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Fantasy / Adventure


After her mother's disappearance, Lana and her dad moved to Australia for a fresh start, One night at a beach party her anger gets the better of her and she runs down the beach, trying to cool off. She sits on the beach under the stars and something catches her eye out at sea, a light... she is drawn to it, It calls to her. As she wades out to sea, she is caught in a riptide, and blacks out. Soon everything changes. The disappearances start. Follow Lana and her new friends as they journey into the unknown, fighting to find themselves amidst a world full of strange creatures and dangerous threats. Will they ever find out just who they are, or will they be lost to time forever? (yes I am aware about how cheesy and terrible this blurb is. I am so sorry, I am terrible at them) Book one of the Finding Us series - (Lana's Backstory)


Lana's POV

I groaned, I was already getting bored of this stupid party. I took another sip of my drink as I watched the other girls screaming and splashing in the water, looking like a bunch of idiots. No way was I going in there. Too cold, plus, it’s shark season.

I watched as the sun slipped quietly behind the clouds, staining the sky with vivid oranges and pinks. The sunset is one of the only things I have come to love here in Australia, even though we’ve been here for weeks and school is about to start. It’s the only reason I came to this party. ‘you have to make some friends.’ I hear my dad’s voice echo in the back of my head. Yeah. Right. ‘Friends’.

Just then, a girl came up behind me. She sat down on the sun chair next to me. I had heard about this girl, Gweneth Anderson, your typical popular blonde. Quite the reputation she had. She paused for a moment, taking in my blue grey eyes, auburn hair, witch twisted and curled about my shoulders, and outfit- a deep red bomber jacket, grey three quarter length tee and worn, ripped jeans. Sizing me up, contemplating whether or not I was a threat. She hesitated for a moment when I turned and stared at her in annoyance, but then asked ‘You’re new here. My name’s Gweneth, but you can call me Gwen. What’s your name?’

‘Lana’ I replied curtly ‘what do you want? A new victim to bully?’ My reply was , in hindsight, not the best choice of words. She huffed indignantly, looking for all the world like a mildly annoyed flamingo in her neon pink bathing suit. Then she paused, and smiled wickedly, and said ‘I think you need to cool off... how about a nice, refreshing swim?’ She called over two boys from her devoted gaggle and smiled ‘our friend here needs to cool off ’ at this point, I was getting ready to fight, I did not want to go into the water. And I told them so, rather indignantly. ‘Oh,’ she replied sweetly, ‘why ever not?’

‘Because...’ I answered, ‘reasons...’ The two guys grabbed me by the wrists and ankles and threw me into the ocean. I gasped at the cold, then screamed as I felt something brush past my leg, (it was seaweed) and ran out of the water, barreling right at Gwen and shoving her into the waves. Then, I took off down the beach.

I ran at full pelt down the beach, wet sand sticking to my legs as I sprinted. I just needed to get away. I needed to get rid of all the pain, anger and frustration built up inside. I started to cry as images crashed through my mind, even as the waves tossed and reared beside me. The flashes were vivid, as if I was there. The first was of when dad had told me that mom was gone. The next was that we were moving. The last image was unfamiliar, alien. It was a view of the surface of the sea, as if someone was swimming and had looked through the water at a shore line. A hand reached through the vision, blocking it from my mind. It unsettled me, more so than the first two

I ran, despite the images, flash backs, I ran, I ran, and I ran until I couldn’t run anymore. And then I stopped. Collapsing on the beach. I stared up at the stars. Billions glittered in the tiny patch above my head. I wondered if mom was looking at them too. Where they the same?

I lay on the beach, gasping like a fish out of water, sighing with relief as cool oxygen flooded into my lungs. I propped myself upright, I had seen a flash of light out at sea, it was strange, like a star had fallen. I seemed drawn to the light and got up slowly, walking down towards the surf, trance like, icy sea foam swirled around my ankles, knees, waist, but I kept walking out towards the light. Until...

Light flashed inside my head as I was pulled under the water by a strong current, I thrashed as it pulled me away, sinking down... down into the dark, cold sea...



I scream and water rushes in to fill the space.


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