Queen of Darkness

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: Queen of the Underworld. Story 1: Aphrodite has her first project helping the God that needs it the most. Hades has been in a depressing state for millions of years. Being thrown in the underworld with no choice losing the person that he thought he loved only to be taken away by the person who was supposed to close to him. Reviana is an extremely shy human that has escaped her horrible world by escaping into the world of books. When she wakes up in a bedroom with a man claiming to be a God she wonders if she has finally lost her mind. She realized this man might need her help. Who said the God of the underworld couldn’t cry.

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A Message from Aphrodite

I had a project in mind. A project that would hopefully help the Gods and Goddess here, and was now more than 21 years in the making. I had the person that I wanted to start with who probably wanted nothing to do with this. I rubbed my hands together as I began to set the pieces together. They don’t call me the Goddess of Love and Fertility for nothing.

Sir, Aphrodite is in the waiting room for you” my assistant called me. I rolled my eyes, of course, Aphrodite was here why wouldn’t she be. After all, I was missing the party of the century: my brother’s party. I instead, was in my office sulking and trying to lose myself in work.

“Hades, I need your help with something important,” Aphrodite said when she busted into my office. Her look of choice included long blond hair, pale skin, and light blue eyes. She definitely was not in her true form, but none of us were, not unless we were feeling uncontrollable emotions. I sighed looking away from her and turned to continue to do my work. I wasn’t in the mood to be a part of whatever Aphrodite was cooking as well. She had different plans however and grabbed the back of my chair and tried to dump me on the flour. I caught myself before I fell and let out a small growl.

“What Aphrodite, do you need help with now,” I said my eyes flashing in irritation before I calmed myself down.

“There is a girl… a human girl that is really important to me. She is in danger and I believe it is one of your people in your field that is the cause of her danger” she said quickly most likely knowing that I would only give her my attention for so long.

“Let's just say that I do go after this girl… what’s in it for me?” she knew damn well that none of the Gods or Goddess would help her with just the kindness of our hearts.

“You can ask any favor you want for me in return as long as it is in my realm of power” she replied giving me her best smile. A smile that probably made many mortal and magic men drop. I, on the other hand, did not give a fuck about the smile plastered on her face.

“Why is it that you need me to go get this girl,” I said raising my eyebrows at her. She could have someone else that worked for her to do this she wanted me to do this and that concerned me with how bored we got.

“You ask a lot of fucking questions for someone who has nothing to do”.

“Hey” I mumble under my breath. She got me there and I probably did deserve a small break out of the underworld.

“What is her name and where do I find her?”

“REVIANA” the children yelled when they saw me. I jumped slightly but calmed down remembering that today was reading day. I grabbed the bucket of children books from behind the counter and placed it on the table. The kids were already sitting on the colorful rug that had numbers and letters with their parents sitting around. Well, most of the parents some of them had left to look at books or to run errands.

“Alright, you guys I running a little late today so let me go check in and then I come back and we can a few stories to read”, I said smiling at them.

Man I, can’t believe that I forgot that it was reading day today. It was one of my favorite things to do when I was working at the library. There were so many little children interested in learning and reading. I was a book lover myself and it was one of my dream jobs to work at a library. I even thought about writing a little bit. In fact, it was one of my goals for this year and I hoped that I could accomplish it. I moved to the back and to my bosses office grabbing my time card to check in. I opened the door to see Ms. Rosewater leaning on her desk completely knocked out. I figured that she was really tired especially what was going on. Ms. Rosewater was one of my favorite people not only did she have a unique name, she said she got from her hippie parents, but because of her strength. She was currently fighting for custody for her two grandchildren. Her daughter died leaving them with their father, but it seemed the only interest that the father had in them was when child protective services were there.

I tapped her on her arm and she shoots up turning to me before relaxing when she realized that it was me.

“Hey, Ms. Rosewater why don’t you go home. I got everything here. Once I finish reading to the kids. I put the books back and finish managing those meetings and events for you”.

“Are you sure dear? I was just taking a little cat nap and should be back at it again in a few minutes”.

“I’m sure you deserve a break and I will lock up for the day so you don’t have to worry about that”.

“Alright dear. Just call me if you need anything” she said as she picked up her keys and grabbed her jacket. I watched as she walked out and gave a small smiled, she would probably asleep as soon as she got home. I walked back into the front of the library and to the kids that were waiting for me. I picked up a book that they had already picked out for me and began to read to them.

It was late and the only at the library were students that were cramming for a test or were doing work. I barely had any memory of college. I had graduated at 18 years old and barely talked to anyone there in my first year. Then again I had been fourteen and all the people around me were adults. That was my choice though, I spent all my time invested in my studies and rarely talked to people in general. I was pulling in erxtra classes online which is how I got ahead so fast and only had one or two close friends. Needless to say, I was not a social butterfly and it showed very well.

Speaking of friends, I spotted one of those close friends holding a brown paper bag. I smiled at her and place the last book on the shelf and pushed the cart back into the corner so it could be filled with more books later.

“Hey, love. How are you?” my friend said. She was the complete opposite of me with long red hair and striking blue eyes. Her white skin was clear and radiant and although she did not have a model shape she was the perfect size in my opinion. Standing next to her made me feel like a dusty old book that was all torn up and she was a brand new one. She on the other hand, always told me that I was beautiful with my dark skin and hazel eyes that tend to stand out. My long black hair that fell into ringlets, which I thought was a pest, she said was to die for. I couldn’t see how but then again we all did not read the same type of book so I guess we all have the things we like.

“Is that food in your hands I see? I guess I would say that I’m a lot better now that you are here” I said grabbing her into a hug.

“ I knew it! You just use me for the food and to stare at my awesome ass while you eat”.

“You got me. You do have a pretty amazing ass and I do love to eat” I whispered taking the bag from his hands. We sat at one of the tables and ate our food. I laughed as she talked about one of her professors that was “out to get her” and watched the time. Everyone had almost left already but there seemed to someone who had fallen asleep while doing some research and I had to lock up before I went.

I and Fenella went around getting to prepared to lock up before we woke the person up. Once we had everything all cleaned up we woke up the man who apologized a lot before leaving. Then it was the two of us and I grabbed my purse from behind the desk and locked up the library. When I turned around Fenella looked a little weird. Her skin was deathly pale and she was staring at something in the parking lot. I looked too and let out a loud gasp grabbing her arm and moving back. There was some type of creature standing there. Her eyes were red eyes and deathly pale skin. It had wings sprouted out its body and it was solely focused on me. Then all of sudden there was three of them all of them had similar body shapes and the same colored eyes, but they look different. One had blonde hair flowing down her back. Another had red her that was braided on top of her head. And the one in the middle who was still staring at me had black hair that had to strands braided to the back of her head and had a crown of thorns on her head. I pushed Fenella back behind me because by the looks of it they wanted me not her.

Suddenly the black hair one was in front of me. “Don’t worry. We do not wish to harm you. She just needed our help so he would come and get you” she hissed out to me.

I moved back anyway not happy about the idea of someone coming to get me.

Another one appeared in front of me and seemed to sniff me for a moment and saying, “You will be good for him” she hissed at me before turning to the other one.

The blonde one looked up and said, “He is coming”. That is all the warning I got before a flash of lighting happened and it was way to close for my liking. It was also weird there was always thunder before lighting but I definitionally didn’t hear any thunder. It didn’t stop me from grabbing Fenella’s arm and beginning pulling her along with me.

“What the hell was that” she screamed as we ran towards her car. I took the bus here and I don’t think that whatever that was going to wait kindly for me to get on the bus so that I could keep running.

I didn’t need to look back to know something was happening behind me or that someone new had arrived. I could feel the power that suddenly was pushing down hard on me like 500-pound weights. I struggled to keep running until I and Fenella fell to the ground. I was shocked when I heard it through. His voice was magnetic and I had to see who it belonged to. I turned from the position I dropped in to look and my eyes widen.

He was otherworldly with silverish-white hair and eyes that were the complete opposite. He had strong muscles but he was lean and tall. If I could have dropped I would have, but instead, I looked away confused by my thoughts. I had never really liked someone before and that, no correction, he scared the crap out of me.

“Cease the attack”.

He seemed to notice me as well as he glared at me from where he was standing. Well, I guess that means he didn’t like me too much. I moved to grab Fenella again but stopped h when they were in front of me. I let out a little squeak and moved to away. They each moved their hands towards me. The pointed nails that were a grayish black close to my face and I suddenly felt the food that Fenella brought me earlier.

“I said to cease the attack” his voice was much closer now. In fact, it was as if it was behind me and `I whimpered. Or at least I thought I whimpered that might have been Fenella.

“My lord” they hiss out together before they were gone. I let out a sigh of relief before I remember what they told me before. I looked up at him and wondered what would happen to me next.

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