Accidental Pregnancy

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Chapter 3

“I’m ready,” Mia said.

“It’s your first time right?” The doctor asks.

“Yes,” Mia said to him.

“I am going to proceed,” the doctor said and about to start the procedure but Mia stopped him.

“Listen, doctor, can I want to ask a favor?” Mia asks sitting up in the bed.

“Yes, what is it?” the doctor asks.

“Please don’t narrate you’re every step of what you are about to do it’s the first time I do something like this and the truth is I don’t want to know every detail,” she said her body become tense.

“Relax it will be very simple science has made progress you know,” the doctor said and she laid back to the bed. The doctor lifted her robe up and placed a cannula inside her.

“We are finished,” the doctor said.

“So soon?” asked Mia.

“Yes,” the doctor said to her. A nurse comes into the room looking pale.

“There is an emergency you have to come with me,” the nurse said in hurry.

“I will come back soon,” the doctor said and walk out of the room.

*So that is all, I don’t know why but I feel weird,* Mia thinks.

(After 15 Minutes to Karin)

It’s 15 minutes when the doctor come to the room.

“Finally doctor your here, shall we start? ” Karin ask.

“Sure lie down please,” the doctor said while looking at the files.

“Okay,” Karin said and lie down in the bed.

“I heard that it is the first time you visit the gynecologist?” the doctor ask.

“Gynecologist?” Karin questioned.

“You don’t have to worry everything will be okay,” the doctor said.

“Wait maybe there is a mistake I am not here for a gynecologist,” she said to the doctor.

“It’s so boring here,” Mia said to herself. A door open and doctor Kirti enters the room. When she saw Mia sitting there she asks.

“You, What are you doing here?” the doctor asked.

“Mr. Pezate said to wait for him because something happens,” said Mia to the doctor.

*This isn’t Dr.Pezate’s office, don’t tell me?* the doctor thought and check her. When he has done with checking Mia.

*He did it to her,* the doctor thought with a wide eye.

“Is something wrong?” Mia asked the doctor getting worried. The doctor didn’t say anything to her and leaves the room in hurry.

*This is starting to piss me off and I’m bored to wait, I guess they will call me for the result there is no need to stay here, I am leaning,* she thought then get dressed and leaves the room.

Dr.Kirti was running in the hall when he comes across face to face with the doctor Mike.

“Dr. Mike,” Dr. Kirti said while panting.

“Is something wrong?” Dr. Mike ask.

“You really did the insemination to the young lady in your office?” Dr.Mike ask.

“Of course, what about it?” Dr. Mike ask.

“That lady has come for a check-up, she was waiting for a gynecologist,” said Dr. Kirti.

“What?” Dr. Mike asks in shock.

“Find that woman now and don’t talk to anyone about this mistake,” Dr.Mike said to Dr.Kirti and they both go to the room where Mia was to find her not there.

“Shit, she left?” Dr.Mike said to himself.

“What are we gonna do now?” Dr. Kirti ask.

“This woman never come here, this never happens here we have to forget what happens here,” Dr. Mike said to Dr.Kirti.

“Tell another lady to come in, I will go for another sample,” Dr. Mike said to Dr.Kirti and both leaves.

After sometime Dr.Mike come to his office to find Karin sitting on the bed. He said Karin to laid in the bed and carry out the procedure he did with Mia and then tell her to leave.

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