My Human Mate

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You are my mate

Robert P.O.V

Again she left me in total shock. I have never seen someone so mad. She may be a little thing but when she was mad she turned into the hulk. I didn’t even have to look around to know that all eyes were on us. Karin came running up to me with tears streaming down her face. “Look what that bitch did to me!" I hated the way she called my mate such a horrible name.

“Don’t call my mate that! May I remind you she is your futureQueen!” my Lycian was trying to take over. He wanted to kill Carley for talking that way about his mate. “But baby! She’s horrible! Why can’t you just forget about her and I’ll be your mate!” Karin was hanging onto my arm. The thought made me sick to my stomach. How could she think I’d give up my mate for her? Having her hang on me felt even more disgusting I felt as if I were cheating on my mate.

"Never” was the only thing that left my mouth as I walked out of the cafeteria. I was going to find my mate and clam her as mine.

(Alisha P.O.V)

I was storming down the hallway, luckily it was empty because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with people. I heard footsteps running down the hall. I thought it was just someone in a hurry until I heard my name being called. At first, I thought I was just hearing things but then it came again. I was growing closer along with the footsteps. I slowed my pace. I was so close to the front doors of the school and I didn’t want to see anyone but something about that voice made me stop. The moment I turned to see who it was my heart almost stopped.

There he has come closer and closer to me, I didn’t like it. I wanted to turn and run out the doors but my feet were glued to the ground. He stopped a few feet from me and just started almost as if he was in shock that I actually stopped. I waited for him to speak but after what felt like forever he still hadn’t said a word.

What do you want Robert?” the annoyance was evident in my voice. His eyes met mine as he started mumbling words I couldn’t understand. “Uh, what?” “Ummm well I really need to tell you something.“I stood there waiting for him to continue but he never did. “You have to use your words, I can’t read your mind.” His cheeks turned slightly pink. It took everything in me not smile at him.

“Well I don’t really know how to say it” I rolled my eyes, “it’s simple really, you open your mouth and speak the words racing around in your head right now.” He smirked at me “you know, you’re a smartass.” “Yes, I’ve been told. But really I don’t have all day to say what you need to say, Robert.” His eyes shot up to meet mine when I said his name. But his eyes weren’t their normal ocean blue color they were yellow. “Robert what’s wrong with your eyes?!”

He looked down and shook his head. “It’s my Lycian.“Does your Lycian not like me or what?“His head shot up again but this time he reached out to grab my arms. He pulled me closer to him so our faces were only inches apart. “No, he could never hate you.” I knew my face held a confused look so he continued. “That’s part of what I need to talk to you about.” He stopped and looked at the floor. Taking a deep breath he looked back into my eyes. “Alisha you are my mate.”

I couldn’t stop the laugh I felt coming up my throat. Before I knew it I was out of his arms hunched over laughing. I thought that it was some kind of a joke but when I looked back up at him, he wasn’t laughing, he had a hard look on his face. I suddenly realized that it wasn’t a joke. I stood back up straight. “Your joking aren’t you?” He slowly shook his head no. “Oh. My. Gosh. What? How? Why?” He just shrugged his shoulders “the moon goddess chose you as my mate.”

I slowly started backing away from him towards the doors. “I can’t deal with this right now.” Was the last thing I said before I turned and ran through the doors of the school.

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