This Is My Destiny

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It takes place in a small Mountain towne of 200 or so residents. There a town of old school belief, strong-willed up bring of children, spanking etc. Few outsiders know of Hampton Bluff, we have good and bad people as most towns and cities do. around the world...People here work long hard hours daily just to care for family survival. We're surrounded by high mountains and dense forest...Scholl here are small and strick on the behavior of students and staff...

Fantasy / Mystery
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( 1 ) History of Hampton Bluff Village

Fall misty air surrounded us in red and golds, as the weather grows cold and crisp. Night befalls us much earlier than before. Leaves blow gently in the cool crisp breeze of early morning light, whispering their song.
I sit and drink coffee as the sun rises slowly above mountains and forest dark and drear behind my humble abode of Hampton Bluff, a small quint town of 200 or so residents.
Few outsiders know of this Village, we have good and bad people among us as most towns and cities around the world.
We are a Village of old school belief, strong-willed up bring of our children, spanking and such. Working long hours in a day to care for our family survival, hard winter months that befall here in Hampton Bluff, surrounded by high mountains, dark dense forest.
Our roads and bypasses seldom plowed or cared for unless we do it ourselves. School here are small and strict on the behavior of student and staff as well. We expect and demand the best of all that live among us...There are few phones and computers available for us. Only the Well to do People and Our Libray have them...
Many people that live here consider me as a natural healer...I am a witch for the Greater Good of My Village... I was given this title as a young lass by my mother and grandmother...I was taught as they were by their family that proceeded them...
There are other traits I have been blessed with such as Herbology, the study and use of natural plants, roots, to help heal in most cases. It took several years to learn this properly...
African Violet-protection and spirituality.
Allspice-Healing, luck, and money.
Yellow Root-good for healing and protection.
Bleeding Heart-Good for Love.
Celery-Good for Developing Psychic Power.
And Much More, too many to list within the stories.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey
Original draft: March 3, 2016
Revised: Feb. 15, 2019

Actual date it was written is listed above.
And the date it was Revised.

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