Dragon's Mate

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( 2 months and 2 weeks later )

The baby cry heard around all over the palace. One of the shoulders walks to the king in the throne room.

“Congratulations your highness, her highness has given birth to a beautiful daughter,” the shoulder said to the king.

“Go and tell Aiden and elder Nehal to meet me at my room and keep all the shoulders ready for the fight, Lucian will be here with his army any time, ” the king command the shoulders and walk back to his room.

He enters the room to see his wife holding a baby girl to her chest and crying her eyes out. his heart broke seeing her like this but doesn’t have any choice but to do it for his daughter and his kingdom safety. If he had a choice in it or any control over it he would do everything to keep his daughter with him but he didn’t.

“It’s time to say goodbye to our daughter Michal,” Lewis said with tears in his eyes.

“I don’t want her to leave me, Lewis, she just born now,” Michal said crying.

“I know Michal I know but for her safety and for this kingdom safety from that monster we have to do it,” Lewis said while wiping his tears away.

“Aiden and elder Nehalare here your highness,” the shoulder said to the king.

“Tell them to come in and then leave,” the king said and Michal tightens the hold on her daughter crying hard.

“You call us your highness,” Nehal asks.

“Yes, it’s time to do what we had planned,” Lewis said and Nehal walks to the Michal to take the baby from her. Michal takes her pendant from her neck and put it around Cassandra’s neck, then kissed her forehead and give her to elder Nehal with a heavy heart.

Elder Nehall gives Cassandra to the Aiden and summon the human baby from the earth and give her to the Lewis. After that, she opens the portal to the earth, enters the earth and enters it.

“Don’t worry di I will take care of her like my own daughter,” Aiden said and hug her sister for the last time before entering the portal. Lewis walks to the crib and put the baby in the crib he was sure they were gone, suddenly a shoulder comes running in panic.

“Your Highness, Lucian and his army have attacked us,” he said.

“Go and take all our people and children who cannot fight and protect themselves to the safe place and then go back to battlefield okay,” Lewis said to him and left to help his follow his orders. Lewis looks at Michel for the last time and goes to the battlefield to help others. He enters the battlefield to see everyone fighting with different kinds of demons with dragons with all the things they have got.

(Lewis P.O.V)

I enter the battlefield to see everyone fighting with different kinds of demons and dragons with all the things they have got.

*What’s in the fucking world going here? Why are demons are fighting with my people and warriors,* I was thinking when I heard him.

“Hello brother long time no see huh?” my brother said to me in a guttural while killing everyone who comes in his way.

“Avis, is that really you, what happen to you? you look different, and you still alive I thought you were dead,” I asked him in shock. He looks like a demon with two big horns in his head, big black Dragons wing on his back, and long dangerous claws instead of nails in his hand.

“Of course it’s me, brother, who else it can be?” he asks with an evil smile on his face.

“How?” I hardly whispered from the shocked.

“How? How?” he asks and laughed like a maniac.

“You must be shocked seeing me alive like this when you left me in that cold deserted battlefield to die alone, the king of the demon was passing through that field and saw me there dying and decided to take me with him and save me. I kill him and drink his and his mate blood and become the strongest person alive and now I am here now with new name and identity as a Lucian to take revenge from you and rule the whole dragon’s world,” he said and laugh maniacally.

“That is not true I come back to find you but you were not there,” I argued.

“But it was too late and now no one can stop me,” he said and attacked me. I change in my dragon form and attacked him back. We fight for some time and I was panting hard and he hardly shred a sweat. I gather all my last strength and attack him when I feel an arrow go throw my body and I feel something cold flow throw my body and I let out a painful scream out of my mouth and fall down to the ground and change back in my human form.

“Oh don’t worry brother I am not going to kill you so easily, you will die a very painful and slow death and watch with your eyes how I rule the whole dragon’s world,” he said putting his leg on my chest and putting pressure on it making me harder to breathe.

“Go and kill his daughter and put him and his wife in the dungeon,” he said to one of the demons.

“What about the other people,” the demon asked.

“Those who accept me as their king leave them alive and those who not accept me as their king kill them,” he orders him.

The demon throws me on his shoulder roughly and takes me to the dungeon while ordering around to other demons and dragons.

(Meanwhile to elder Nehal)

As soon as they landed on the forest of the planet earth elder Nehall show Ares to the witches when suddenly they feel pain in their heart and heard the screaming of the pain of people in their heads and Cassandra started crying.

“What’s going on elder Nehalll?” Ares asks while rocking Cassandra to calm her down.

“Lucian has already attacked our realm the painful scream we heard and the pain we feel in our heart was of our people who cannot fight and protect themselves we have to hurry we don’t have much time left common hurry,” elder Nehal said and Said Ares to increase his time.

After 10 minutes they reach to a place and go towards the tent. Elder Nehal tried to enter the tent but something stops her. So she called the witch, a voice said something in a foreign language which Ares can’t understand but elder Nehal dose and she replied in the same foreign language.

An old lady who looks like in the fifties open the tent door and told them to enter. After they entered the lady again say something in Foreign language and walk towards them.

“Nehal, Long time no see ” old lady said to elder Nehal and hugged her.

“Ankita, indeed it’s been a long time anyways let me introduce you two properly, Ankita meets Aes our Queen Micheal’s brother, Ares meet my long friend ” elder Nehal said and introduce them to each other.

“Ankita-” elder Nehal said but Ankita interrupted her.

“No need to say or explain anything to me, I already know everything your people needs you there goes there and helps them to hide somewhere safe,” Ankita said to her.

“But how?” elder Nehal whisper.

“Wait for a minute,” Ankita said and go deeper inside of the tent and come back after 5 seconds with a medium-size bottle with purple color liquid in it and a paper in the hand.

“Go to the strongest kingdom of your another kind kingdom of fire rule by the king Xavier and Queen Julie, But spread this potion on yourself and your people so that Lucian can’t able to detect any of you when you meet the king and queen give them this note and tell them that I told you to give this to them and they will take you in without any problem, and remember do not open it and read it before giving this to them otherwise the content written in the paper will disappear, you can read it after they return this paperback to you okay,” Ankita said and they hug each other for the last time.

“Take care, until later,” Ankita said with tears in her eyes worried for her friend.

“You too,” with that said elder Nehal open the portal to back to their realm and disappeared.

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