The cold heart vampire and the Slave

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Its a love story of heart cold vampire and the slave about how they meet and become one but will they manage to face the trouble world throws at them? Vampires, Werewolf and demons rules while humans are at the bottom.....Logan the cold heart vampire prince meet the slave girl that he can't control himself every-time he is around her......but will his heart melt for once?

Fantasy / Romance
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3rd person P.O.V

Once upon a time, a long time ago almost 1000 years ago all vampires, demons, angels, fairy, elves, witches, warlocks, werewolf, human and mermaids were living in harmony rule by their king Chand also known as a dark angel and their queen Zara also known as the white angle with their children Erika and Avis.

Until a snake monster, Roshan offers a proposal to marry princess Erika and they accept it. But when they know the intention behind the proposal they refuse to let him marry their daughter.

He did not like that even one bit. So he creates destruction everywhere. He tried to create a misunderstanding between every creature and when that didn’t work out as he plans he corrupt their mind with the greed of power and make them fight against each other.

When the Queen and the king find out about his plan and try to stop him from completing the plan he brainwashed their brain against Queen and the king. Then the real destruction began all the creatures start fighting against each other and some of them also fight against the King and Queen.

The king and queen call a meeting of all the stong vampires clan leaders and make a council to make a plan to defeat them. The council consists of five strongest and intelligent clans the Ellwood the strongest clan (Logan grandfather), the Hugo, the Anderson Clan, the Andrew clan and last but not the list the Nara clan.

After making the plan they attack the monster. The whole family the king, the queen, the princess and the prince died in the war due to snake monster Roshan. But before dying the queen manages to capture him in a coffin and send the people or creature who gives him support in the war with her last remaining power with the help of others. After making sure that he will not bother them their soul goes to haven.

The council decided that the coffin will be moved to the dungeons of Ellwood mansion to make sure that nobody can release him and that he can’t able to get out of it because Ellwood was the most powerful Vampire clan.

When Zara reaches to heaven she directly goes to the god to get some answer to her question.

“God, why did that monster wins against us in the war?” she asks God.

“If you look at clearly Zara, no one wins the war neither you or him it’s a tie between you and Roshan,” God said while taking a walk in his garden.

“But didn’t good people always win the war against the bad people?” she asks.

“Yes, but you forgot that everything happens in this world happens because of some reason,” God said.

“What is the reason behind all these things that happen?” she asks.

“You have to wait for some time to know the reason”

“But what happens when Roshan come out of the coffin, that spell that I use to capture him in a coffin will not be able to hold him forever,”

“Yes, I know that and I am plan everything my child just trust me,”

“And what is that can I know that,”

“I am planning to send your children back to earth as a newborn but when they take a birth they will don’t remember anything that happens in their life till now,----”

“But---” she tries to say something when god interrupts her.

“Let me finish first then say anything you Zara I don’t like being interrupted while talking by anyone,” God said and she kept her mouth shut.

“So, where were we know oh right they will not remember anything that happens till now when Erika got mated with her mate she will get her memory back and she will tell everything that happens still she dies to his brother and he will get his memory back. And did I forget to mention they will get separated when they get back to earth in newborn baby form,”

“Yes, you forgot,” she said annoyed by god missing a most important detail. I mean how can someone like god forget such an important detail.

“Well, I mention it now, anything you want to ask me now,” he asks.

“Yes, who will able to take care of them when they were baby, why are you keeping them separated and what about us and are you sure that she will kill him alone, I mean---” she asked in one breath but interrupted by God.

“Woah Woah relax, one by one, first you can look after them from here but can not go to them, you can talk to them by their dream while using another name, the second I am keeping them separated because I want them to face their own challenges on their own without any help so that they can perform their future responsibilities perfectly. And talking about you guys I need you guys here to look after heaven and hell.”

“Sice you are a light angle you will look after heaven and Chand is dark angle so he will look after hell while your children look after the earth, anything more you want to ask,”

“Yes, are you sure Erika will able to handle Roshan when the spell will be broken and he gets out of the coffin,”

“Yes, I am sure about it, as I said before trust me I have everything planned,”

“From which name I contact with them?” she asks.

“What about Shara it also matches with your real name?” God asks.

“When will you send them and who will be her mate?” she asks.

“1000 years later and it will be Logan, grandson of Mike Ellwood,”

“You promise everything will be alright,” she asks god as a child asks for a promise to buy him an ice cream from his father.

“Yes I promise Zara,” God said and she leaves to go to her room.

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