This Is My Destiny

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( 6 ) Enchanted Forest Of Healing Waters

I woke to a beautiful morning...Today I'd be able to set up and look around from what Irfan told me last night before going to sleep.

Hopefully, it'll possibly come to pass in a little while, after breakfast...I can't wait to actually get to see this place as it truly is...I know it sounds crazy but, true...

But after being confined to one place most of the time, gets old looking at the same things around you...The only time I could get up was when mother nature called you to go to the outhouse, I'm not sure what else to call it and still be nice.

Finally, after eating it was time to get up Irfan and Miakoda, a fairy that helps Irfan around the Enchanted Forest...lifted me from the rock bed and stood me up, I was a little weak at first so they walked me to the Lake of Healing and lowered me into the beautiful crystal clear water to help ease the stiffness, so I could walk freely with little pain as possible with little or No assistance so they could go about their chores of the Realm...

They did ask Aurora, one of the other fairies, to stay with me or close in case I'd need help with something...She did as she was asked without question of her task...She had butterfly-like wings of pastel colors that glistened in the golden sunlight.

It was nice to have Aurora beside me as we walked around the Beautiful Realm...I never dreamed there was such a place until now.

The Enchanted Forest of Healing Water is a beautiful place.

It's surrounding by the sweet fragrance Lily-of-the-Valley, mixed with golden buttercups, Lavender and Heather stem, and branches tall and gentle all around the shore.

Sweet aroma of pine and sweet maple trees scattered across the meadows and fields as they sway to and fro in the gentle breeze.

Sweet wild roses fill the air of foreboding promise for all to see...Birds cheep sweet melodies of mid-day sun creeping through branches of maple, oak, and pines tall and strong.

The healing waters sparkle like diamond tinted in silver and gold hue flows shore to shore...The place is surreal and calming to the fluttering soul...It'll be a hard place to leave when the time comes...I'd only heard legends of this place, never realized it was real...I guess there are possibilities if it's meant to be.

But others may not have the grand privilege to come here as I have had...I'm sure I'll have to leave soon, all though I'm not looking forward to that day...I'd much rather stay here among my new found friends, Irfan, Aurora, Miakoda and the other dwellers that live here...But I know it's not possible, for I have a responsibility to Hampton Bluff, my home...

LuCinda, my lady, Irfan will be returning soon from his daily travels and you need to rest, you've been up and about since this morning, and I need to get things ready for supper tonight, so he doesn't have to worry about it...he's going to want to clean up and rest before eating...Later I can take you to other beautiful places along as Irfan give me permission...I'll talk to him later about it this evening. Aurora replied and lead me back to the rock bed...

OK, that sounds good, if he'll allow we walked back.

With Aurora cooking, we may have a nice meal for a change...

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Original draft: March 2016

Revised: Feb. 13, 2019

This is a new chapter...I've added it to the story because I felt it was needed...The characters name are spelled as there suggested being from my sources of the name I use.

How to pronounce names.

Mia Koda- female

Ir fan- male

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