My Human Mate

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(Robert P.O.V)

I and the guys have reached the school a little early so we were standing outside of the school building and leaning on our car talking about random stuff. Then all of a sudden I smelt a heavenly scent; like strawberries and chocolate. I turned around looking for the source of the scent. ‘Mate’ Leo yipped happily.

I heard the roar of a motorcycle - a Honda to be specific, my favorite- and there was the sexiest girl, wearing ripped black jeans, a curve-hugging red top, black leather jacket, and combats. She had raven black hair with blood red tips.

She was standing on the motorcycle and had her hands in the air and she sat back down and held the guy driving the bike around the waist. That’s when I snapped out of my daze.

“Mine!!!” Leo and I growled. As they parked the bike. He parked his bike on the parking plot and walks inside the school and I followed them with guys on my tail. I looked everywhere trying to find them when I saw the guy who was with my mate and I go towards him and he gets tensioned probably sensing my presence behind him.

I grab him from behind and I turned to the guy still on the floor and pulled him up by his collar to see it was Anush. “Don’t you dare touch her again!!!” I roared. “Whoa man,” he said and put both his hands up in surrender “we’re just friends. ”

Nate ripped him away from me. And Anush walked back towards the school entrance, but before he entered he shouted out to me “Good luck man! You’re gonna need it. You’re mated to the one and only Alisha!” he laughed and went in.

Alisha? Alisha as in Alisha Ellwood? I was frozen in place as the thought processed in my brain.

Alisha! Oh my god, it’s Alisha! I had to put my head against my locker. I couldn’t see or think straight. I let out a loud growl and slammed both fists into my locker, putting huge dents into it. “Dude are you okay?” “What’s up, man?” “Babe are you okay!?” Karin’s voice brought me back to reality. I felt disgusted by my own girlfriend. I looked in the direction that Alisha was walking and could no longer hold it back anymore. I had to let it out.


I walked in the direction she was going without looking back. I knew I had left them in as much shock as Anush did. My pace picked up the stronger her scent became. I knew she was close but I was stopped by the principal. “Robert get to class right now!” I turned ready to argue with her but the group of people behind her told me now was not the time to start a fight. Reluctantly I walked off to class but I couldn’t get Alisha off my mind.

(Alisha P.O.V)

I arrived at the twins with my baby Anush want to test drive my baby and I didn't protest it. “Morning boss” he greeted and then whistled, “Someone’s looking fine on a sweet ride.” I chuckled, ” Thanks. Gotta look good to keep up the reputation.”

"Give it even a scratch and I will Castrate you," I warn him and give him my bike key. After he sat on my baby I sat behind him and we drove away to the school.

"I will see you at lunch," he said and walk towards his locker. We bid him goodbye and walk to our class after taking my books from my locker.

At lunch I was walking towards my friends when I saw that Karin and I were about to cross paths I knew in the back of my mind she was going to dump her lunch on me. Right as she stopped me in front of me she went to tip her tray over as I expected but not this time I brought my hands up flipping it all over her instead. She let out a high pitched shriek. “You bitch! What the hell was that for?!”

I let out a loud laugh. “Oops, it was an accident” I could stop the smirk that appeared on my face. Hers, however, looked like a tomato. “That was not an accident! You did that on purpose!” I stepped around her careful not to step in food. “Well, that’s the excuse you always used so I thought I should try it.” As I turned to walk away she reached out and grabbed me by my hair.

Oh hell no. I spun around fist already in motion, the impact it had on her face sent her straight to the ground. “Don’t ever put your nasty hands on me ever again!” I marched over to the assholes table my rage in full action Thanking internally to Griselda for training me in my every Vacation on how to fight and protect myself from this assholes.

They watched me as I marched over, their eyes grew wide. I slammed my hands on their table. “Don’t you dare try to fuck with me or you will regret it! And if I ever catch you bullying ANYONE I will pummel you until you end up in a coma for 3 months as you did to me!”

To top it all off I grabbed their table and flipped it over sending all their lunches on to the floor and stormed out of the cafeteria.

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