The Unnamed Love

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In stories there are girls who are inexperienced. But here HE is inexperienced. SHE experienced all of it. She did everything. HE knew nothing. After that night every night i go there to see him. To even get a glimpse of him. But i had no luck in finding him for one month. After that night Things between me and Lucas also started to get worse to the point where we ended what we had for the past 2 years. And the worst part it dint break my heart the way it should. It didn't hurt me at all. It amazes me but my mind is too busy about the stranger to worry about little things like him. As months passed by i find things which surprise me and things i wish i knew before. It also makes me regret making some stupid decisions. I cant change the past i was sure as hell going to change the future for the better.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was one of the rare nights in the Blackvelvet pack where everyone gathered under the moon. Getting ready to go for a run around the forest. I was also getting ready to go to the front of the pack house where everyone was gathered around.

I heard someone knocking on the door. And when i opened the door my lips were brutally attacked by Lucas. We have been dating for the past 2 years. We knew we had a mate somewhere out there. But we were planning to reject them and be each others chosen mate. Our parents didn't like the idea so we had to wait till we are 18 to find out who our real mates are. Since our birthday is in two days we are trying to spend most of the time together.

He kissed me like there was no tomorrow. With our lips molded together his hands roaming all around my body it started going under my dress. Just when he was about to reach the place i was burning up in the door opened shocking the both of us. My younger sister Elise was standing infront of the door with mouth open wide. "Mia everyone is waiting for you! come on lets go!" She grabbed my hand and started running towards the door out of the room. I looked behind to see Lucas getting under the bed and winking at me he started to get out.

True to Elise everyone was standing out waiting for me and Lucas too. I went and stood next to my best friend Blake. We have been best friends since diapers. "Sneaking around now are we?" He started teasing me the second i stood next to him."Shut up i will divorce you if you dont and i will find a new best friend!" "Oh hush! First, we are not married so you cant divorce me and Second, too bad if you left me you will not be able to find a person like me or someone better than me. So..." I rolled my eyes at him and ignored him when he started talking saying First i knew it was not going to end any time soon.

We started running when the clock struck 12. With all of us howling through the silent night it broke the silence. The sky was full of stars just the way i like it. When i reached my favourite place where only lucas knew i laid in my pure white wolf form staring at the stars and getting lost in them.

After a while i felt a presence next to me. Thinking it was Lucas i ignored it and kept on staring the stars. But when the person started running his hands through my soft fur i felt electricity surging through my body. It was weird i never had this feeling when Lucas touched me.

I turned around to stare at the most bluest eyes i saw in my whole life. I started getting lost in them when the stranger retracted his hand form my fur making me whimper form the lost of touch and warmth and the pleasurable tingles. But he walked away and just like that he disappeared making me think was he even real?

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