Dragon's Mate

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It's a story of how Cassandra and Rudra face the obstacles and save the dragon world from ruled by Evil and darkness and have their happy ending. When I open my eyes and meet with the beautiful ocean blue eyes that I always see in my dreams. "Mine," the owner of the eyes said in a husky voice which makes me shiver in pleasure. ____________________________________________________________________________ Cassandra Paul is a dragon but she didn't know about it because his parents teleport her with her uncle to the earth when she born to save her from the monster name Lucian, so that she can save the dragon world from ruled by evil and darkness Lucian. She lives on the earth with his uncle as a normal human being until she met Rudra. Rudra Mcknight is the king of another kingdom of the dragon world who has been finding his mate for a hundred years and who have been 121 years old fell down to the earth wounded while fighting with the Lucian and meet his mate, Cassandra. From her uncle, he gets to know to the way to defeat Lucian and his army. After that, both of them return to their world and Rudra goes back to his kingdom to prepare for the war and sent one of his best men with Cassandra to find the holy sword. Will they able to find the holy sword and save their world or will Cassandra die while trying to save their world.

Fantasy / Thriller
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(Third person P.O.V)

There on the earth alongside humans live the other creature like Vampire, werewolf, Fairy, Elves, Shape-shifter, and the dragons. Vampire, werewolf, and shape-shifter live in the earth with humans but the fairy, Elves, and the Dragon live in different dimensions. Each of them lives in a different dimension to live in peace. The Dragon lives in their own dimension in peace and harmony with each other rule by king Lewis and Queen Michel.

There was a prophecy when Queen Michel become pregnant with a beautiful daughter named Cassandra.

“Your daughter will save the world from the evil monster Lucian with the help of Holly sword made from the bones of the first dragon and his mate. ” The prophecy said.

“Protect her from him and save her before he comes to know about it because if he knows about it he will kill her and then the whole world will be destroyed in the moment of seconds, he will know about it as soon as she takes birth,” the prophecy added.

When the king and queen come to know about it they got so worried and decided to call the meeting of the elders. After a long argument, they come to the decision that it is a good idea to teleport the child to the earth with the most trusted person as soon as she takes birth in this world.

“But with whom we should teleport my daughter? We don’t have many people to Trust? ” Michel ask.

“One of the elders can go with your daughter my queen,” one of the elders suggests.

“No it’s not a good idea grey if he attacked us and find one of us missing then he will find it suspicious,” Nehal one of the elders said.

“I think we should send my brother in law Aiden with Cassandra what do you think,” Lewis asked.

“Good idea king Lewis,” Nehal said.

“What about the holy sword,” Michel asks.

“It’s safe somewhere no one has ever reached there only it’s the rightful owner can reach and touch the sword, so we don’t have to worry about it,” Siddhartha one the elders said.

“I also heard that you have to found out the answer of the 3 Question before finding the sword,” Nehal said.

“Why?” Lewis ask.

“The question test that whether the person is eligible to hold the sword or not, one question to test his/her loyalty, second to test his/her intelligence, the third is to test the heart of the person,” Siddhartha said.

“It’s not an easy task to answer the question sometimes it comes to the life and death but it was a prophecy that says the princess will save us all,” Grey said.

“What are the questions?” Michel ask.

“No one knows that and those who know were dead while trying to answer the questions,” Siddhartha said.

“How will we protect her from Lucian,” Lewis asked.

“I know a witch who can help us, she can put a spell on both of them so he can’t sense them while Aiden can also use his power if needed,” Nehal said and all of them nodded their heads.

“So it's decided that we will teleport Aiden and Cassandra to the earth with the help of portal and take a human baby from there to fool him, ” Lewis ask them and they all nodded their head in agreement.

“And let’s just keep this between us only and don’t tell anyone about what we discussed here in the conference room no one at all not except Ares,” elder Shiddhartha said to everyone and they all nodded their head in agreement and then left the conference or the meeting room expect Nehal and the king.

“You better keep your shoulder ready for the war we have a war to fight to look after when your daughter will be born,” Nehal said and left the room.

Lewis goes to his throne and called his second in command.

“You called your highness,” Neil his second in command.

“Yes, Neil starts training all our people and warriors for the war, and call all our warriors who were gone in other kingdoms to come back and start training with other people, ” Lewis said to Neil.

“Yes, your highness anything more,” Neil asked Lewis.

“That’s all you can go now,” Lewis said and Neil leaves to follow his order. After Lewis goes to Aiden's room to talk with him. He enters his room without knocking and close the door then used a spell so that no one could hear them.

“What’s wrong-Lewis?” Aiden asks putting his book which he was reading a moment before and walk to him.

“I want to talk about something important to you,” Lewis said running his hand around his hair.

“I am listening,” Aidens said and Lewis said everything to him.

“I see, so I will get ready to leave to the earth to get everything ready beforehand so that we don’t have any trouble when we move there for time being,” Aiden said and Lewis nodded his head at him.

“Thank you for your help Aiden that means a lot for us,” Lewis said to him with a small smile on his face.

“No need for that, Lewis it’s my duty to protect my family and kingdom and I will do everything to do that,” Aiden said smiling at him.

“I know but still,” Lewis said smiling at him and then leaves his room. After Lewis left his room Aiden to get ready and open the portal to go to the earth and landed on the smooth ground of the forest of the earth. He gets invisible and flies away to his destination.

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