My Human Mate

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Ruining away from him

Alisha P.O.V

I ran. I just ran and kept going. I didn’t know where I was going I couldn’t think straight and due to the tears in my eyes, I couldn’t see either. I did, however, know I had been running for a while. Thoughts of the past raced through my mind and pushed me to keep going. The pain in my chest was increasing by the second. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was running so hard or because of the past catching up with me. Suddenly I was thrust forward, hitting the ground hard.

The pain in my ankle told me I had tripped over something but nothing compared to the pain in my chest. I laid on the ground looking up to the sky, trying to calm my breathing. The tears never stopped and my head hurt from the racing thoughts. My only dream was to have a mate to have someone who loves me unconditionally and now it's shattered into pieces.

All the pain I felt was rushing back, all the mean names were being screamed in my head, and her depression was trying to shut me down.

why did he have to be my mate? Why him of all people? I am human, I’m not supposed to have a mate! I had always secretly wanted one. The thought of never having to date multiple guys and knowing that I was with that one person who was made for me. I wanted it so bad but now that it's happening I didn’t want it anymore. I want things to go back to the way they were an hour ago.

He is the leader of all those mutts. The people who caused me so much pain! He was the one who stood back as they beat me and made me hate myself. He was the one person who could have put it all to an end with the snap of a finger, but he didn’t. He let it happen. I know he himself never actually laid a finger on me but he still could have stopped it. I blame him for it. I can’t love him. I won't love him. He is a monster.

The pain still wouldn’t go away, it was unbearable. I let out the loud screams I had been holding back. I was in the middle of the woods so far away from home. I knew no one could hear me. I screamed until the darkness finally consumed me. Deep down I hoped that I would never come out of the darkness. I wanted it to take me away and never let me return. I never wanted to wake up.

Robert P.O.V

she ran. She actually ran away from me. My mate didn’t want me. I dropped to my knees as the tears fell from my eyes. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. She was supposed to be happy, we were supposed to be happy. But she ran away. I had never let myself cry, no matter what I had never cried. But the pain in my heart was killing me, knowing my mate didn’t want me. I knew she would be shocked but I never thought she wouldn’t want me.

After a few minutes I stood, the pain made me want to fall to the floor again but I knew the halls would be full of students any minute and I didn’t want them to see their future alpha sitting on the ground crying like a baby. I slowing walked through the doors of the school and went to my car. Once I was safely locked away in my car I let the sobs take over.

My entire body shook with pain. I barely knew her but she had my heart the moment I laid eyes on her and she broke it. I was breaking. I need my mate. Werewolves are nothing without their mates. My pack would need thereQueen.

I know I have to find a way for her to fall in love with me. I’m not going to stop until she is in my arms. She is my mate and she will be mine forever. I will have my Queen no matter what it takes.

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