This Is My Destiny

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( 11 ) Gift of the Gods & Goddess

Day brake finally came at the campsite. We had breakfast before taking to trail to Hampton Bluff...I'm hoping to get to the village before nightfalls if we can...But who knows if it'll be possible or not, It depends on what we run into from here on...My concern was to get back to them and do the best to help the villagers get back on the healing path as quickly as I can...The longer it takes, the more challenging it'll be...So far this part of the trip seems to be calm, but still, have a long way to go from what I understand...The Pegasus has slowed us down, some sense she has a broken wing, but couldn't leave her to the wolves either...So we must deal with it the best we can...

The other night when the Pegasus was found near of camp, Irfan made an unusual statement when I was helping him get her cleaned up and bedded down for the night...The God & Goddess Have Blessed her to us for some unknown reason ahead...There is a Reason For Everything...We accept and move on...They are one of the Most Powerful Creatures of the Forest and Meadow of Our Realm... was his statement to me...I just kind of ignored it and went on about the business at hand of getting her taken care of so I could go back to sleep for the rest of the night...But I also knew from the studies I was taught as a young child, a magical creature such as the pegasus heals quickly because of the magic that surrounds them...but sometimes they need help as we all do one time or another...all though deep down I knew Irfan was right...But for some reason, I chose not to believe him that night...Maybe it was because I was tired and worn, so I really didn't care either way...I just wanted to go back to sleep for the rest of the night...I knew the next day would creep on us quickly, and I knew we still had a long way to go to get back to Hampton Bluff...

Is there anything else you need before I head to bed Irfan?

No, Go On, I'll Finish up with Misty and head that way myself.

Misty? is that what you're calling her?

I believe so, it came to me out of Nowhere...Go on to bed, I'll be heading that way myself...I'll put more wood on the fire before I lay down...Goodnight LuCinda, see you in the morning.

Goodnight...and headed off to bed.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

First Draft: March 20, 2016

Revised Feb. 28, 2019

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