Accidental Pregnancy

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Chapter 2

(Third person P.O.V)

“If the doctor Richard has an emergency how is going to see his patients,” nurse ask to doctor Kirti.

“Doctor. Mike as always, he is on his way,” Dr. Kirti said to the nurse. The nurse takes all the file of patients and about to leave when Dr.Kirti stop her.

“Hey what are you doing here?” Dr.Kirti ask.

“What?” nurse ask puzzled.

“The case history doesn’t go there pay attention,” Dr. Kirti warmed her.

“Dr. Monslave’s patients are filled in a green folder and Dr. Petaze in the yellow files ones concentrate,” Dr. Kirti said to the nurse.

“Remember what happened the last time they mixed up? ” Dr. Kirti asks.

“How can I forget? I was surprised they didn’t fire me?” the nurse said to Dr. Kirti. Dr. Kirti phone started ringing and he picks it up.

“Hello, will be right there,” Dr. Kirti said and hang up the phone.

“Dr. Pezate needs me you are on your own,” Dr. Kirti said and leave to go to Dr. Pezate.

“Excuse me?” Mia asks entering the hospital.

“Gynecologist and fertilization center good afternoon how can I help you?” the nurse ask talking in the phone.

“Doctor can’t talk to you now,” she said in the phone.

“Just leave your name okay?” she said annoyed in the phone and hang up.

“Excuses me, miss,” Mia ask the nurse.

“I would like to ask a question I have NEVER ask,” Mia said and the phone rang again and the nurse started talking in the phone.

*Shit they are busy I think I have to wait,* Mia thought and take a seat in the waiting room.

“I don’t believe they are so busy,” Mia said to herself.

“Indeed,” another patient said entering the hospital.

“I see,” Mia said smiling at her.

“What doctor taking care of you?” she asks.

“Dr. Pezate,” Mia said.

“Annual checkup?” she asks.

“No, its the first time I’m visiting a gynecologist,” Mia said.

“I know the first time it’s embarrassing but don’t worry you will get used to it,” she said.

Mia has been waiting for almost an hour and she is starting to get impatient. After some time her patients broke and she was about to snap at the nurse when the doctor comes to them.

“have the patients of Dr.Pazate and Dr. Monslave come in,” Dr. Kriti ask while walking towards the nurse. The nurse looks at the file and calls them.

“Mia Mathis?” nurse call.

“Here,” Mia said walking to her. Karin is here to for insemination for Nate child.

“Karin Young” the nurse call.

“Here,” another girl said walking to them.

“Follow me please,” a nurse said while turning and walking towards the Dr’s office. And Karin and Mia started following her.

The nurse bumps into the doctor while reading the files and walking to Dr’s office. All the files fall from her hands and all paper was mixed up with each other.

*Shit* the nurse thought while picking up the files and putting the paper back to their files.

“Be careful the next time miss,” the doctor said and walked away.

She looks at the files and led them to the wrong doctor offices. Mia is about to enter the room when the nurse stopped her.

“Take your clothes off and put the robe on with the opening facing back,” Nurse said to Mia and leave to show Karin the room where Mia was supposed to go. Mia goes the room and get changed then lay down on the bed waiting for the doctor to come.

After 10 minutes the doctor comes in.

*She must be Karin young* doctor thought while looking at her.

He was about to talk to her when she interrupted him.

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