Parallel Nightmare

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You don't want to miss out on this action because it will take you on a wild ride. What if a dream was so real that you end up finding yourself looking for the next clue. Seeking for any chance of seeing if the dreams would lead to some type of reality. After searching through the rabbit hole it seemed like Maia was just leading herself into insanity. That's until everything changes and it's a whole new ball game as Maia is now on a mission which seems like it belongs to something from a fairy tale. Can Maia use her dreams to find her past? Can she reclaim something that was stolen from her? Or is all of this just inside her mind? Is she going crazy or is there more than what meets the eye? What dangers and mysteries await her and her friends? ~~~~ This cover was done by @AFleetingDream_91, I hope you all will read this story and be engrossed in a world full of magic and danger, this story might become mature, but in a later date.

Fantasy / Scifi
Age Rating:

Chap 1 Sick Kiss

Flashing lights blinded Maia as the music seemed to take over her entire being. Her body swayed from left to right, her arms above her head as if they were reaching to the heavens. Right now she felt as if her soul was lifted and she was just watching herself be free, letting the music take over and decide what she can do next. She could smell the sweat and sex that came from the people around her. It was strong, but with the excitement she had she was able to ignore it, today was a great day. Today is Maia’s twenty-fifth birthday and she spending it with her best friend in a popular club in Hollywood.

“This is the best party and I am loving this club!” Edyth shouted over the deafening music, it took a moment for Maia to understand her, but once she did Maia held up her two thumbs letting her best friend know that she heard her. Once Edyth saw this she went back to dancing with the poor soul who was with her. Maia went back to the cute man who was behind her and keeping her company for the past hour. People say the older you get, the more you just want to sit back and relax. Well it was obvious that Maia didn’t get the memo, for her twenty-fifth birthday and here she was living it up with a man she didn’t even know. She believed that you have to have fun while you’re still alive, because you never know what is in the afterlife. It was a different mindset then most people, but she believed that and lived by it, it didn’t matter if it sounded morbid.

Liquid courage is coursing through Maia’s very veins making her do things that she would never have done when she is sober. Maia took this chance to have no regrets, she turned around and looked up at him. For the past three hours she has been with him, there was something about him that stirred odd feelings inside her. Things that she has never experience before, at least not to her knowledge.

The man she was with was good looking, than again most men in California are handsome. Though this man was Maia’s type, he was talk for one so she wasn’t eye level with him since that would be awkward. His eyes were a light brown and easy to look at, he had dark chocolate colored hair that looked slightly messy and curly. His complexion was tan and Maia could only guess that it was either done at a tanning salon, or he was Brazilian.

Maia was going to guess that it was because he was Brazilian because of his facial features. He wasn’t a drop dead hunk that woman read in a steamy novel. He was the type that looked like an average guy. Maia liked these type of guys, to her it made them seem real and more down to earth. Those that had “god” given looks tend to think that they can treat a person like trash just because they look better.

Maia paced her hands on his shoulder and stood on her tippy toes to reach his soft looking lips. Though since he was much taller than her, she didn’t get that far since she was only 5′3. It didn’t take long for his mind to catch up and process what she wanted to do. He would give her an award winning smile and meet her waiting lips. The kiss was sloppy and messy, it made her skin crawl at just how terrible it was.

‘Why does this feel so...wrong?’ She asked herself, she always thought that when two people kissed there would be sparks or everything was in slow motion. Yet when he kissed her, Maia’s chest felt so tight that if she took a breath in, it would hurt her. Her stomach tighten and her skin felt like small ants were crawling all over her. As quickly as she could she pulled herself away and looked at him, his eyes were slightly hazy with lust and Maia was sure he was thinking he was going to get some action tonight. ‘Yeah, not happening buddy.’ She thought to herself, she thought that would be the end of it. However, her stomach had other plans for her, the turning sensation grew, the back of her throat tighten, and she felt the need to burp. ‘Oh please not today! Not on my birthday and in front of a cute guy!’ She shouted in her own thoughts as she placed her hand on her stomach and made a beeline to the bathroom.

She pushed and shoved anyone who was in her way and many people cursed at her or gave her a dirty look. Maia saw her salvation dead ahead of her and threw open the door. Her stomach dared her to take a small breath in to open her lips just a tiny bit before going into a stall so it could have an excuse to show the world her insides. Everything she ate that night came hurtling out, someone was kind enough to hold her hair back till she was done.

Once she was done she came out and looked at herself in the mirror. Her makeup was ruined from the sweat and tears, she looked like she was melting like the witch from Oz. She drank some water to wash away the horrid taste that was left in her mouth and the same woman who helped her place a piece of gum next to her. While she chewed she washed away her makeup and the rest of the woman who where there didn’t pay her any mind.

‘Why was that experience so bad in the first place? It’s not like I haven’t kissed other men before.’ She thought to herself as she turned the water off and looked at herself in the mirror once again. Five years had past since Maia woke up in the hospital with a head injury, on top of that she found out she lost all of her memories.


White light blinded Maia as she opened her eyes, the bleach was so strong in the room that it was burning her nose. She could hear a steady beep that came from the heart monitor as she looked around her surroundings. Her heart rate was starting to pick up with her stress rising. To show her stress the heart monitor started picking up its pace. A nurse walked in and looked at Maia as she looked down at her clipboard. When she looked up again she had a kind and caring smile.

“It’s good to see you awake again.” The nurse said as she placed the clipboard down on the table at the end of Maia’s bed.

“Where am I? Who are you?” Maia asked as she looked at the woman both curious and concerned.

“Calm down, we are just here to help, your in a hospital.” The nurse explained and tried to reassure her that she was in no danger.

“Hospital? Why am I in a hospital?” Maia asked as she started to panic. She didn’t know what was going on and she hasn’t had a moment to think properly.

“Someone found you unconscious by the railroad tracks, you have a slight cut on the side of your head, but it should be just fine.” The woman said as she walked out of the room, Maia sat there for a moment and tried to think back to how she ended up on the side of the train tracks. However, that’s when she noticed she was coming up with blanks, her whole mind was nothing but a blank. She didn’t know how she ended up there, she didn’t even know who she was.

This terrified her to no end because she knew she should know something about her life, who she was as a person. Her head felt funny like she just turned on a tv that was nothing but static. The curtains fell over her eyes and her heart monitor went crazy as her whole body started convulsing. The doctors rushed in to see that Maia was going through a seizure, they went to work on stabilizing her.

When she came to she felt weak and with some help she was able to explain that she couldn’t remember who she was. After that the doctors ran a few test the police came to ask her some question, they were informed about her condition and decided to check the items she came with.

When she was found the only thing she had was the clothes on her back with an Id with her name and birthdate. They took that information along with blood test and a fingerprint to try and find any history. However, they all came back empty handed, the only theory they had was the fact that Maia might have been born in the dark. From there she was placed in police protection.


‘It’s been five years since that day and still no idea on who I am, hell why am I even celebrating my birthday if I’m not even sure if I was born on this day?’ She thought to herself as she looked in the mirror hoping the answers would come to her. ‘Do I have anyone who cares about me? Is anyone even bothering to look for me? Do I have a family or friends? Surly there would be at least one people who gives a damn about me and my wellbeing.’ She thought to herself, in that moment she felt so empty.

Like someone carved out her heart without her feeling the pain, but what she did feel was lost, devastated on her lost past, and empty. She wanted to talk to someone who knew her and made her feel whole again, but no one ever did and she was losing hope. Just how long can someone go on living without knowing anything about who they are and where they came from? ‘I can’t keep doing this to myself, Miss Daisy talked about this, to move forward sometimes it’s best to not hang on what is dragging you down.’ She thought to herself as she buried her feelings deep down her missing heart.

Maia’s hazel green eyes looked a little dark from her emotions, but their vibrant color was slowly returning. She fixed her dirty blond hair and straighten out the frizzy curls, her fair skin looked a little chalky than what she was used to, but figured it was from being sick.

She held her head high and looked at her strong facial features, most woman she saw had cute small facial shape. While she on the other hand was more square like, but she liked it, it reminded her of strong powerful woman even if she didn’t feel strong at times. Everything about her seemed natural even if she thought that she might had gotten lip injections before she lost her memory. For one, white people normally didn’t have full plumped lips, normally they were small and thin, yet it seemed to fit her look.

Once she no long looked like a melting wicked witch of the west she fixed her red off the shoulder bodycon bandage dress that showed some of her stomach before exiting the bathroom. She felt drained and wanted to go home and relax, but first she needed to find her drunken friend before she can leave.

Edyth was Maia’s best friend, roommate, and a forgetful one, the term was something they created to lighten the mood on their memory loss. Edyth too loss her memories, but not as bad as Maia, it was mostly stuff from her ex and a little bit on her childhood. The two had met four years ago in the same group therapy and seemed to hit it off really well. Maia even moved in with her and they seemed to go hand in hand with one another.

“Damn it, exactly how hard is it to find one latina grinding her goods on some poor unlucky soul?” Maia asked as she shook her head and some people who were able to hear her chuckled. Maia dug through her clutch and pulled out her phone, she knew calling would be a stupid idea because of the music, but a text would work nicely. Once the text was scent a full minute passed before her phone vibrated and Maia made her way to the bar after being told where her friend was at.

Sure enough Maia saw her dancing, drinking, crazy best friend. A small smile came on her face as she looked at her cheerful friend. Maia’s world was so dark with uncertainty and self doubt and Edyth was this big ball or crazy fun good luck charm. Edyth did something that others couldn’t, she made Maia smile, laugh, and lifted the dark cloud that was around her. She was the type of friend who would pull you back from the ledge and made sure you were okay before she started beating you with her stiletto. If you needed someone to shake you out of your funk she was the girl to call. Needed a good time? She was more than willing to dress up and hit the clubs or whatever you were in the mood for.

Maia didn’t feel so lonely in the world as long as she had her friend by her side ready for whatever was coming. It still baffled Maia that Edyth choose to come to group therapy even though she seem to have everything figured out. Though Maia knew that everyone had their reasons and Edyth was no different. Even if Edyth was chipper, Maia knew that there was something under the surface and one day she might have to be there to help Edyth when she needed it the most.

Edyth is a gorgeous woman and for the longest time Maia was jealous of her. Her long hair was a dark brown and turned lighter the further it went. Her eyes are a gingerbread brown with specks of gold when the sun hits it just right. Her features are soft and angelic with the latina showing from time to time. Her skin was the perfect mix of a dark tan and when she was out in the sun for too long she grew even darker. Since she was latina she had great assets on like her breast and base, this is what kept the men to keep coming.

Edyth knew she looked good and it showed in her confidence when she walked and talked. Maia sometimes felt like she was in her friends shadow and couldn’t seem to reach that confidence her friend has. However, because of Edyth’s kindness Maia never thought low of her and the two were two peas in a pod.

Once Edyth saw Maia a girly scream came from her as she quickly tried to run around the bar, though she couldn’t run fast with her stilettos. Maia giggled at her friend silliness as she hugged her drunk friend. Edyth then introduce Maia to the guy she was dancing with earlier, Maia politely greeted him before she turned her attention back to Edyth and gave her a look. Before they arrived at the club they had decided that they would make a look signaling that it was time to go.

Edyth’s bright red lips pouted and Maia knew Edyth didn’t want to leave just yet. She was tired and wanted to go home and she was about to go home by herself. Yet she wouldn’t leave without her friend, there was something going on with the city and it was to dangerous to be out by yourself. Plus Maia didn’t know the man that Edyth was with, so she didn’t trust him. After all he could be a killer for all she knew, Maia crossed her arms over her chest not budging. Edyth knew Maia wouldn’t leave a person behind and on top of that she was stubborn. Edyth groaned and finally gave in, she went back to the guy and gotten and pen and write her phone number on his palm.

Once she was done the two left the club and took a taxi home since they both knew they were going to be drinking so there was no point in driving to the club. The two chatted while making there way him. Edyth laughed when she heard that Maia threw up after kissing a guy. Once they arrived at their apartment they paid the man and made their way up the stairs. Maia had her shoes in one hand and keys in the other as she opened the door. Soft meows greeted Maia as she looked down and saw her baby kitten swatting at her leg. She smiled feeling the joy of the little one as she picked up the white fur ball.

“Pearl has come to greet us.” Maia said as the pitch of her voice went up slightly. Pearl meowed again and placed her nose on Maia’s, giving her an Eskimo kiss. Pearl is a white kitten with black fur around her eyes, she had bright blue eyes and was very affectionate and playful. Maia found the kitten outside their apartment door a few months back and fell in love and decided to keep her. Edyth rubbed Pearl’s head as she made her way into her room so she could crash for the night.

She set her things down and went to feed her, once Pearl was happy munching on some food Maia stood in front of the window that was looking out to the city. As always Maia was in awe with the city night life. After admiring the city she said her goodnight to her friend and made sure the police car was still parked outside the apartment before she changed into a large sweatshirt and made her way to bed.

Maia flipped on her bed and giggled at her nightly ritual, she loved going to bed. Something about being able to escape reality always put her in a good mood. Pearl snuggled up against her and it wouldn’t take Maia long to sift into the darkness.

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