The cold heart vampire and the Slave

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After 1000 years

(3rd person P.O.V)

As God promised Erika and Avis take rebirth to the earth after 1000 years later at a different place. They have born in a very poor family who died after they were incarnated. One female who works as a slave under Elwood family, so she takes Erika with her to work with her but she also died when one of the vampire feed on her, while on the other hand Avis grown up in the trash and feed himself from the leftover food which was thrown by the people until he meets Luscious.

He meets Luscious when Luscious got lost and attacked by some wild vampires and Avis saves him from them, so when his parents come to find him, Luscious tell them everything. Luscious parents also belonged from a very poor family but still, they help Avis as much as they can with his food and education. Zara keeps look after them from the sky and contact them by the name of Sahara when needed until they become independent and able to look at after themselves.

( After 18 years, Erika P.O.V)

The sound of the rain-filled my ears as I shoveled in the camp. My hair clung to my face as the water poured down. This was one of the days where I could get clean, and wash the dirt and grime off my body. You could hardly tell I was fair-skinned because of all the dust and mud that stuck on my complexion. My emerald eyes are barely noticed because of the dark circles under them. You can hardly tell I’m eighteen. My name is Erika Black, I work as a slave in a camp near our masters’ home.

I’ve been working in slavery for as long as I can remember, which isn’t much. I only have memories from the past two years. Everything else before that is a blur. I serve the vampires and demons who rule over humans. They’ve been in power for the last 500 years. They’re cruel beings who don’t care for us at all. It’s not a loss if one of us dies. We can always be easily replaced by someone else. To put it simply we’re basically livestock. We only have two jobs: we either clean or work in the fields, or become food when the vampires crave blood. We’re taken from work, cleaned and bathed and then taken to be food. If we’re lucky, we survive the feeding and put straight to work the following day. But the chances of survival are slim, so most of us that are taken are never seen again.

The camp I live in is so close to the masters’ home, leaving me with many chores. I shovel dirt so that the houses of the servants won’t flood, make pottery so it can be sold, as well as pick cotton. I don’t have the privilege of seeing the masters. Only the servants can, not the slaves. The servants are humans as well, but they are chosen, and as for the rest of us well, we’re just slaves. I’m just a mere nobody among thousands of more nobodies. I don’t have any hate towards them. I was born with no family. They had all died out before I was born, and my mother passed away giving birth to me. Honestly, I don’t have much to live for besides my best friend Synthai. She’s been in the same cell as me ever since we were little girls. But these days, we hardly speak. She’s been busy with other duties and has very little free time. I’m usually alone, but that’s how I prefer things.

The family I serve are the Ellwood, a family of pureblood vampires. They are considered royalty among their kind and are the most beautiful.

The head of the family is Zake Ellwood. He works with their council and makes decisions and rules. His wife fenny works alongside him. She has a more caring side to her than her husband. It’s because of her that we are allowed three meals and some rest. I’ve never seen her or Lord Zake, but I’ve heard they’re one the most beautiful beings among their kind. They have two sons; Alex and Logan. They are the most popular among the servants. I’ve only caught a glimpse of them once, but it’s one memory I’ll never forget. How could someone not remember such beautiful people? From what I saw they were pale-skinned and quite built. Their white faces looked like they were carved by angels, and their dark obsidian eyes completed their look. The master Alex seemed to be the eldest. He had his long hair tied, and seemed serious. His brother Logan had the same seriousness, but shorter hair that was spiked on the back. They had come to see if we were doing our work, and I just happened to see them punishing a slave who wasn’t following orders. Master Logan saw me, and he gave me a stern look as if I shouldn’t be prying, so I quickly went about my duties. But as he looked at me, I saw his eyes. They were cold, emotionless and hollow. That was the first time I’d ever lay eyes on the Ellwood family or at least part of it.

Here I am once again in the rain and mud, working from dusk till dawn just waiting. Ever since I saw Master Logan, he’s been in my mind once or twice. I guess it’s just curiosity for his empty sad eyes. I have more reason to look that way than he does. I’m a slave, and he’s royalty. But it’s best not to let my mind wander. I know if I let it wander too much I’ll be whipped for sure.

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