This Is My Destiny

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( 10 ) The Meadow

We finally got to the meadow, it was hard to travel, cold and chilly, but manage to get there, and finally got a chance to rest, and eat, after the long road we'd traveled since early morning...I decided to take a walk in the meadow, so warm and soothing, beautiful flowers splattered across it, swaying to and fro in the gentle wind blowing, they glowed beautifully in the setting sun...A small sparkling river ran through, glowed brightly in the setting sun falling around us gracefully...Tiredness and exhaustion took over, after getting back from my walk so I curled up on the fern mat, I'd made earlier while waiting for supper.

I fell asleep quickly after supper and my walk in the beautiful meadow as well as the others that were traveling with us to Hampton Bluff.

The night had grown cool beneath the grand oak and Maple tree canopy, I woke up shivering in the chill of the night, the mist falling around us is uncanny, and eerie...I sensed something in the near distance creeping toward camp so I rushed to Justis...but he was already awake...I sense it as well LuCinda...Can you go gather some more wood to add to the fire Please?

Yes, Sir... I went to get more wood for the fire while he got Felix and Finn...

Felix, Finn I need you to slip out in the night quietly to see if you can see what lurks in the mist, you two are smaller then I or LuCinda...You'd be less noticeable.

Yes, Sir come on Finn we need to go check something out for Justis while he and LuCinda Rebuild the fire...Soon they returned to let Justis with the news...It's a young Pegasus looking for food and warmth, but behind there's a wolf pack pursuing, but she can't fly looks like her wings were hurt...What shall we do?

Do the best to coerce her to camp, maybe we can help and protect her from the pack with the fire and see if I can fix her wings.

Yes, Sir, we'll do our best...and disappeared into the darkness again.

LuCinda gets the sweet apple from my pack for the Pegasus when they get her here...We need to take care of her and protect her from the wolves...

Oh my god, No Justis, I fear the wolf pack, I was attacked, I was nearly killed not long ago.

LuCinda, calm down, there not the same pack that attacked you...You were in the dark forest when it happened...or have you forgotten?

No, I Haven't Forgotten, by any means Justis, Packs travel many miles in a short time...It could be them.

Not Likely...I and Irfan made sure of that, right after they attacked you...They are bound to the dark forest and meadow Only...That's how I know...Now please bring my pack to me and get the apple out of it...I need to get the medicine prepared for the Pegasus when they get her if they can...Felix and Finn will be here shortly...

Why is she not able to fly? handing him his pack...

Felix told me her wings had been hurt... did you not hear them?

No, Sir, I didn't...Felix and Finn finally got her to camp, Justis quickly prepared the mixture of Angelica, Calendula, Cat's Claw, Lavender & Lavender & Frankincense oil, Clover, Elder Blossom to heal and protection her from harm. The wolf pack seemed to have disappeared after that, Felix and Finn went back to bed after... I helped Justis finish settle and bed down the Pegasus for the night...then we went back to bed...

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

First draft: March 20, 2016

Revised Feb. 27, 2019

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