This Is My Destiny

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( 13 ) Final Decent of Beauty & Despare Medow

(Destiny Speaks)From what Justin has told me we are nearing our final descent of Beauty & Despier Meadow, which is a great relief to us as well as the other...This part of our journey has been rough and tiring...After we get out of the meadow, we'll rest and nourish ourselves, before continuing to the next leg of the Journey...Hopefully, we'll arrive soon.

The longer it takes to get there harder it'll be to help...But have to hope we'll be there soon...we were told this was the shortest and quickest way to the Village, But we're starting to have dought the longer it takes, I can see it in LuCinda's body language...the others haven't picked up on it, but I have,I've been with her many years, I know her pretty well...Probably more then she knows herself if the truth is known...She hides her frustration well from others but not from me...After a little longer in the meadow, slow but sure, I could almost see the edge of the meadow, with a sigh beneath my breath...a faint smile cross my face as the fence line started to appear in the distance, I looked to Justus...He could see the question on my face when he returned the glance, nodded his head with a simple smile to let me know we were getting closer to the end of this leg of the Journey. Misty the pegasus was still in lead, even though Justice held a rope made from an extra belt he had in his backpack for an emergency while on the way to Hampton Bluff...we'd traveled another hour before, finally reached the fence-line, the marker the end of this leg of the Journey...after we all finally got across we sat down for a while and rest, then fixed the evening meal and decided to make camp for the night so we'd get rested before starting the next leg of the Journey...

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

June 1o, 2019

This is a short chapter, but feel it was necessary to end it...

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