Accidental Pregnancy

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There are three sequences of this series and book.

1. Beauty trap of an agent

It is the sequence of the Accidental pregnancy of pregnancy series.

It’s the love story of the beautiful agent who uses her beauty as the weapon and solves the complicated cases and the handsome CEO. Roy Adams is a handsome, arrogant, rich CEO of Adams and co who just take over the company after his father hired an agent to find out the culprit who does smuggling of drugs and weapons and also dose Human trafficking using his ship. When he hired an agent all he thought about a famous man with a good experience and good record but what he didn’t expect was a sexy and hot looking girl with lots of experience and a fierce attitude.

Olivia Nara was on the other hand sweet hardworking and g lot of experience fierce woman who has solved many worst cases using her beauty. She was the proudest and most famous agent of her firm. And a shy woman when it comes to her love life or love. What will happen when they encounter each other?

You have to read the book to know what happens when this two meet.?

All I know is there will be so much fun when these two encounter each other.

2. His clumsy little angle

Oliver and Isabella is two opposite pole of a magnet? What happens when they meet? Will Alex able to protect her from his past?

Oliver Nara is the CEO of Nara Love and cars enterprises is an arrogant, womanizer who lost his beliefs in Love when his previous love cheated on him with his best friend. Until, he meets Isabella Wardrobe.

Isabella Wardrobe is the only daughter of a billionaire and the owner of the wardrobe enterprises Xavier Wardrobe. She is an innocent, sweet, loving, and caring person whose parent doesn’t let her out of their house and homeschooled her because her parents love her too much to show her the harsh reality of the world.

But one day she got tired of being a prisoner at home and decided to run away with her two best friends. Will she able to handle the harsh reality of the world? What happens when they meet? Will Alex able to protect her from his past?

3. His contract bride.

“You gotta be kidding me, this can’t be true,” he said aloud.

“What’s wrong, teme? Did he leave you two companies instead of one?”

“No, it’s not funny dobe. He wants me to form a family within 6 months or my older brother will become the CEO.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah… There are 2 options: or my dad was insane when he was writing his testament or I am drunk and can’t read anymore. Please let it be the second option.”


It is a sequence of Accidental Pregnancy.

According to the testament of Nate Nara, Noah Nara needs to find a wife within a year if he wants to become the CEO of Nara enterprises. There is just one problem: Noah Nara doesn’t believe in love. What will he do to have a fortune of his father? What will happen when he meets certain someone? Will that certain someone able to change his mind?

4. Her secret admirer

Ashton Peterson is the youngest son of Nate friend Aaron Peterson who has a crush on his daughter Nisha Nara, but he did not know how to express it to her or approach her so express it the only way he knows by annoying her and bothering her to get some of her attention.

But one day, Lisa found out his secret diary and read it and get to know about him having a crush on her. Will Lisa do about it? Will she confront him and give him a chance to win her? or Will she keep this to herself and behave that she did not know anything about it?

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