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The president hires a Bodyguard for her daughter and they fall in love with each other. Will the president past let them be happy with each other? The president has to go outside of the country for some important work and he cannot able to his daughter Eva Willson with him because of her college has just started and he did not want to disturb her studies. So he hires a personal bodyguard for her even after her protest. Edean smith is a childhood friend and love of her who is appointed as her bodyguard but they get separated because of the misunderstanding between their father. Neither president or he say anything about it to her when they met each other. After sometime she comes to know the truth about him and they both are happy together but when they are least accepting it president most dangerous enemies comes and kidnapped her. Will they able to save her or will they lost her forever?

Fantasy / Romance
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(3rd person P.O.V)

“How can you do this with me, Richard?” Andy asks running his hands through his hair feeling betrayed.

“Trust me, Andy, I didn’t sign those papers,” Richard said to him while pleading through his eyes to believe him.

“If, you didn’t have signed these papers then how your signature did come into these papers,” Andy asks him.

“I don’t know, Andy but please, believe me, I didn’t sign those papers do you really think I will betray you, you are my best friend Andy,” Richard tried to explain him but Andy was in no mood to hear him anymore.

“Do you have any evidence to prove it?” Andy asks him.

“No, I don’t have any evidence to prove my innocence, but please at least give me some time to prove my self,” Richard said to him.

“That’s it, Richard, it’s over our friendship and partnership is over, you can keep it all, I will send someone with the documents,” Andy said and walks out from their office and walks to the kid's room where all they have arranged the nanny to looks after the kids when they are in the office.

“Let’s go, Eva,” Andy said while grabbing 3 years old Eva’s hand and dragging her with him.

“Adamm,” Eva shouts his name while stretching her hand for him.

“Evaaa,” Adam shouts her name while running toward them and fall down in the ground and started crying.

“Adam, champ,” Richard said and run towards him and take him in his arm.

“Hey, champ, are you okay? Are you hurt?” Richard asks while checking him for any injury and he shakes his head.

“Dad, Eva, Eva was gone, why did uncle Andy take her away from me like this?” 5 years old Adam asks him.

“I and your uncle Andy have some argument with each other and uncle Andy is very angry with your father so he takes Eva with him but doesn’t worry, I will talk with him and makes everything alright, okay ?” Richard asks him and he nodded his head at him.

“Now, who will like to eat some ice cream?” Richard asks to no one, in particular, to make him happy.

“Me, me,” Adam said wiping his face while smiling at him.

“Then go to the washroom and face your face, then we will go to eat ice cream, okay?” Richard asks smiling at him and he nodded his head at him and runs to the washroom. Richard sigh and run his hand over his face in exhaustion. After some time, Adam comes smiling at him and he takes him to the ice cream parlor.

And at the same time, Andy drags Eva to her room and locks her in her room saying that she is not allowed to meet Adam from now and that they are moving to another city, leaving her crying in her room.

After taking him to the ice cream parlor, Richard dropped him at the house and goes back to the office to found out the person who has created all this mess, while Andy picks her elder daughter Nikki up from the school and started packing his things to move in another city.

It takes Richard 3 years to find the culprit of this mess but by then, Andy was far gone with his family and settle down somewhere else. It was hard for him to handle both his son who kept bothering him, asking him why did Andy take their friend away from where? Did he know where they are? When will they able to meet them? etc. He has tried to find the whereabouts of Andy and his family but Andy has covered up his tracks very nicely.

With the passing of time, the kids have stopped bothering him by asking the question about them but deep down he knows that the boys missed them.

On the other hand, Andy has stelled somewhere else with his family. Evan has forgotten about Adams and moved on with her life whereas her sister Nikki still asks about Ryan and he has no choice to tell her everything so that she stopped asking about them. After a year when they move out of their old house, his wife Myra Passed away due to cancer.

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