Desired Beauty

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The Fairest of Them All

The wind dissipated down to nothing the maiden noticed that she was no longer in the forest where the sun poured through treetops and the grass swayed in the wind.

Instead, she and the hag were in a lavish room of black and red velvet furniture adorned with the most intricate gold carvings. In the center of the room was a rectangular bathing area built into the floor of dark swirling marble. Alone in the farthest corner was an age-worn mirror, it was at least two men tall and ten hands wide. The aura it emitted was ominous and dark.

“Welcome to my home,” the crone cooed, “it’s been too long since I’ve had any pretty visitors.”

With a smirk, the crone dragged the maiden to the bath before dropping her carelessly where she lay on her side helplessly observing the hag step away and outstretching her arms as a bright light engulfed her.

Once the light faded the old woman was no longer present. Instead, an enchantress wearing maroon and black silks was before her with eyes of green fire. A crown of gold graced her head perfectly.

“Did you like my disguise, dearie?” The Queen asked with malice. Her voice was the most seductive, sultry voice the maiden ever heard.

When maiden tried to answer she found she couldn’t, her lips felt like they were sewn shut.

The Queen placed a hand on her hip and grinned mischievously,” You know it is rude to not answer when spoken to. Don’t you girl?”

Turning away from the girl, the Queen addressed the Mirror,” Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what should I do with the fairest of them all?”

Again, the Mirror came to life, the edges shined and sparkled with newness as the cracks dissipated as the maiden eyes widened. Its craftsmanship was stunning, it was unlike anything the maiden had seen. Soon the Queen’s reflection was replaced with something entirely inhuman as a chill crept down the maiden’s spine.

The Queen’s soulless reflection graced her with an equally evil grin. This time the Mirror answered differently.

“If you wish to be the fairest, your Majesty, then the maiden must die.”

Horror struck the maiden as she watched the evil woman glance at her and then back at the Mirror. The maiden’s breath caught in her throat and all she could do was watch her demise unfold.

“How will I preserve my beauty?”

The Queen’s reflection in the Mirror held a certain aura of corruption, sin, and darkness as it beamed at the scenario before it. Like a king witnessing a jester fall on purpose or the hungry gaze of wolves while stalking its prey.

“Spill her blood,” The Mirror said, “and drink her innocence, her youth, and her life.”

The Queen waved her hand and the Mirror returned to its worn state. She glanced back at the girl, her eyes clouded with fear and questions. Something about the girl’s fear and suffering satisfied the witch, it made her feel more alive than she ever was before. The quicking of her heart, the dryness of her mouth, and the twitching of her hands.

With swift steps, the Queen was before the maiden’s frightened figure. Within mere seconds a dagger pressed against the girl’s delicate throat.

“With your blood,” the Queen murmured to herself as she gripped the dagger; her knuckles turning white, “I will be the fairest.”

With the razor-sharp dagger, the Queen traced the maiden’s lips and then down her throat to her heaving bosoms.

The dagger cut through the cotton cloth leaving the maiden’s breasts exposed to the cold air. Her nipples puckered as the cold steel lazily swirled around the pink mounds. They were like two fully bloomed roses. As the Queen withdrew the maiden watched her blood trickle off the dagger’s edge and plop back down on her breast.

“But,“ the Queen said with an evil smile,“ one last kiss, my dear.”

Bending back down the Queen grabbed a handful of the girl’s breast and toyed with her nipple. The Queen’s lips came crashing down, her teeth gnawing on the maiden’s plump lips as tongue danced and fought the girl’s for dominance before cutting her throat open.

The maiden’s eyes widened as she laid there motionless, tears accumulating around her caged eyes and running down her cheeks.

The Queen trailed her own lips down the maiden’s chin and over the blood pooling from her neck, slowly she licked and sucked away the blood as more and more poured from the girl.

Teary-eyed and frightened, her life slowly spilled from the maiden. Every second was stretched and time seemed to stop as her heart echoed in her ears.

She stood slowly, licking her lips and heaving. She felt younger, energized. Gazing at the dagger in her hand dripping with the maiden’s sweet, juicy blood with hazy eyes. She lazily licked away the blood.

Then when it all seemed to be over the Queen turned from the girl. When the Queen returned she held a rope in her hands and gazed down at the horrified maiden.

“What?” The Queen asked, “You thought I was done?”

Shaking her head, the Queen cackled.

“Oh,” she said, “we’ve just begun, my sweet one.”

With swift movements, the Queen deftly tied the maiden’s ankles together and hoisted her up and hanging her from a beam.

Upside down and exposed, the maiden swayed gently until the Queen ripped through the girl’s dress and threw it aside.

“Now the fun begins,” the Queen said, her smile sinister as she ran her hands through the maiden’s hair, over her heaving breasts, and her navel.

Quickly removing her own clothes, the Queen stepped out of her gown and sauntered closer to the maiden. With her dagger, the Queen cut the maiden’s thighs, arms, and stomach as a shower of blood rained down.

Carefully the Queen laid down in a pool of blood beneath her and began messaging and rubbing the red liquid over every inch of her glorious form.

Briefly, the Queen’s eyes met the young girl’s as the light of life faded from them. The Queen watched the maiden until her last breath escaped her blood-red lips.

It was truly a beautiful sight. The maiden would be young forever. Her blood splattered over her petite form and oozing from her rose nipple.

With satisfaction, the Queen stood and turned to the Mirror, the gray in her hair faded away. What few wrinkles she bore disappeared before her eyes. Pleased with her appearance she commanded the Mirror once more.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

The Queen’s reflection answered back with a sneer of pure evil.

“You, my Queen, are the fairest of them all.”

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