Daemon Soul

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After two years, Danae finally escapes captivity after being gifted a weapon from the Gods. She then meets a wizard that brings her to her destiny. For two years, Danae has been a prisoner to a human trafficking warlord, but that all ends when the Gods arm her with a weapon of their making. Now free, Danae happens upon a young ice wizard, who is kept hostage under the demon snow women, Yuki Onna. Together, Danae and Orion overcome their traumatic circumstances, becoming stronger mages in the process. But their journey doesn't end there. Orion convinces Danae to return to his guild, where he introduces her to his old friends. For some reason, one of the wizards there seems familiar to her and the hands of fate turn in an unexpected way. After all, its not everyday that you happen upon a wizard with a demon eye!

Fantasy / Adventure
D.L. Dreher
Age Rating:


***This is a warning for anyone who may be sensitive to topics of violence and abuse or thoughts of suicide. The first chapter contains an aggressive scene that may be a trigger to survivors, along with some dark themes of attempted suicide from an attack. Please read ahead with caution and consideration.***

Thunder rumbled in the distance, and lightning slowly closed its grip on the stormy sea below. As if willing them to submit and fall down, waves crashed angrily on the side of several tall towers in the middle of the ocean.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” cried out a woman.

“Silence, you bitch!” yelled a prison guard.

Wuh-pssh! The sound of a whip echoed in the chamber.

“Stop, please stop,” whimpered the young girl as tears rolled down her face, dotting the stone cold floor.

“That’s enough for now,” came another voice, as another man entered the room, “We mustn’t destroy our precious merchandise.”

“My apologies, Lord Darson,” bowed the guard respectfully.

“We have an important guest with us, and he’ll be here shortly,” informed Lord Darson, “So put that filth away. We must show him the best of our product. I can’t have one sour-looking woman ruin our chances with a profitable buyer.”

“Yes sir,” agreed the guard.

The young girl was let down from the ceiling, and dragged out of the cell, wailing and crying. Her weeping could be heard even in the tallest towers at the prison they were in, and from above, Danae watched as the young girl was brutally forced back to a different chamber, where she would no doubt continue to be harmed. It turned Danae’s stomach to think of it.

But she was powerless here. Ever since she had arrived two years ago, Danae’s powers had diminished to nothing, and no matter how much she willed it, her powers would not resurge. It was as if she had become too impure to wield her magic, and the very thought made her feel weak and helpless.

Just then, there was a loud bang, and the door to Danae’s cell swung open. In walked a familiar man, and Danae stood up to greet him.

“What do you want?” asked Danae coldly.

“Now, is that any way to greet an old friend?” replied Colys meanly.

Colys shut the door behind him, and locked it.

“I mean, who has helped you to survive here the most?” continued Colys as he approached Danae, “I did it all for you. As soon as I realized you were here, I did everything I could to get you out, including taking you out of the place for a while as my girlfriend, but then things became more difficult between us, so I had no choice but to send you back here.”

Danae’s head spun from this explanation. None of it made any sense! But it was true...some of it was true. He had gotten her out for a while, but even when she lived with him, she wasn’t happy. She ended up becoming someone she was ashamed of, and couldn’t bear to be. That’s when the problems started. That’s why she was sent back!

“I-I’m sorry,” replied Danae feeling guilty.

“I know,” said Colys manipulatively, as he began to kiss Danae’s neck, “But let’s forget about that and be with each other now.”

Colys continued to kiss Danae. It was rough and startling, catching Danae off guard, but not before she was thrown up against the wall. It was cold, and damp from the storm, and Danae felt uncomfortable. But she had little choice but to be okay with it, since she didn’t have the strength to fight back.

“It must be my lucky day,” said the man thirstily, as he unzipped his pants.

Colys ripped the tattered clothes off of Danae aggressively, and she was thrown onto the ground.

“No, wait!” yelled Danae, as the man forced his way inside, copulating with her fiercely.

It was painful. It hurt so bad! Danae tried to push him off of her, but to no avail. Her body was being flung repetitively against the cold floor, and she could feel the uneven stone cut into her skin, tearing into her back. She had no choice but to endure it until he was done.

It felt like ages. She stared up at the ceiling, and kept wondering when it would be over...willing herself to remain strong.

Please, let him stop, she prayed upwards, Please, let it end soon!

At long last, Colys finished and he pulled himself off of Danae, satisfied. He then moved on top of her, until his pelvis was directly in line with her face. Danae was horrified.

“Kiss it,” he said monstrously to her, and Danae felt her stomach lurch.

No…. She didn’t want to. That would be terribly disgusting!

“Kiss it!” demanded Colys again, thrusting himself down on her face.

Danae mustered up all of her mental energy, and did what he asked. She cringed, wishing to disappear altogether, while Colys pulled himself off of her. But Danae didn’t move. She lay on the floor in shock, unable to comprehend what had just happened to her...again.

“Get yourself ready,” instructed Colys unfeelingly, as he got dressed, “He’s expecting you tonight.”

The door creaked open as Colys left, and a gust of cool, salty air blew in strongly from the storm. The smell of the salty air was pungent enough to make Danae more aware of her surroundings, and she felt some strength return to her limbs. A loud “bang” signaled to Danae that Colys had left, and that she was all alone.

Danae then pulled herself off of the floor slowly, and walked over to her bed. She pulled the blankets over her naked body, and wrapped herself in it tightly. This made her feel safer, as pangs of pain continued to assault her womb from where she had just been ravaged.

Just how had her life come to this!? How did she become so weak and dirty!? Everything that she believed in had suddenly crashed and burned, and she remembered painfully how she had lost everything! Her dream of joining a guild, her friends…. Her friends….

She felt so ashamed thinking about them now. What would they say to her if they knew how far she had fallen? Danae no longer felt that she had the right to call them her friends. After all, she knew how disappointed they’d all be, especially Lyulf.

Lyulf. She couldn’t bare to think of how he’d look at her now! That strong, confident girl with values that echoed purity in sex and marriage, had been defeated. She had given up those values long ago. Now, she was any man’s woman so long as he paid the right price for her.

“I-I’m not happy with this,” cried Danae softly to herself, “This should never have happened!”

There was no going back from this though, and Danae knew that. Her body was no longer the pure vessel it had been before. In fact, Danae felt convinced that her body was no longer her own.

“No,” wailed Danae terrified, “No! This is...this is not mine! Get off! GET OFF!”

Danae started to scrape and claw at her skin ferociously. Her nails dug into her skin, drawing blood, as she tried to permanently rip it off.

She had become a failure! She had become a weak, dependent, sloth of a woman! How could she ever forgive herself for this!? How could anyone look at her the same way!? She was defiled and shamed and dirty, and no matter how hard she tried, the pangs of pain on her body that continued to echo her attackers were a constant reminder of how she could never go back to the innocent, pure form she had before.

“NO!” screamed Danae terrified, as she threw herself against the wall on her bed. There was no escaping this, and it scared her! She’d rather die than live with this!

Danae stopped.

“To die…,” muttered Danae to herself, “To die.”

Yes, that was the solution after all. It would be so simple. If she could die, then she wouldn’t feel anything anymore.

Danae looked around her as she tried to find useful materials to help her to kill herself, and she picked up the blanket she had wrapped around her, realizing she could use this to hang herself. It wasn’t the first time she had come to this conclusion, and she twirled the blanket eagerly, believing that this was the time she’d follow through for sure.

This is easier, she thought to herself, as she wrapped the twirled blanket around her neck after having fastened it to the door’s handle in her room.

However, before she could follow through with her plan, a voice came to her, as it had so many times before.

Don’t do this, whispered the voice, You have so much to live for. So much more to do. You know it too. I promise you...survive, and I will bring you the happiness you yearn for. It will come.

Danae stopped. Why did she hear this voice? Why did it tell her to keep surviving? And why, whenever she heard it, did she feel reassured in what it said to her. It felt so true, that Danae felt foolish in her feelings of self defeat.

“Yes, I deserve better,” agreed Danae to herself, as she unraveled the blanket and stood up, “I must keep going.”

Danae got dressed, and sat on the edge of her bed, thinking to herself about a warm, kind place. Sometimes, her mind would wander and remember her friends, her guild, and her old home, but Danae refused to acknowledge any of them. She felt too ashamed, and shut them out of her mind, unwilling to entertain the idea of going back to them. Danae had to start new...fresh.

Something stirred deep in Danae’s heart then. It was a feeling she hadn’t felt in a long time, but before she could explore what this feeling meant, her door opened with a loud bang. Outside, there stood two guards.

“Stand up!” they yelled as two more rushed in quickly behind her, immediately shackling her with chains, “This way!”

Danae was led down the tower she resided in, and was brought outside. The storm whipped harshly around them, and it made for a slower go across the bridge. The salty sea sprayed them, and the wind blew strongly, as if trying to blow them into the angry sea. From above, a bolt of lightning came down from the sky, and struck one of the towers, causing stone to explode and fall away.

“Take cover!” yelled the guards who were escorting Danae.

Rubble fell on all sides of them, and shook the ground. It was then that Danae realized what she had come so close to realizing before in her cell. She really did deserve all the good things that life had to offer, and at one point, she had truly believed that as a young woman as well. She had even gone as far as to promise herself that she’d never settle or submit to anything less. It was time for Danae to hold up her end of the deal.

Danae stood up with the rest of the guards, but when they pulled her forward, she wouldn’t move.

“Come on!” yelled the head guard, “Get a move on, wench!”

Danae remained still, her fury stirring.

“I said, let’s get a move on, yeah!” yelled the head guard infuriated by Danae’s uncooperativeness, as he made to hit Danae.

But rather than hitting her, the guard felt his hand and arm stop in midair.

“Wh-what the - !?” yelled the guard, shocked that he was no longer in control of his body.

“Captain!” yelled the other guards, “What’s wrong?”

Danae then turned her head slightly, and glared at the guard who had tried to hit her. The guard’s eyes met Danae’s, and he felt a chill run down his spine. He had never seen anyone more terrifying.

“Oi! What are you doing to our captain, you bitch!?” yelled another guard, who came at Danae from behind, but he too froze mid-swing.

“Bitch? Wench?” muttered Danae quietly, “What kinds of words are those gentlemen? No, you’re not gentlemen at all, are you? You’re nothing more than scum.”

An evil aura surrounded Danae, and several of the other guards began to back away cautiously.

“Wha-what’s happening?” they asked, nervously.

Just then, there was a terrible crunching noise, as the arms of both guards who had come at Danae shattered and broke in several places.

“AGGGHHHHHHHH!!!” they screamed, as they fell to the ground.

The storm grew more violent, and lightning rained down all around them.

“Look out!” yelled one of the men from a nearby watchtower.

A bolt of lightning struck where Danae and the guards stood on the bridge, but rather than strike everyone down, Danae seemed to grab hold of the lightning bolt. This caused it to scatter and strike the buildings and bridge surrounding her.

“What is this?” asked Lord Darson from up high on another tower.

He searched frantically to see where the lightning was coming from, because it no longer came from the sky.

“Get down, my Lord!” yelled one of his men, as he was tackled to the ground.

His man was not so fortunate, however, and he was struck by the erratic lightning.

“GAH!!!!” yelled the Lord’s man as he was battered and burned by the lightning’s hot temperature.

“Avery!” yelled Lord Darson, as his man fell limp in his arms.

Infuriated, Lord Darson looked over his broken balcony to the source of the lightning by the bridge. When the lightning ceased, it revealed Danae, except she wasn’t the same Danae that Lord Darson had remembered. Rather than the passive, scared woman he was used to having his way with, this woman seemed to be the complete opposite! She was shrouded in a stellar darkness, and her eyes looked forward with icy, cool resolve. In her right hand, there was now a glaive of considerable proportion, with a long, black shaft, and a large, steel blade at the top that was no shorter than the length of an arm.

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