The Ring Bearer: Being Found

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Chapter 12

The three mages she had come to become close to just stared at the fourth mage, and Mark's eyes watered instantly as he continued gazing at the elder, "You... don't remember us?"

Instead of replying, the fourth mage just stood there and continued staring at the three of them in return, and she couldn't help but wonder what was going on. Was it possible to forget each other since they were sleeping for so long? How did the other mages remember each other so easily, then? As she slipped into her thoughts, it took some time for her to realize that the fourth mage had burst into laughter- loud and rambunctious laughter with a hand on his stomach and another wiping the tears out of his eyes.

"You should see your faces!" the mage bellowed, his hands now waving the air almost frantically, and it was then that she realized what had been going on; the three mages had been trolled.

The other three mages turned from heartbroken to livid, and it didn't take long before the three ganged up against the one and started whining and hitting him like children. The mage just laughed and dodged all of their attacks, and she stood back with her arms crossed in amusement.

This mage was going to be an interesting addition to the mix, she realized quickly.

Then, Darius slapped the back of the mage's head, and narrowed his eyes at the elder, "What do you think you were doing; using up all of that power?"

"I thought it would be fun!" the mage responded, the twinkle of his eyes frightening her just slightly and causing her to shudder at the reminder of the destruction.

Mika noticed this immediately and put an arm around her, ignoring the dirt that was covering her clothes and skin, "You frightened poor Charlotte."

It was as if the mage hadn't even remembered that he just woke up; and his eyes widened as he stared at her, "You're the one who woke me up?" Without giving her a chance to reply, his face reddened as if from embarrassment, "I'm sorry, but I refuse to bow."

The other three gaped at him and she only tilted her head as she looked at the new mage in order to size him up, "Who are you?"

The mage was hesitant to answer for a moment, but took a deep breath and held out a hand, and somehow, a rose had ended up in his grasp and wilted as he held it, "I am the mage of death, Kaspar."

She stared at his hand for a moment, wondering how "death" as he said could be so dangerous yet so fascinating at the same time. Slowly, she reached out and grabbed his hand, only barely aware of the mage flinching as well as the other three that were standing around the pair. Taking his hand in hers, she brushed her fingers against the wilted flower and then turned his hand over to see how it was his hand wasn't also dead.

"How is it okay?” She looked up at Kaspar to see him giving her a curious glance as if wondering what she was talking about, and then she pointed at the ceiling that was getting even closer to collapsing on them.

"Oh!" With a wave of his hand, Kaspar made the destruction disappear as if it hadn't been there at all to begin with, though she knew better when the dirt settled overhead.

"We can't be harmed by their powers." Mark answered when he realized Kaspar would be far too distracted to answer, and she looked back at him and nodded slowly at the information. It seemed like they were virtually indestructible; they couldn't hurt each other with their powers and they couldn't ever hurt themselves with their powers. Charlotte was starting to understand why the sorceresses hid the mages away, but she wished it wasn't true.

"Kaspar, are you hungry?" Mika snapped her out of her thoughts, and she glanced between the four of them incredulously as they sat and readied themselves to eat a meal together in the catacombs under a graveyard. Before, it was as if they didn't need to eat or rest at all, but now that they found Kaspar it felt like that's all they wanted to do with the rest of their lives.

Darius looked up at her and patted the ground next to him, and with a sigh, she realized it was best to give in and not fight their tendency to do what she wasn't used to doing. She sat down as well, and the five of them ate together in order to bond, but she quickly realized it was getting dark out again. It'd take them another couple of days to get back to the house, but she wanted nothing more than a hot bath and a nap.

"Oh, the human is tired!" Kaspar called out, and she found herself narrowing her eyes at him because she wasn't sure if he was trying to offend her or not.

"Of course she is." Mika answered him in a monotone, his arms crossed over his chest in a clearly unamused manner, "Someone's tricks had her running around a graveyard."

"I'm fine." Her voice said otherwise, and she realized in horror that she would probably be sick for the next couple of days because of all the excitement she'd been part of recently because of these mages.

The next thing she knew was that Darius was lifting her off the ground and she stared up at him in confusion when she realized he wasn't looking at her but at the other mages. Without any verbal command, the other three grabbed their supplies and stood up, all three of them putting their hands on Darius's shoulder. Charlotte was about to ask them what was going on, but then it felt like she slipped out of her body and she closed her eyes to fight the feeling.

When she opened her eyes again, they were back inside the house they had been living in, and she figured out that the weird feeling was because they were traveling through dimensions to get where they wanted to go.

Darius, being the gentleman he was walked her upstairs into the bathroom and gently let her down onto the lid of the toilet. Mark soon followed them into the bathroom with a towel and a fresh change of clothes, and Kaspar was already turning the faucet on in the tub. Because of what happened the last time Mika had come into the bathroom when she was in it, the youngest mage didn't follow the rest of them into the bathroom and she found herself being very grateful because she felt like she was being a burden to the mages now.

"You guys can go.” She said, rubbing the back of her neck. They probably could sense how awkward she was feeling with them around; for they nodded and she was given time to think about what had happened between the past few days. She'd been alone all her life, ridiculed and insignificant.
Now, it was as if she was some sort of a queen and those mages were taking care of her as if it was their responsibility to do so. As she got into the tub, she realized that it was practically their responsibility to take care of her until she helped them find the rest of the mages, and though she felt bothered by the fact, she was just proud knowing she could help them.

By the time she had climbed down the stairs to join the mages, she heard swearing, as well as the sound of things cluttering on the ground, and in alarm, she took out one of her pistols and hurriedly entered the living room, ready to fight whatever was attacking. What stopped her was the sight of the other mages rolling around on the floor laughing as an upset Kaspar stood amongst them with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Charlotte!" Kaspar had a slight whine in his voice as he called for her, and the other three froze and stared up at the two as Kaspar ran over and stood behind Charlotte with his arms wrapped around her waist, and she could just see the tears in his eyes, "They were making fun of me and calling me ugly!"

With a sigh, she put her pistol away and turned to the other three, who quickly got up and started defending themselves all at once, and she covered her ears at the loud sounds. A few seconds later, when they actually calmed down, she pulled her hands away from her ears and took a deep breath to calm herself down as well. It was then that Kaspar snickered from behind her, and a moment later, he was running up the stairs and laughing at the same time.

"Why that-" Darius didn't waste another moment and ran up the stairs saying swears under his breath, and she just stared after him wondering if they'd be okay or if she'd actually need to intervene.

"Now you know why we didn't want him." Mika muttered, taking a seat on the couch and patting the space beside him.

Laughing lightly, she sat down beside him with Mark sitting on her other side, "Now don't say that. You know you're happy to have your friend back."

"Yes, but I wish one of the other mages was around to keep him in check." Mark said insistently, and then he laid his head on her shoulder; and she reached up to run her hand through his hair because she knew he was tired even if he didn't say it.

"He trolls everyone he sets his eyes on." Mika grumbled, tilting his head back onto the couch with his arms crossed over his chest, a deep sigh escaping his lips as he sat there.

"Not everyone." Kaspar's voice had the three of them looking up at him as he strolled down the stairs with a light grin on his lips. He took a seat next to Mika on the couch despite the tight fit and rested his own head on Mika's shoulder, "I won't troll Charlotte since she woke me up."

She felt relieved as she heard that because it felt like Kaspar's trolling was a nightmare, but before she could think too much about it, she started wondering where Darius had gone. The mage in question stomped down the stairs with his head covered in water and to her it looked like there was steam coming out of his ears.

"This idiot put a bucket of water on top of my door and when my tried to enter my room, the water fell on me!" Darius was absolutely unimpressed by Kaspar's childlike attitude, but Charlotte could hear both Mika and Mark covering up the snickers they wanted to let go. Even she had found the situation humorous, but because she knew Darius was probably more embarrassed than amused, she stood up, walked past him to the closet by the bathroom on the ground floor, and returned with a towel for him.

"Now that they've all gotten to know each other, I have a question. A serious one." To say she was surprised when hearing Kaspar speaking so sternly all of a sudden would be an understatement, and her eyes widened as she waited for him to continue with his question.

Darius froze beside her and she could see Mika and Mark tense as they looked to the elder mage for him to continue, but Kaspar was now staring at her with calm but unnerving eyes,

"What do you hope to accomplish by awakening all of us?"

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