The cold heart vampire and the Slave

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These are some books related to this book. These books are the sequence but they stand alone. Both books have a different story but somehow related to each other.

1. My Human Mate.

Story blur

Robert N Dawson is a Lycian.

Alisha L Ellwood is a human.

He is the son of kings of all the werewolf.
She is an adopted daughter of Queen of all creatures.

He is soon to be a king of all werewolf.
She is soon to be a representative of the vampire council.

He is a most feared and restless person and a high school popular playboy.
She is a loner and bullied by most popular students especially by his group.

He wants nothing more than a mate.
She wants nothing more than love.

He is 20 years old.
She is going to be 18 soon.

What happened when they find out that they are mates and made for each other? Will they accept each other or will reject each other?

2. My Twin mate.

Story Blurb

This is one of the sequences of "The cold-hearted vampire and the slave"; especially of my human mate. Do not read the book if you did not have read the first two sequences.

Luna Williams is the normal human and the freak of the school. While coming home from school he found a small weak wolf whimpering in the forest and decided to take him home with her. The wolf was not other than Knox Dawson, the son of Alisha and Robert Dowson who was abandoned in the forest by his parents. She takes him in, looks after him, and named him Ash due to his ash fur color.
Her only friend is Linda and Chloe. When she goes camping with her friends with other students things started to go weird. She saw Ash in the forest and decided to follow him to find out it looks just like ash but have different eye color and also saw him shift into Kai her crush.
After Returning home she told everything that happened in the forest to Knox and Knox knows everything and decided that it’s time to take the matter into his hands and fight for his right and mate before Kai take everything away from him.
What happens when Luna gets to know about the supernatural world? Will she accept them as their mate? Will she able to remove all the hatred from Knox’s heart for his family? What will Kai do when he knows about his twin brother? Will Knox able to forgive his family for abounding him when he needs them the most or will Luna lose one of her or both the mates?

3. My Guardian

Story Blurb

This book is the last book of the cold heart vampire and the slave series.

Alisha, Sofia, Josh, and all his friends and cousins have found their mate or beloved. And they all are happy with their mates. But Jared wasn’t able to find his mate after so many centuries and almost start to lose hope of finding her. So one day on his mother’s advise he decided to go and visit a witch.

From here, he found out that his mate hasn’t born yet. She will take birth after two or three centuries as a human princess as a daughter of Queen Elena and the king Martin of New York.

So he leaves for New York City to their palace. What happens after then for that you have to read the book.

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