Rahul?" Aditi asks him, playing dumb with him.

"Stop playing dumb with me, Aditi, I know that you are Blossom, why Aditi, why are you hiding? Why did you not want others to know that you are blossom?" Rahul asks her.

"Rahul please, I'll tell you everything, but not now, please don't tell anything about it to the others," Aditi said breaking down in front of him. And it's broke him to see her cry like this.

"Ssshh....don't cry blossom, it's okay, I will not tell anybody about it, but you have to promise me that you will tell everything to me, okay?" he asks while hugging her tightly. Aditi was shocked but she hugged him back.

"Thank you, Rahul and I promise I will tell you everything when I was ready to do it," Aditi said hugging him back. They didn't notice how long they were hugging each other until Rahul's phone started ringing. They separated from each other and Rahul pick up his phone.

*Wrong time, Ares* Rahul thought but answered it.

"What?" Rahul said irritated.

"Where are you Rahul, everybody is looking for you and Aditi," Ares asks him on the phone.

"Where are you guys," Rahul asks him.

"We come back to Rehasrsal room when we weren't able to find you guys," Ares said to him.

"Stay there, we will be there in no time," Rahul said and hung up, on him.

"Let's go Aditi, everybody is looking for us," Rahul said to her while blushing and looking away from her. When she nodded her head while blushing at him, he grabs her hand and starts walking towards the door.

"Hey, guys where have you gone, for such a long time," Kate ask them while smiling at them.

"Yeah, we were looking for you," Dustin asks them.

"Hey, what's that?" Ares asks while pointing at their joining hands. They look where he was pointing his finger to see they are still holding hands, they take away their hands and blush.

"What's going on guys," Arjun asks wringing his eyebrows at them.

"Hmmm," Kate said smiling at them.

"Hey, why were you holding hands and why everybody smiling at you guys," Ares asks still looking puzzled.

"Its nothing," Rahul said running his hand through his hair and looking away from them.

"Something is going on, huh," Ashly said teasing Aditi and ruffling her hair.

"Hey, stop it Ashy," Aditi said rearranging her hair.

"Anyways, today I am planning for a sleepover at my house and both of you are coming, to my house," Ashly said smiling at them.

"Fine, by me," Aditi and Rahul said at the same time and look at each other and then look away with a blush on their face. The school bell ring signaling that their free period is over and everyone goes back to their classes.

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