This Is My Destiny

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( 4 ) Day of Waking

When I woke from sleep, all I saw around me was forest beauty of morning dew on the trees and flowers surrounding me.

The kind soul had placed me on a moss-covered rock that was covered with pixie dust and sweet fragrant rose petals to soften the rock bed.

A warm soft comforter covered me for warmth...This man saved me from savage wolves of the dark forest.

I tried to get and look around to see what I could see...The gentle voice spoke again, you must not get up dear lady, you are not healed enough to be moving about the realm, you need to rest a few more days.

How long have I been here? I need to know. I asked.

I will tell you when the time is right, I will not harm you, I'm here to help.

Why were you in the dark forest, it is a dangerous place for all mankind...

I don't know, I must have taken the wrong path...I thought I'd had traveled it in my childhood days.

Did you not see the warning signs to keep out of the Dark Forest?

No, I didn't sir...What is Your name?

Mine is LuCinda.

Irfan...God of Knowledge & Wisdom.

How did you find me in the forest Irfan?

I've lived here among the Enchanted Forest of Healing Waters for many years, protecting and caring for all that live here...I was gathering herbs, spices, and roots among the forest when I heard the blood curtailing scream, I knew what it was so I came to your aide.

How did you frighten them away? They were eating me alive before you got there. I asked quietly.

I have Great Wisdom and Power, many animals fear me...I only had to speak a passage of words to the Great Winds of the forest, and nothing more...I must go LuCinda, I have many things to do before nightfall.

What am I to do while your gone Irfan?

Rest LuCinda, as I have told you...Felix and Finn will be here if you need something, just ask, they are my most trusted Woodland Spirits, they can care for you while I'm gone...Now Rest...I'll return soon...As he started to leave, 2 Woodland Spirits appeared...

Felix is the eldest...Care for her Felix, you understand me?

Yes my Lord. they spoke in unison...

I'll be back soon...behave yourselves.

Yes my Lord. But I knew better...woodland spirits are a very mischievous creature...

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

First written in 2016

Revised Feb. 12, 2019

This One I had to rewrite because it got lost somewhere along the way during moving.

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