This Is My Destiny

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( 5 ) Woodland Sprites,Mischievous Way

Even though Irfan trusted Felix and Finn, I didn't, they are very Mischievous Tricksters when not under the watchful eye of their master...Legend says they are sneaky, sly and unkind to some of the victims of their trickery when it comes to being mischievous creatures...I've lived in Hampton Bluff most all my life. A few people of the Village have had some type of encounter with these spirits one time or another...Many residences believe in the legend...Many outsiders do not...

Hampton Bluff is considered to have strong Magical Realms about it...Many people that have visited our quint little village don't believe when they arrive but by the time they leave, change their minds sometimes...

Let's get back to Felix & Finn, the only thing about them is their mischevious ways were milder the most that live here...Irfan left them to care for me while out caring for things of the Enchanted Forest.

NOW the Fun STARTS, I'd guess you'd say.

The first thing of the day: I asked for a drink of water, they put bitter in it...YUK... Bitters are a substance that is a very disagreeable taste, that stimulates the flow of saliva and gastric juice... such tonics are taken to increase appetite and aid the digestive process. They thought it was quite funny, I'm sure... I wasn't laughing that's for sure.

The Second, thing of the day: LUNCH: I asked for a Fruit Salad, they fixed it, but they put spinach greens in the salad...which isn't one of my favorites if you know what I mean...When they fixed my Mint Julip drink, they put bitters and cinnamon powder in it...gave me bark instead of nuts, how sweet of them... that not all my friends, they gave me Crab Apple Jellie instead of Apple Jellie... The interesting little creature, Felix & Finn, but managed to get through the day...

Irfan finally got back from the days Journey. After resting awhile, he fixed a fine meal from Nature abundant of eatable foods it offers when in need of nourishment and strength to survive among the elements, but the dangers you deal with every day of life to live in Harmony with the forces of the Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water that surrounds you each and every day...

Irfan told me just before falling asleep he'd help me set up for a while tomorrow.

By the time we finished eating and talking for a while, it was time to sleep, the warm fire cracked and popped beside us as it sang us to sleep...

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

March 3, 2016

Revised Feb. 20,2019

The Date Written on each Chapter is the Original Dates they where written. As well as date they were revised.

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