My Human Mate

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Being Queen of all werewolf and Lycian

(Alisha P.O.V)

I can’t even begin to explain what I’m feeling right now. Movies portray the perfect kiss as a moment fireworks explode or you feel as if you are the only ones in the world. This is so much more than that. When he kissed me my entire body tingled with fire, I felt a jolt of electricity surge through my body. I never knew I was incomplete until this moment. I can see us growing old together with our children and grandchildren.

The kiss may have lasted seconds or hours, I don’t know and I don’t really care. All I know is I want to spend the rest of my life with Robert. Our foreheads rested against each other as we kept our eyes closed. Trying to grasp all the emotions that came with one simple kiss.

I opened my eyes to find Robert with his eyes still closed. I could tell he was still deep in thought. When his eyes opened he muttered “WOW” which caused me to giggle. He pulled away smiling as he kept both hands placed upon my cheeks. “Please tell me that was as great for you as it was for me” Which only caused me to laugh more, nodding my head.

A rustling sound came from the bushes causing us to turn our attention. An older man appeared, he bowed his head when he saw us. “I’m sorry to bother you Robert and Alisha but King has requested the two of you to come to his office immediately.”

He grabbed my hand and we walked back to the castle. While we walked I wondered what why he called us for... I wonder if he is anything like or Olivia or Robert? I have seen him once on my birthday and he looks like a scary man in person.

He squeezed my hand tighter as we approached the door. I took a deep breath as Robert opened the door pulling me in with him. I found myself halfway standing behind Robert. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the king or stand directly beside Robert.

“Hello dad, you wanted to see us.” As I looked at the ground I rested my head against Robert’s back. He noticed my fear and held my hand tighter.

"Yes. I hear you found your Queen and from what I’ve heard there are some problems between you guys. Your mother tells me something new every day but I didn't think anything of it because your mate is human and they are sometimes stubborn about being new to the whole werewolf and Lycian life. However, I was told that you are thinking of turning down the king position so I can no longer ignore the issue. So tell me what the hell is going on.” His voice got louder as he spoke, I found myself hiding more behind Robert.

"Yes dad, I was having issues with Alisha but they have all been resolved. I wouldn’t have considered turning down the position but I lost my Lycian. As of about an hour ago he is back and Alisha and I are together, so there is no reason to worry. I will be taking over the king's position.”

“I see, and will your mate be taking over as Queen?” he asks trying to look behind Robert to see me.

I hadn’t thought about becoming Queen until his father said it. It is my position but could I really do it? I have read about the duties of a queen but can I able to catch up to their expectation. Would they even want me as Queen? I’m a human, how am I supposed to help control a whole werewolf and Lycian community?

I was brought out of my thoughts when Robert slightly turned to look at me. “I’m not sure yet. We haven’t quite discussed it.”

"Well, it should really have been decided by now. I understand she is human but she is part of this kingdom now and we do things quickly so I need an answer.” I closed my eyes tighter wishing I wasn’t here. “Young lady, I know this is all new to you but we need to know if you will become Queen and run this kingdom with Robert or if I need to find someone else to do the job.”

The thought of someone else running a Kingdom with Robert made me angry. I don’t want some other girl taking over my spot next to him. I want to be the one by his side. I need to stop being so scared if I want to be a Queen. I was chosen as Robert’s mate and I was chosen as a queen for this community.

I stepped out from behind Robert and stood by his side. Slowly I lifted my head to look at his father and said “I want to be a Queen. I was chosen to be Robert’s mate and I was chosen to be the Queen of this community.”

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