This Is My Destiny

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( 2 ) Power of Real Dreams

My day started with a real dream that I have every now and then it scared me to a point of No return. Most of them don't bother me, but this was vivid and clear as the daylight outside. I could see everything that was happening. I saw all that was involved, faces, reaction, the reality of pain.

Most of my dreams are shadows, figures, darkness and feel pain before but nothing of this Intesatey.

I could sense them around me, feel them breathing behind me, preparing to attack and fight that could involve me...

I've been bitten, mauled by bears, wolves eating me alive in the darkness of mid-night gleam.

I've been tossed and turned in winds, storms of mighty force, some have come true, others have not.

I've been chased by supernatural animal being of UN-Natural powers of many types, sizes, and shapes, all in misty shadows, darkness, dark as dark can be...Fields of tangled weeds, brush, briars, giant bats, snakes, and spiders deep.

I use to live in fear of sleep a few years ago. I don't know why I have been blessed in this way, Lord only knows why...I Never asked for this strange sense...But there must be a reason along life's highway...I only wish I knew, or could find someone to help me understand why I have been blessed with this power.

I was raised in a strong belief home as a child. But I'm sure many people outside Hampton Buff dought such possibility of such things... Maybe they are right in their own way, it depends on how you are raised throughout your childhood that was drilled into your mind all your life, as I was.

It took a long time to accept what had been handed down to me by the great power of heaven and earth and family before me.

I've studied and read many religions and beliefs through my adult life... I've always been fascinated by the many realms that are out there in this day of New Age Study.

I've studied many levels of Wicca belief and religion practices in coven and society that's around the world...There are many more then people realize...That is an evil and dangerous one's for that matter, but many have been disbanded in the last few. But I'm sure there are still a few small bands out there.

I have Never attempted to check these out myself, they put the fear in you... I choose not to study their society.

I've also study faeries, wizards, gnomes, woodland spirits, pixies, and even the angelic angels talked about in the Bible.

I'm still researching other realms and aspects of the world today.

Some of these studies may be written in stories in the future and may also branch from real dream experience I've had...

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

March 3, 2016

Revised: Feb. 15, 2019

Date listed is the actual date it was written and date Revised.

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