This Is My Destiny

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( 9 ) The Journey Begins

Finally, morning came so we could get started on the long journey home, after breakfast of fruit, berries, and turkey jerky...

Before leaving...we gathered the last of the rations we'd need before heading out on the journey that waited before us...

I truly don't want to leave this place, the beauty here calming and settling to the lost soul as I have been after the wolf attack I'd experienced a few weeks before.

All though I've healed to a point of being able to leave this serenity, it still haunts me in a way I don't understand...But I know I must leave for the sake of my people of Hampton Bluff.

I'm not looking forward to this trip, but I know I must get back to the village, they need me desperately to free them from the evils of Nergal & Eresh, god and goddess of the dead.

But I'm still not sure how to do that, even though Irfan sent two of his best workers ahead a few days earlier in hope to get things started on the way of recovery and push Nergal and Eresh back where they came from, of which could be a challenge for the Sandusky sisters Scarlett and Alessia...

My fear was uncanny & unsettling all at the same time, as we started down the trail in the early morning light...Gentle sunlight creeping above dew soaked trees and brush glistening in its light... if of the essence in getting back to the village as soon as I could...all through the trail has its beauty along the way, my thoughts are of my village and desperately in need of my help.

We've traveled far since early this morning. getting tired, and hungry.the air is starting to get colder the further we travel.

I can't understand this either, it was warm when we left this morning?

I hollered at Justis, why is it getting colder? he answered calmly.

We're reaching Thunder Mountain & Woods, LuCinda, we must cross here to get to Hampton Bluff.

Isn't there another way? I asked sternly.

No, Mam, there's not. This is the quickest and shortest way to get to your village from where we came.

I'm hungry, can't we at least stop and eat?

No, We Must Push On...We have to get through the pass before nightfall, or we'll all freeze to death in the barren fields of ice and snow...A grand storm is brewing...we must push on or we'll get caught in the midst of blinding blowing snow...We'll rest after we reach the meadow below...

Very well but not happy, We're, Hungary, Tiered and Thirsty Justin.

We must get through LuCinda, safety is a priority, the bad weather is quickly creeping upon us. We must get through the pass, Let's get moving while we still have time...

We're tired...LuCinda replied

We all are...Justus replied sternly.

We must keep moving for our safety...We have No Choice, We stop, We Die...I will not let that happen, No matter how hard I have to Push myself...I'm Old and Worn More Than You LuCinda...I Must Push Myself to My Very Limit to Keep Us Safe...No Matter What Happens From Here to the Meadow Below, Thunder Mountain...We'll Reach It Soon... I Promise we'll stop then...

We pushed on under protest but deep down I knew Jutis was we traveled higher into the pass, colder it gets, it's starting to mystifying our senses...The colder it gets the harder Justis pushes us to our very limits of reality...Rocks of the pass are slippery jagged and sharp, scraping hands, legs, and all exposed skin as we pushed on trying to get over Thunder Wood Mountain, now I understand why Justis is pushing so hard, if we'd try to get through them in the darkness it could be quiet dangerous in many ways...Mountain Lions, Coger, Bears, and Wolves hide in Crevices, Caves, Behind Rocks and could appear within a split second and attack. Exspesaly, if they're hungry or taking care of young...No one, knows how scared I was going through the pass, I'm trying to contain my fears the best I can from the other travelers...It's going to take me a long time to overcome the fear I experienced 6 1/2 weeks ago from what Irfan told me...This fear is so consuming to a person such as me.

Finally, the air started to warm as we started the descent from Thunder Mountain...We came to a small clearing but still not the Meadow, but we stopped for a few minutes to rest and take our coats and blankets off and get a drink before pressing on to the meadow...

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Feb. 25, 2019

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