My Human Mate

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Day care

(Alisha P.O.V)

I just want to get out of this bed! UGH! I’m so tired of just laying here and doing nothing! I’ve been stuck in this bed for a week! The doctor keeps telling me that my ankle is still to badly injured to move around... I’d do anything to get out of this bed... But on the bright side, Robert hasn’t come back! Olivia said he had to leave on business.

She also said he will be taking over the position as King soon. Normally they have to wait until the King finds his Queen but with him, the situation is different... I’m supposed to be his Queen but I don’t want to be... I do feel bad for the Kingdom though, a Kingdom without a Queen isn’t as strong as it should be and the Kingdom will never feel complete. Maybe Robert will find another girl to be his mate! I felt a sudden wave of anger rush through me as the thought ran through my mind.

Doctor Taylor entered to room with Olivia trailing behind her pushing a wheelchair... I practically jumped out of bed, “I get to get out of this bed! YES!” Taylor laughed at me, “Yes you do but you must be very very careful, you are still healing.” I shook my head vigorously “I promise to be very careful!” Taylor and Olivia helped me into the wheelchair, Olivia said she wanted to show me around the Castle. The fresh air outside was absolutely amazing!

"Olivia you said you are Robert's sister right?" I ask.

"Yes why did you ask?" she asks.

"I have read that Only male Lycian are born, female turn into Lycian when they accept the mate bond of their kind," I said.

"I am not their real daughter Alisha I'm adopted, My parents were killed protecting the queen when she was pregnant with Robert so she adopted me as their gratitude towards them," she said with a sad smile.

"Oh, I'm really sorry to ask, I really don't know about this, I ask because I am just curious," I said feeling guilty.

"I was only 2 when they died so it didn't bother me anymore and I am glad they adopted me, they were great parents for me," she said while smiling at me.

"The king Logan and queen Erika also adopted me, while talking about them I remember they would be worried about me," I said getting worried that they don't know about where am I and would be worried for me.

"Don't worry mom informed them about you being here with us and they said you can stay here and come back when you get healed," she said and I sigh in relief.

"Did they know that Robert and I are mates," I ask while looking at her.

"No, mom thinks it was your right to tell them about it," she said and stop at the front of a building.

“Where are we?” Olivia sighed and pushed me inside without a word. The sound of children’s screams and laughs filled my ears. The house was full of kids running around playing. I instantly smile, I love kids! “Oh my gosh, there are so many of them!” Olivia laughed at me “Yea pretty much every kid in the castle is here.”

I looked at her shocked, “Every kid? WOW, that’s crazy! So this is like castle daycare?” Olivia nodded her head and pushed me further into the house. The house just kept going! It’s bigger on the inside than it seems. The further we went to the children’s laughter and screams faded out. After we walked passed one door the sounds were completely gone. “This part of the house is where we keep all the babies.” I got even more excited, “YAY! I love babies!”

Laughter came from behind us, there stood Mrs. Dason. She looked very sweet as she smiled brightly at me. "It's nice to meet you again Alisha. How are you feeling today," she asks while smiling at me.

I tried to put on the best smile I could, “Uhh..... Hi... it’s nice to meet you too Mrs. Dawson, I am feeling better,” My voice was shaky as I stumbled over my words.

"God, to know Alisha and I am happy that you are my son's mate, and I know that you don't like him after what he had done with you but I would like you to give him a chance to prove you that he is not that bad as you thought he is," she said while smiling at me.

"I can't promise but I will try," I said with a smile on my face.

She smiled at me and walked over to one of the cribs and grabbed a baby wrapped up in a pink blanket, she then walked back over to me and handed the baby to me. I gently took the tiny baby, she didn’t look very old. “This is Alice, she is one month old.” I was shocked that her mother could leave her in daycare at such a young age. I guess Queen read my mind “Her parents died three weeks after she was born in an attack.

She doesn’t have any family now, no aunts, uncles, or grandparents.” I felt the tears pooling in my eyes as I gazed down at Alice, she was so little and helpless. My fingers brushed against her cheek causing her eyes to open. She had beautiful hazel eyes like mine. We stared into the eyes of each other for a while without looking away, I didn’t speak and she didn’t cry.

I was not related to this baby in any way and I loved her the moment I laid eyes on her I fall In Love with her. I slowly looked away from her to see Olivia and Queen with tears in their eyes. “What’s going to happen to her?” They looked at each other and then back to me “We’ve never had anything like this happen before. She’s been staying here for now but I don’t know that she will ever find a real home, werewolf or Lycian don’t normally adopt babies.”

Hearing this made me hold Alice closer to my body, Queen Samantha seemed to notice my slight movement and smiled. “Do you think Alice could spend the day with me and Olivia?” I said looking hopefully at her. She smiled “I think she would enjoy that, she’s spent most of her life in the same room it would be good for her to get some fresh air.” I suddenly got really excited “You hear that Alice? You get to spend the day with me and Olivia!”

Once we walked outside I was greeted by that amazing musky smell. Alice’s eyes had looked away from me to explore the outside world. She was so cute as her eyes moved all around taking in her surroundings. Olivia pushed us around for about 2 hours before we decided to go to the Castle. Alice was starting to fuss so I gave her one of the bottles we brought with us. I was smiling and ‘baby’ talking to Alice when Olivia abruptly stopped pushing us.

I followed her eyes until they laid upon ocean blue ones looking right back at me. My heart skipped a beat upon seeing him. His eyes looked from mine directly to Alice in my arms drinking her bottle. Without taking his eyes off of her he marched over to me, when he was directly in front of me he lifted his eyes to mine. His eyes were mixed with so many emotions it was overpowering.

He opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut it as his eyes traveled back and forth between Alice and me. Without thinking I reached out and grabbed his hand “Robert".

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