My Human Mate

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Seeing Robert another sides

(Alisha P.O.V)

Everyone including myself was shocked by my actions. I grabbed his hand because he looked like he was overwhelming himself with so many emotions so I held his hand to calm him down and bring him back to earth. I’m guessing it worked because when his eyes met mine they had calmed and his whole body seemed to relax by my touch. I was surprised that one touch had such an impact on him. His fingers laced with mine as he brought my hand up to his lips where he gave it a small kiss.

I felt a wave of tingles that raced through my body, I had to look away because I could feel the heat in my cheeks. What is wrong with me? I’ve never felt like such a girl.

Suddenly Alice started fussing and squirming around in my arms causing our attention to turn to her. I tried calming her down by rubbing her back and bouncing her but she only started to cry. No matter what I tried she wouldn’t stop crying.

I was shocked by Robert who took her out of my arms. He held her close and swayed back and forth, she instantly stopped crying. He gazed down at her with love in his eyes “There. There. Alice, all better now. Did you spend the day with Alisha? She’s pretty great isn’t she?” The sight of them made me want to cry, they obviously have spent a lot of time together. She looks so small in his arms, she’s already small but compared to Robert’s huge body she seems even smaller.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. This was a new side to Robert that I had never seen before, honestly, I loved this side of him. He was so gentle, sweet and loving. Honestly, if he was like this all the time I might love him back.... wait what did I just say?! Did I really just say I could love him!? Where did that come from!? “Alisha, are you okay sweetheart?” I looked up to Robert, he had a worried look on his face. “Yea I’m fine. I was just thinking.”

He nodded his head then turned back to Alice, “You’re so good with her. She really likes you” He smiled down at her “Yea we’ve spent a lot of time together” At that moment all I wanted to do was stand up and walk over to them but unfortunately I’m stuck in this chair..... Should I just go for it? I mean my foot doesn’t hurt... I wheeled my chair closer to them and locked the wheels so they wouldn’t move.

Slowly I started to stand to put, most of my weight on my good leg, Robert noticed what I was doing and was by my side in seconds “What are you doing Alisha?! You’re not supposed to be walking!” I smirked up at him “I’m fine Robert. You don’t have to baby me, I’m a big girl.” With Alice in one arm, he took the other and wrapped it around my waist to help support me. I took a deep breath and put a little pressure on my foot, it didn’t hurt it just felt a little weird.

Feeling a little braver I took a step. Guess what?! Nothing happened, I was perfectly fine! “HA! I knew I could do it!” Robert laughed next to me, Feeling brave still, I took another step but this time I turned so I came face to face with Robert... Well face to chest, he is way taller than me. He slowly brought his head down to kiss my forehead. I looked down when I felt the heat rush to my face. He laughed and brought his hand under my chin, forcing me to look back into his eyes.

“Don’t be shy sweetheart it’s cute when you blush. I love knowing that I caused it.” Which only made me blush even more. We just stood there staring into each other's eyes, Robert started leaning in. I found myself leaning in to...

"ALISHA WHAT ARE YOU DOING STANDING ON YOUR ANKLE!?” We jumped away from each other. Just my luck, this is when my ankle starts to hurt again. I felt myself falling when an arm reached out and stopped me from hitting the ground. Again I found myself looking into those ocean blue eyes.

Robert helped me back into my wheelchair as doctor Emma stomped up to us. Alice chose this time to start wailing, I had forgotten Robert was holding her. How did he manage to catch me with only one arm? That my friend is a talent! “Alisha I told you not to put any pressure on your ankle! That is why I put you in a wheelchair!”

" I know what you said but I’m so tired of not being able to move around on my own and I was fine until you yelled and scared me!” With that, I started wheeling myself into a house with Robert right on my tail. Once inside I was shocked by its size. Everything was so huge, the height of the first floor would be like two floors compared to a normal house. I really loved that even though we were inside I could still smell the musky scent.

A man rushed over to Robert and whispered something, Robert’s face turned hard. He handed Alice to me and said he had some business to take care of, with that he walked away. With Alice asleep in my lap, I decided to do some exploring. Which was hard to do considering I’m stuck in a wheelchair holding a baby but I managed, luckily after a little while I ran into Olivia who took sleeping little Alice from me.

With Alice asleep in my lap, I decided to do some exploring. Which was hard to do considering I’m stuck in a wheelchair holding a baby but I managed, luckily after a little while I ran into Olivia who took sleeping little Alice. She told me Queen ask her to bring Alice back for nap time but she’d bring her back to me after Alice woke up.

This house is so huge! It’s like never ending! I had been looking around for quite a while, a lot of people introduced themselves to me while others looked from a distance. I knew they knew who I was but no one said anything about it. As I reached one part of the house I couldn’t help but notice the lack of people. The rest of the house was full of people but this part was deserted.... which me being me, made me curious. As I went further down the hall I started to hear voices so I followed the sound.

I came to a short hallway with an open door at the end. I wanted to go see who was inside but suddenly the voices seemed angry. I could tell it was a room full of men arguing with each other. I was about to back away but then I heard his stern voice that over powered all the others. Some of the voices stopped but others still protested. I set there staring into the doorway but at my angle I wasn’t able to see anyone, just the back wall as the room extended where I couldn’t see.

There was aloud crash that made me almost jump out of my chair. Suddenly a man hit the wall next to the door, he crumpled to the ground almost lifeless. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I wanted to go to the man and help him but I was frozen in place. Suddenly Robert walked up to the broken man and grabbed him ruffly. I thought he was going to help the man but then he shoved the man against the wall with so much force I knew it broke some bones.

I wanted to scream at him for hurting the man but I was frozen with shock. Then he did the most horrific thing he could ever do. How could he? The Robert that was so gentle with a one month old baby less than an hour ago! The Robert that I found myself slowly falling for.... It was like I was brought back to reality of how much of a cruel man he was. I hated him! How could I have ever felt any differently towards him?!

He brokes the mans neck killing him. Without even the slightest hesitation. The room off men fell silent as Robert dropped the mans lifeless body. That was until Robert’s attention turned to me along with the other men who came into my sight. They all had shocked faces, it was then that I realized I was screaming as the tears started to blur my vision. I could faintly see the outline of someone coming towards me but of course my body chose this time to black out.Man I really have to stop passing out!.

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