My Human Mate

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He was the one who kill Alice parents.

(Alisha P.O.V)

I spent the entire night walking around, at first I paced around my bedroom then it turns into walking around the entire house but even that wasn’t enough room for me so I ended up outside. I walked all over the pack grounds all night long. By the time the sun came up I decided I would go talk to Robert, I can’ let him do this to his kingdom. They need a king and his father was already wanted to retire so that he can spend some alone time with his mate, only two kids Robert was the next in line for the position. After him, it would become Olivia’s but she told me she can’t do it, which I don’t blame her for being scared and being a werewolf! I will go talk to him... I can put all my feelings aside for now because they need help and I will not be the cause for destroying a Kingdom!

Looking at my phone it was a little after 7 so I went home to shower and change before I headed to the Castle house. After I got ready I walked into the kitchen to find Olivia sitting at the bar with a plate of food in front of her and one for the seat next to her. She heard me walk in and turned to me, “Did you walk around all night? I stayed up and waited for you to come back but after a while, I gave up. Did you even sleep?”

"No, I didn’t sleep. I walked around the grounds all night thinking... I’m going to talk to him today” I said taking the seat next to her. She dropped her fork and quickly turned to me. “You’re what?! What do you mean you are going to talk to him?!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her gaping face. “Yea I can’t let him give up on his kingdom, he needs to take over as King I know he wants to and I won't be the cause of bringing down a Kingdom.” I wasn’t hungry so with that I hopped out of my chair and headed for the door. “As a matter of fact, I’m going to see him right now.”

“Good luck!” she yelled as I closed the door.

The closer I walked towards the King's house the faster my heart started to beat. By the time the house came into view, I thought I was having a heart attack. I reached the door and took a deep breathe as I opened it. As usual, people were scurrying about through the house, I saw Queen Samantha sitting on the couch and walked over to her. “Ummm... Queen Samantha, do you know where I can find Robert?” She looked taken back. After a few moments, she finally spoke up. “I believe he is in his office. Why?”

" I just uh... I need to talk to him about some things.” Again she stared at me with wide eyes and then she jumped to her feet. “I’ll show you to his office then!” with that we were walking through the house.

Once I realized where we were headed I wanted to throw up. We were walking down the same hallway I was in when the man died.... we stopped a few rooms ahead of it, I looked down the hall and saw the spot I was standing at when I saw him die.

Queen Samantha spoke bringing me out of my thoughts “This is his office, just go in when you are ready....” She looked sadly at me before turning and walking away. I stood there staring at the door trying to gain the courage to walk in. I repeated the words Queen Samantha had told me in my mind, ’neither he or his Lycian would ever think of harming you. Our lives revolve around our mates.′ with that, I turned the doorknob and walked in.

The room was a total mess. There were papers and books thrown around the room. My eyes scanned the cluttered room until they fell upon him. His head was resting on his desk with his eyes closed. Folders were stacked all around his desk higher than his head. He looked like he hadn’t slept much by the dark circles around his eyes. I sat down in the seat across from his desk. I wasn’t sure if I should wake him or wait for him to wake up.

Standing up I walked over to him and leaned down by his head. “Robert, wake up.” He rolled his head over to face me but his eyes were still closed. I ran my fingers through his hair as I said his name a little louder this time. “Robert, wake up please.” His eyes slowly fluttered open and then closed again. Ugh, Robert just wake up already! I tried again but louder. “Robert please wake up.” This time his eyes shot up upon hearing my voice. They quickly found mine and grew wider, I stepped back.

He instantly sat straight up without taking his eyes off of me. “Alisha, what are you doing here?”

“I need to talk to you.” My voice came out shakier than I had planned. “Olivia tells me you are going to turn down the King position.” His head turned to the floor as he closed his eyes. “I can’t let you do that Robert. Your Kingdom needs a king, they need you....”

He slowly turned to me, his eyes meeting mine. “I know they need me but I can’t be the king they deserve... Heck, I don’t even have my Lycian anymore... he left the moment you left... The kingdom needs me but I need you....”

I could feel the tears pulling in my eyes. My bravery has long gone, leaving me standing here with nothing to say. I started pacing around his office as I tried to pull all my thoughts together. “I don’t know what to do anymore! So many people are counting on me.... and here I am an emotional wreck. I can’t handle all this pressure I’m falling apart!” I shouted as the tears fell from my eyes. I was overwhelmed for so long and I just kept bottling it up but here I am with all the emotions spilling out. “I can’t do this alone....”

Robert stood from his desk and walked over to me. He did it so slowly as if he were afraid he would scare me away again. When he was close enough he grabbed me and brought me close to his body. His large body consumed mine. I felt so comfortable in his arms that I snuggled closer to him and wrapped my arms around him. He leads down and whispered in my ear “You don’t have to do it alone anymore, I’m here for you and I always will be.” With that I let myself fall apart in his arms. My body shook as I sobbed and let out everything I had bottled up for so long as Robert hugged my body close to his, running his fingers through my hair.

I don’t know how long we stood there holding each other but when I finally calmed down I stepped out of his grasp. I felt cold by the lack of contact but I still had questions to ask him. “I need to know something before I can trust you or even begin to start trusting you..... I need to know... Why ..... Did you kill that man?”

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again. “That man caused a lot of trouble for the others pack. He went against the lawsand when I confronted him, he only started arguing back and he said some things that made me snap....”

I needed more information than what he gave me and I knew there was more he wasn’t telling me. “I know there is something you aren’t telling me and I need to know what it is! Or at least I hope there is more because I want to believe that man truly had a reason to die and you aren’t just a cruel person who kills people for no reason! You have to tell me the truth....”

He ran his hands through his hair and breathed deeply. When his eyes met mine they were glassed over with tears. “I had a reason to kill him... I’m not cruel Alisha. I don’t go around killing people for the fun of it.” I nodded my head for him to go on. “That man..... he... uhhh.....” By this point the tears were falling from his eyes so I walked over to him and held his hands trying to soothe him.

“He was the one who killed Alice’s parents.”

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